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Baron Samedi is pronounced "bah-rOHN sahm-DEE".

Baron Samedi is the guardian or protector of the grave.  He is also the father of all Ghede Lwa.  Baron Samedi is the Lwa of death, but also resurrection.  He is the keeper of the cemetary and the welcome wagon for the recently deceased.  Baron Samedi talks through his nose, is cynical, jovial and tells broad jokes. His language is full of the unexpected. 

As sexual spirits the Ghedes govern the renewal of life and protect children. The grave of the first man buried in any cemetery in Haiti, whether the person in life participated in the Vodou religion or not, is dedicated to Baron (not Ghede).  As sexual spirits the Guedes govern the renewal of life and protect children.

As keeper of the cemetery he has intimate contact with the dead.  He knows what their plans were, what's going on in families, what the connections of things are. And he is quite generous with his information.

Another of the Baron's great powers is as the protector of children. Ghede generally does not like to see children die. They need a full life. Thus he is the Lwa to go to when seeking help for a sick child.

Since the Baron is the keeper of death, he is also the last resort for healing since he must decide whether to accept the sick person into the dead or allow them to recover.  It is said that if the Baron refuses to dig the grave,  the person won't die.  He is the power behind the magic that kills. He controls the souls of those who have met death as a result of magic.

Baron Samedi is usually seen wearing a top hat, black coat tails, sunglasses, and smoking a cigar. He often materializes as a tall, muscular, black man with the right side of his head painted white in a skull pattern, his color is white (the white of bones and skulls), normally depicted wearing a heavy white cross on a chain around his neck, as well as wearing a white top hat. A pick or a white cane, topped with a skull is usually found in his left hand. His wife is Maman Brigitte.

Individuals possessed by the Baron Samedi tell lewd jokes, wear dark glasses, smoke cigarettes or cigars, eat voraciously, and drink copious amounts of alcohol. Entire sects of Vodounists worship Guedes.

Saturday is his day and his colors are black, purple and white. His Feast Day is November 2, The Feast of the Ancestors, Fet Ghede, is considered the end of the old year and the beginning of the new, much as in the European Wiccan tradition. Any debts to Baron, Maman Brigitte, or Ghede must be paid at this time.

Some of his offerings include: black roosters, black goats, dark rum or rum with spicy hot peppers, cigars or cigarettes. Also, black sunglasses (with the right lens popped out for with his right eye he watches those present, lest anyone steal his food.)

His symbols include:  Skull, black cross, coffins and phalluses. Also a shovel, mirrored sunglasses. 


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