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Spellmaker Newsletter

August 2014


Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of Spellmaker’s Universal Messenger. We have been truly enjoying the lovely summer weather, and hope that you have as well! Our ritual to General Ogoun was outstanding! Kudos to Brother Menfò , Sister Bridget and the Khouzhans of our House for persevering through some early technical difficulties! We have lots of news to share with you this month, so let’s get on with it!

In Service, 

Mambo, Parran, Sister, Brother, Khouzhans. 

Lwa of the Month

LaSirene & Agwe

Painting by Brother Menfò to honor Agwe and LaSirene

Capitaine Agwe and LaSirene are king and queen of the ocean.  Husband and wife, they rule the seas from their majestic underwater kingdom. As a Voodoo couple, they can bring their power to a wide variety of situations.

Agwe is the "Capitaine-Royale"- the king and captain of the ocean. Ships, sailors, and all things nautical are of his domain. He is fabulously wealthy, with all the riches, resources and sunken treasure of the ocean, and able to assist in financial matters. An expert strategist, Capitaine Agwe can help one navigate through life’s troubles for smooth sailing. 

The colors used to honor him are blue and white. He is fond of gifts related to the ocean and sailing, such as model sailboats, lighthouses, anchors, oars, items from the navy or coast guard, and military medals. He is synchetized with Saint Ulrich.

LaSirene is famous as the beautiful mermaid with great power. Like Agwe, LaSirene can be called on for many situations. She brings healing, talent and creativity, deep peace, psychic ability and wealth. She is the Reine-Chantrelle- "the queen of the choir" and of the seas. She rules over music and can help musicians and singers. In her aspect as LaBaleine, The Whale, she can drag a negative influence down to the bottom of the ocean- something that shouldn't be taken lightly. LaSirene is said to always be working for her children and can help them keep going when they are tired.

The image of La Diosa del Mar is often used to honor LaSirene. Saints she is synchronized with are: Our Lady of Caridad, Saint Martha, or Saint Philomene. Her colors are all the colors of the sea. Toy mermaids, mirrors, combs, sea shells, coral, sea glass, pearls and items from the ocean are all very pleasing to her.

In New Orleans Voodoo, if a lwa has a mate, it is considered good manners to serve both. Called together, Capitaine Agwe and LaSirene are a powerful Voodoo couple! They share a love that is as deep and eternal as the oceans. Together, they can assist in love situations. As king and queen, they can work together to assist in financial matters.

Both enjoy foods that are white and sweet; rice, sweet puddings (they especially love rice pudding and vanilla pudding), white cakes. Honeydew is also a favored gift. They are very fond of champagne and enjoy white rum. Ocean water can also be given as a gift.

All creatures from the ocean are their children. As such, they should not be offered seafood.  However, it is okay to eat seafood if you serve them; they expect that their bountiful harvest should be enjoyed by the world.

Spellmaker's Agouer Royal Commanding Oil and LaSirene’s Blue Bath Kit can be used to honor and call on Agwe and LaSirene. 

Free Online Ritual to Agwe and LaSirene
Our next free online ritual will be to the Voodoo power couple, LaSirene and Agwe! As a Voodoo couple, they can bring their power to a wide variety of situations, such as love, finances, strategy, music, and more! Join us on 8/28/2014 at 9:00 PM Eastern time to honor and petition the rulers of the ocean!

To attend, please see: 


Join Us for a Chat on Facebook!

Mambo Sam and Spellmaker Family Members Chat on Facebook on Wednesday, August 27 at 7:00pm Mountain Time at:

You must "like" the Spellmaker.com Facebook page in order to join the chat. Then just click on the "chat" tab on the Spellmaker Facebook page. We are happy to chat with you and answer your questions about magick, voodoo, or anything else you want to talk about! This is not the place to discuss your case other than in a very general sense! Remember, this is a public chat. Personal questions should be directed to your caseworker! Come and have some fun with us!

Mambo Sam on Facebook
Sister Bridget on Facebook
Brother Menfo on Facebook
Sheer Goddess Cosmetics on Facebook

Product of the Month

Limited Edition Sacred Oils!


Magickal oils have been the foundation of mystical practices for literally thousands of years. Spell oils have been found in the great Egyptian pyramids, still vibrating with the energy of 3,000 years in them! Our consecrated oils can be used for many purposes. Here are some suggestions:

1. Empower yourself: Touch a bit of the oils to any of your pulse points before going into situations where you need their power. Always start at the head (temple pulse points) and work your way down the body. It is not necessary to touch all pulse points, but you can use as many as you like.

2. Use the oils for candle blessing: These oils can be used to consecrate candles to be burned for your specific purpose. To bless a candle, hold it in your left hand and tip the bottle of oil onto a fingertip of the right hand. Then make a line down the candle, from top to bottom with the oil and say out loud what you want the candle to help you accomplish. Do this for three passes down the candle and then place the candle into a candleholder and burn it right away, concentrating on your desire. Some people like to carve their desire into the candle before blessing it with the oil.

3. Bath water: Drop a couple of drops of oil into your bath water and concentrate on your desires while in the bath.

4. Bless a home with the oil: To do this, face the front door and make a cross first on the left hand side of the door with a fingertip with the oil on it and then a cross on the right hand side of the door with a fingertip with oil on it. Concentrate on your purpose – to bring good luck, love, money, etc If you can do the back door and windows as well, it is more effective.

5. Bless yourself with the oil: Make a cross on your forehead, base of throat, and heart with the oil concentrating on your desires or purposes.
New Day Dawning Summer Solstice Oil

Summer Solstice! The longest day and shortest night of the year :-) A time for growth, new beginnings, fearlessness and celebration!  Using items from our Summer Solstice altar we have crafted a beautifully floral Sun oil. Our "New Day Dawning" oil can be used for a multitude of purposes, no matter which path you are on :-)

~ to begin or grow a relationship or love interest
~ to grow your bank account
~ to bring light to an issue
~ to help start a new endeavor of any kind
~ to empower yourself to overcome an obstacle
~ to celebrate/honor any of the Sun - associated deities
~ much, much more!

Please note - We have very limited availability of this oil. Once it is gone, it is gone .... until next Litha!

Mystic Golden Radiance Oil 


Calendula at its best! Mystic Golden Radiance oil is made in small batches, using the highest quality ingredients and blessed under the high summer solstice sun. We start this oil out by using calendula petals which have been sown, grown and harvested by Mambo Sam. The petals and remaining dry and wet ingredients are then consecrated and added to a special jar in which the “Mother” oil was created. Allowed to steep in the sun and absorb the energies of the summer solstice for nine days, the oil was then strained and made ready for you!

Being sacred to the Sun, oils containing calendula have been part of magickal practices for centuries. Radiating protective warmth and light, this oil can be used to dispel negative energies and consecrate magickal tools. These flowers are an integral part of Day of the Dead and Samhain celebrations, making this oil perfect for Ancestor service and divination. Honor any of the Sun Gods or Goddesses with its use. Love, money and luck work can all benefit from a drop or two of this powerful oil.

Custom Crafted Oils 

Do you have a special need or problem you have been working on, and would like a little “boost” of magick to help you along?

Mambo Sam is now offering custom crafted oils especially for you! Mambo Sam will meditate on your situation, receive guidance from the Lwa about which oils and herbs to use for you, personally. She will then blend the oil for you, by hand, and consecrate it for nine days on her altar. This powerful oil is not a substitute for spell work, but it is an incredible adjunct! You will receive 1 ounce of this oil, discretely labeled, of course, for $29.95. 

Please email customerservice@spellmaker.comto arrange for this new and exciting service!


[89f4808d-fc0e-4b63-9af5-82d5b64ce8c7]Mambo Sam is now on Etsy!

Check out her shop and take advantage of 15% off savings on all of her offerings!  Use coupon code SUNFLOWER2014 for 15% off, and FREESHIP for free shipping on all US orders over $25.00 ! Check back frequently as Mambo releases new oils and other products exclusively on Etsy!

Contest of the Month[269cdf7d-c349-409a-a43b-060e670b9a3c]

Congrats to Cassandra, the winner of last month’s treasure hunt contest! Cassandra chose a Lots A Luck spell kit for her prize!
This month is another treasure hunt! (We just LOVE coming up with these questions!)  All answers can be found on http://www.spellmaker.com  There are five questions this month, but the prize is a 15 minute reading with Mambo Sam!The questions are
  1. Who was Miss Fannie Belle?
  2. Who is Swami Mojo?
  3. Which spirits do you make Lucky Penny Stew with
  4. What number is associated with the color Violet?
  5. Who individually hand paints our Voodoo Dolls to order?
Simply email customerservice@spellmaker.com with your answers by 9/1/14. The winner will be announced in the next newsletter! 

Announcing the reopening of our Spellmaker Forum!



While we took a hiatus from having a forum while we rethought and restructured what we wanted it to be, the forum is now open and active again!! Enjoy the positive aspects of learning and sharing with the Spellmaker Family today!

Interested in learning with Mambo Sam?


Mambo Samantha Corfield has a Ph.D. in Theology and World Religions from Tulane University. She also has, in her own words, her “head is stuffed with a rather amazing array of occult and metaphysical teachings!”  Mambo is readying to begin a set of online courses, lasting 9 to 12 months long, on the possible following topics -

Demonology: Become a certified Demonologist
Angelology: Become a certified Angelologist (yep, that's a thing, but Demons get all the press! And these aren't cloud-sitting-harp-playing-angels. Archangels, Lower Light Angels, Higher Light Angels, Dark Angels, Fallen Angels, etc.)
Old Traditional New Orleans Witchcraft 
High and Low Ceremonial Magick (you would have to be approved for this; I won't take everyone for this)
Folk/Mountain/Earth/Moon Magick
and New Orleans Voodoo Magick

If you are interested please email 9mysteryschool@spellmaker.com to be updated as plans progress!



If you would like to work with LaSirene and Capitaine Agwe, Brother Menfò is honored to offer customizable Oceanside Rituals, Cowrie shell divination readings that call upon them, and more!


Light and Love Sister Bridget Corfield Confidential Caseworker for Spellmaker.com http://www.spellmaker.com/bridget.htm
Find me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/#!/SisterBridgetCorfield
Instagram - SisterBridgetCorfield
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