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Hi everyone,


One of my lovely clients sent me an email this morning describing her ideal outcome of her spell work, and she wrote the letter as it had already happened. I loved it! Like another lovely client said here on the forum recently, thoughts becomes things, and what we fcous our energy and thoughts on is ultimately what we attract into our lives.  That's part of the reason why we keep saying "Stay positive and focus on the final outcome, not on the hick ups along the way"

Sooo... let's get some positivity going here:-) The more focus we put towards the good things in our lives, what we are already grateful for, the more good stuff we are attracting into our lives here and now:-)

One thing, everyone who is doing any of our spellkits ior candles, or cosmic Voodoo eggs (or anything else) already have started something VERY positive... spell work is empowering and it means you are taking action to change soemthing in your life whether it is to heal a relationship, find a new relationship, get a job, work on your own healing, someone elses healing, money work... well anything really.. YOU have taken charge of your own destiny. Yay! And CONGATULATIONS!!

Please help me to keep this thread growing by adding something positive in here, it can be results from spell work or candle work, that you had a lovely walk, the only rule is... It has to be positive!:-) Something you have to be grateful for in your life today.

Waiting eagerly....






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Yesterday, I was able to go to the store and get everything, toiletries-wise and just about everything grocery-wise that I wanted. Not solely needed, WANTED!! This is big for me. I can rarely get the things I want/need all at once, usually I have to buy in shifts, and that can be frustrating and saddening, always having to pass something by. It is nice to have a full home with food and my favorite shower gel and hairspray.
"First they ignore you; then they laugh at you; then they fight you; then you win." — Mahatma Gandhi

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Today I wore a fairly new skirt to work &
felt good all day in it. Plus i lost another 2"
off my waist so I had the " I feel good, nanana"
Song in my head to boot. Feeling great just
made my day flow in a good way. By the end of
my work day, i felt i spent it in a very productive way.
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