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hello guy I am pretty new here!!

I have been using the deluxe voodoo love doll on my HD but the last week and a half I have been experiencing a dizziness  that feels very strange. and just wanted to see how other people where getting on with doing the voodoo love doll ritual.??

I am thinking that maybe it was cause I did a few things wrong like forgot to light the candles and the incense ...

I am feeling very worried as this dizziness is not good as feel dizzy bending down and rolling over in bed and more...

also the other thing that I want to see if I can get some help on is they say that you need to sound very loving and also feel it in your heart also..

its very hard as I do really love my man and want him back in my life but don't know really how to feel the love in my heart as I haven't seen my Hd for nearly 3 months and finding it hard.

but when I say what I want t say then I am sounding loving in my voice and trying to feel it too but its hard when I haven't seen my man for about 3 months...

would like some feedback!!!

T Stephens

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So I haven't experienced any weird side effects when using my Deluxe Love Doll.. sorry [frown] Maybe that something you should email customer service an inquire about to see what Mambo Sam said or a caseworker if you choose to have one!

In regards to sounding "loving" - I really wouldn't say I sound loving, I talk to the doll as if I would talk to my HD in person except sometimes I petition something and it sounds like a chant. I think the biggest thing is don't sound mad or irritated. Just sound normal and happy like you would if you were around HD. I think forcing yourself to sound loving is not necessary, just be yourself and talk about your feelings. When I use the doll I generally tell it about my day because I do a session right after I get off work and then I ask for HD to feel/do something I desire (think of me, feel my love, contact me, etc.) Just talk tot the doll about what you want HD to know. Simply saying I miss you sometimes is definitely worth it because it will resonate to their higher self!

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Hmmm, I had added a reply to this, and I don't see it now...

T, if you are feeling dizzy like you are ill, go see a doctor! Some people feel a bit dizzy or "out of it' after intense effort or exercise. If it's more than that, please get yourself checked out.

As far as skipping parts of the ritual, it's not that you are doing something "wrong," it just would be somewhat less effective. Some people might be in a situation where they cannot light the candles or the incense. I was sick a few days during a nine-day spell and the incense irritated my cough, so I had to go without for two of the days. But leaving something out is not going to make you sick(er).

It can be frustrating to keep working and waiting. I found that readings help, and of course write to your caseworker for suggestions.

What VML suggests sounds very much like loving petitions!

Love, Khouzhan Lucy
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