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Authentic Voodoo Lamps by Sister Bridget

Sister Bridget, as an initiated Priestess of Ogoun, is now offering services to create, consecrate, and burn a voodoo lamp to Ogoun on your behalf! We realize that most people do not know a lot about Voodoo lamps, but these particular types of lamps are considered a very meaningful and important type of service to offer to the lwa.

Voodoo oil lamps are steeped in rich history and ritual originating in Africa, traveling to the United States, Haiti, and other countries. It is considered a great honor and an extraordinary offering to the lwa (Voodoo spirits) to burn a lamp on their behalf and ask for their favor on a particular matter in return. These lamps are not your every day "oil lamps." These are lamps that are ritually composed and burned on your behalf.   Do you feel like a matter in your life is "steeped in darkness?"  Is there something you cannot see the solution to or feel like you are in the dark about?  Is the answer to your happiness hidden from you?  The Voodoo Ritual Lamp is meant to shine the light on your goal and light the path for you to obtain that which you desire.  Sister Bridget's Voodoo Lamps are a very unique combination of a ritual to Ogoun and a fire offering to Ogoun.  Ogoun then takes this fire and applies it to whatever you have requested through Sister Bridget. This is truly an amazing thing because you are literally feeding fire to Ogoun and asking him to take that energy into your goal!

Voodoo Priestesses and Priests are trained in the art and ritual of the Voodoo Lamp.  This is something that only an initiate can truly do properly and effectively, though, of course, anyone could burn an oil lamp in honor of a lwa!  But if you want the true and authentic lamp of a Priestess done for you, this is Sister Bridget's speciality.

Each ritual is customized just for you and the lamps are burned for each individual for any request that you desire.  When Sister Bridget has completed your lamp ritual and burning, she will then send you a complete report on your ritual as well as a picture of your lamp ritual, some of the oil and herbs used in your lamp, and instructions on how to use them to further empower the ritual on your end. In this way, although you are not required to build and burn a ritual lamp, you still are able to put some of your own energy into your goal.

Once you order your personal lamp ritual, Sister Bridget will contact you to discuss what your goals are for the burning of the lamp.  All petitions can be made for personal empowerment, love, luck, money, banishing, or other custom needs you might have.

For an extra special value, you may also order a 15 minute tarot reading to be done for you while your lamp is burning during your ritual.  Ordering the lamp and reading combined offers you an excellent value! For even more value, you may choose to get a total service package of a 15 minute tarot reading, lamp burning ritual, and a Pendulum of Ogoun reading.  Please check out
Sister Bridget's Page for complete information and ordering instructions.

Best of luck to all of you - may the Light of Ogoun shine for each and every one of you!

Many clients have ordered Lamps from me over the last few months. Please, anyone with feedback about your experience or how the things may have changed after the Lamp for you , please post your feedback here ;-)

Light and Love

Sister Bridget


Light and Love Sister Bridget Corfield Confidential Caseworker for Spellmaker.com http://www.spellmaker.com/bridget.htm
Find me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/#!/SisterBridgetCorfield
Instagram - SisterBridgetCorfield

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I would like to comment on these lamps that Sister Bridget do.  THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!  I also ordered in addition to the lamp being done a pendulum reading which gave me some indication on what was going on, good news, bad news, it is told by Ogoun.  When I received the oil from the lamp, I can not tell you how "attracted" to the oil that I am.  I have used it per Sister Bridget's instructions, I am assuming they are specific for our own cases, but it keeps me connected.  I do have to tell you all a quick story that happened to me shortly after I received the Oil from Sister Bridget.  I chose to have the lamp done on my love situation.  Part of the ritual, Sister Bridget had these love confettis, that were put in the bad that was sent to me with the oil.  I had been pretty down in the dumps about my situation and was asking Ogoun, Papa, etc etc   to give me something to hang onto.....I went to bed that night and when I awoke the next morning, I noticed my cat had his toy in front of my bedroom door so I couldnt go out without picking it up, as soon as I did I saw 3 of the love confettis in a triangle underneath it.  Even typing that out now, I get chills, it was amazing and gave me the pick me up I was needing.  These lamps rock, so you should try them.  Also her tarot readings but the pendulum reading was very insightful as well.  Best of luck.  Thanks Sister Bridget!

With Gratitude I Ask.
Through Gratitude I Believe.
And In Gratitude I Receive Whatever My Heart Desires!

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I wanted to let Sister Bridget know how much I appreciate her readings and rituals.  She is truly gifted and wonderful!!!!  I highly recommend a reading with her any day!


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Me three! The lamp reading was wonderful and the oil, too. I got Ogoun a machete, and yesterday at a yard sale I got him an antique bayonet, too. :-)
Sometimes it helps just to have someone who'll listen. Other times, it helps to have someone with secret voodoo knowledge and a doll!
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