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Spellmaker Newsletter

April 2014

Welcome to the April edition of Spellmaker’s Universal Messenger!
March was a very busy and prosperous month for us at the Spellmaker offices, with our month long Wealth and Security Ritual to our dear beloved Sobo. We had many, many petitions come in from folks all over the globe, which were presented to Sobo. Thus far, we have received much wonderful feedback from folks! If you would like to drop Sobo a thank you, please feel free to send it to sobomylwa@spellmaker.com and we will be sure he hears it! If you would like to see a bit of the ritual itself, we have posted a video clip here -

Last month we also held our very first Facebook Chat with Mambo Sam which was well attended! Teaching is a true passion of Mambo’s and many great questions were posed and answered! Keep an eye out for the next one! Dates will be posted soon.
For details, check Spellmaker’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spellmakercom/56392101947

We hope you all are enjoying your Spring! 

In Service,
Mambo Sam, Parran Matt,
Sister Bridget, Brother Menfò
and the Khouzhan Class of 2009

Mambo Minutes

This video clip is from our 2010 online conference, where Mambo Sam talks about Aga-ou, a very powerful Lwa who helps carry our petitions forward! Hope you enjoy!

Watch the Video


Operators are Standing By!

Did you know Spellmaker.com now has an online chat option for customer support? Click on the “Live Support” box at the top of any webpage at http://www.spellmaker.com to ask questions from our friendly operators! Chat is open during business hours and evening hours are coming soon! 


Lwa of the Month

Damballah and Ayida Ouedo

Damballah and Ayida Ouedo are ancient lwa, renowned for their wisdom and power. They are “root” lwa, considered to be two of the oldest lwa known- the power of creation.
Damballah is represented as an enormous white snake. He is extremely benevolent, kind, fatherly, strong, and above all, wise. He is the very symbol of patience and serenity, both of which he imparts to those that serve him. He brings a powerful, peaceful presence to those who call on him. He can remove negative energy, bring good fortune, and is an extremely powerful healer.
He does not speak with words that most people understand; he communicates with a hissing noise that can sound like a long, drawn out sigh. It is said that children of Damballah, those who have him as their met-tet, can understand him.
Damballah is strongly associated with the color white- with all its connections to purity, cleanliness, and truth. He loves white things and is served with white cloths, white candles, and white foods, such as white cream, whipped cream, white rice with cream poured over, white cakes, white frosting, coconut milk, rice pudding, whipped cream, and other foods.
He is also fond of the colors gold and silver. He syncretized with Saint Patrick, due to the snake the saint is depicted with. One of his favorite foods is a whole white egg, raw, in the shell. It can be washed and rinsed with Florida water or Pompeii Lotion, which he is very fond of.
Damballah’s partner is Ayida Ouedo. Her name is phonetically pronounced as: Eye ee duh way dough.  She is represented by rainbow. She is honored with multicolors. Gifts such as rainwater or a white cupcake with sprinkles on it would be enjoyed by Ayida Ouedo.
As a married couple, they are the original soulmates. They are considered to be the representation of the world and human sexuality. Metaphorically, it is said that Damballah holds the world together to keep it from disintegrating and Ayida holds the world up. In New Orleans Voodoo, if a lwa has a mate, it is considered good manners to honor the lwa’s partner. They can be called together to aid in a love situation, blessing it with the timeless, pure love they share.
Their special day is Thursday. However, you can honor them at any time! Cleaning the space you are using with Florida water or Pompeii Lotion is pleasing to them both. However, you can simply use water if it is all you have access to.
Spellmaker’s Milk of Damballah™ White Bath Kit calls upon Damballah for healing, peace, and wisdom. The nine day Lots-A-Luck Spell Kitcan be used to petition Damballah for luck in up to seven areas.  

Our monthly online Voodoo prayer ritual will also be honoring Damballah and Ayida Ouedo! The ritual will be on Thursday, 4/24/14. It is free, open to all, and can be attended anonymously. Join us to honor this ancient lwa power couple!

Real Estate Magick! 

Hello! Selling a house in today’s economy can be a challenging, to say the least. Run a simple Google search on tips to sell a home, and the advice is overwhelming. Curb appeal, staging, to paint or not to paint….it goes on and on. One topic that is not readily is how to magickally or energetically get your home ready to sell. I recently had the experience of settling an Estate, which included selling an older, less than perfect home. I followed some of the mundane advice which I found on the web, and some from the realtor. But I also did a few things magickally which I helped as well. Below I will cover some of the steps I took, which may help you as well.

Novena to Saint Joseph [St_Joseph_with_Jesus491084]
Saint Joseph is seen as the “go-to” guy when help is needed in selling a home. Many realtor will tell you this themselves, though very few actually agree on how to actually ask him for help. St. Joseph “Kits” can be found on line and in some stores which consist of a small statue and some instructions. Most recommend burying the statue, but where and how seems to vary from kit to kit.  I recently had the experience of having to sell both my most recent home as well as my childhood home.

I obtained a small Saint Joseph’s statue and had it blessed, and also a Saint Joseph’s novena candle. I selected a 9 day novena prayer for Saint Joseph that appealed to me (There are many novenas published on the web to select from!)  Select one that speaks to you and you feel guided towards. I placed the statue on the mantle (a prominent place in each home) and also recited the novena for 9 days. I personally chose not to bury the statue. For some reason, keeping it on the mantle felt right.  I completed these steps for each house and both sold!  I now keep the statue in my present home. There are many ways to ask Saint Joseph for help. Select a method that speaks to you, ask for help with clear intention, and see what happens! 

Home Cleansings [hexrem377a5d]
Just as a staging company will tell you to remove some of the excess furniture from your home to make it look roomier and less cluttered, energetic de-cluttering is a good idea as well! There are several ways you can achieve this. One would be the Marie Laveau Clean Sweep House Blessing Kit. A very thorough energetic cleansing and blessing kit for your home and property, can be done in one session, and takes an hour or so depending on the size of your home.  I used this kit on both houses I was selling, and the “lightness” of the homes afterwards was noted by both realtors! 

Attraction Magick [potionsgeneral0377ad]
Once you have cleansed the property, doing a little work to attract the right buyer (or buyers, if you are hoping for a bidding war!) would be in order. The Attract Love To Me Spell Kit is a very powerful 9 day Voodoo spell for attraction which I used to ask for the right, qualified buyers be brought in to view and bid on the home. Also, I used some Voodoo Love 999 Potion sprinkled around the thresholds and on doorknobs and handles. Who needs chocolate chip cookies in the oven when you have Voodoo Love 999? The smell is wonderful! 

Luck Magick [elmiscprod14b08e4]
After the cleansing and attraction steps have been completed, if you feel you still need just a little bit more of a push, the Lots-A-Luck Spell is your next stop. With this spell, you can ask for luck with each step of the selling process … from finding the right realtor, the right buyer, your desired price is met,  the home inspections and any needed repairs go smoothly, and also that the closing occurs without a hitch.  Also, Green Seven Knob candles are excellent for addressing these same issues as well. 

Selling a home has its challenges! I was lucky in that I was able to find the right combination of steps in both the physical and magickal worlds to help me meet those challenges.  I do hope that you find some of these suggestions helpful, and best of luck to you!

Sister Bridget Corfield

Social Media Section – Pinterest! [Pinterest_Logo]

Spellmaker.com - http://www.pinterest.com/voodooboutique/
Sheer Goddess - http://www.pinterest.com/sheergoddess/
Mambo Sam- http://www.pinterest.com/mambosam/
Sister Bridget - http://www.pinterest.com/bridgetcorfield/
Brother Menfo - http://www.pinterest.com/khouzhanmenfo/


Contest of the Month!

Congratulations to Nadia S! Nadia has won a $25.00 gift certificate to Spellmaker.com for her description of her favorite product, Velvet Man Trap Potion. This is what Nadia had to say:

“The Velvet Man Trap potion is a-ma-zing! All of the formulations are stellar but this one in particular gets people excited to have my company! It works very well in a club setting and I have had all sorts of people intrigued about where to obtain this luscious perfume that enchanted their senses. I can recall one person in particular who was not entirely befriended to me, whom upon the Velvet Man Trap triggered a primitive response in him and he went on to tell me something to the effect that whatever I was wearing was the best thing he'd ever smelled and he could not get enough of it. It obviously really got him going! I tip my hat to Miss Fannie Bell Fleurette for her enchanting recipe; thank you for sharing your work with the world.”

This month’s contest is a treasure hunt! Submit the correct answers to BOTH of the following questions and win a free 15 minute reading with Sister Bridget (a $30.00 value)!  The answers must be found on the Spellmaker.com website. Submit your answers to customerservice@spellmaker.com and Sister Bridget will contact you to schedule the reading. 
The questions are……
1.    Which Psalm would you use for success in business?
2.    How does one levitate a frog? 

Good Luck! 

Light and Love Sister Bridget Corfield Confidential Caseworker for Spellmaker.com http://www.spellmaker.com/bridget.htm
Find me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/#!/SisterBridgetCorfield
Instagram - SisterBridgetCorfield

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  So I just want to tell a little story about a rather unsuspecting spellmaker product- lotion. Yes, that's right, lotion...I received a sample from spellmaker of the Phraeda's tea rose lotion. Now, I am a pretty die hard magic kind of girl....I wear attraction oils from spellmaker as perfume , i carry petitioning cards or gris gris bags at all times, and I serve Lwa regularly. I am also a die hard beauty products girl. Alas, though,  lotion has never been my cosmetic "thing".
  But I am newly working on an HD that I work with and while sitting at my desk one day my skin felt a little dry, so I pulled that sample lotion out and used some. I realize that those cosmetics carry the "Erzulie" vibration...but I have to tell you how amazed I was at how nice people were to me ALL day...and not just HD...everyone, at work and even after work at the grocery store, a lady offered me her coupons for the very thing I was purchasing and then someone offered to take my cart back for me on the way out. I was AMAZED!
  The people I am close to know I practice voodoo, and most are intrigued, but many don't really understand and I think might be a little afraid of it. But the Sheer Goddess products don't imply voodoo at all to the user. I just want to say that I am going to get some of those items for my "nonbeliever" friends for birthdays/Christmas, etc. Just became  huge HUGE fan of Phraeda's tea rose lotion...highly highly HIGHLY recommend!

"In life, we all have an unspeakable secret, an irreversable regret, an unreachable dream and an unforgettable love."~ D. Marchi

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Hi there!
Thank you so very much!  SO nice that you "get it."  [wink]  When developing the line, the first idea was to have a quality product!  Then, next, to infuse it with the power of the lwa! 

We are so very pleased that you like it! Yay!

Love and respect,
Mambo Samantha Corfield
Visit my blog at: http://voodooboutique.typepad.com/mambosam
Visit our website at: http://www.spellmaker.com
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