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Communication and Papa Alegba.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Of course as most of you know, it has been a little while now since we introduced the Papa Alegba Ritual and Service Pack. Some of you had already weighed in with your comments about your experiences and usages of the pack. (And we would love to hear from more of you - just click the "comments" link below this post!)

I wanted to share a more specific experience that a client told me about. It reminded me so much about the importance of communication, both in the physical world and in the spiritual world.

The client in question, we will call her Clementine, had a most fascinating story to tell, so I will just let her tell it in her own words:

"Dear Mambo,
I am writing to tell you about my experience with the Papa Alegba kit. I received it about two weeks ago and the first thing I noticed after opening it was the wonderful smell of it. It is always so much fun and so exciting to get a new package from you guys at Spellmaker! Just getting my packages from you always makes me happy.

On this day in particular I really needed to get my package. I had a huge row with my HD and was feeling like I had blown everythingl. :-( The worst part of the whole fight was that we were fighting over something that didn't really need to be fought over because it was a complete misunderstanding. So I opened everything up and started looking at all the parts of the kit and Papa's bath because I had gotten that too.

When I started going through everything a real calm came over me. I took out one of the incenses and started burning it while I was looking over the instructions and figuring out when I was going to the ritual and all of that. As I was sitting there it dawned on me that I felt like my HD has never seemed to get me or understand me. We are loving but there is just this feeling that we speak two different languages sometimes.

I knew with complete certainty that Papa was helping me already. He was helping me to understand that sometimes there are times when my HD literally misunderstands my words. Then I started to wonder if this could be true with my spell work words. Was my HD understanding me? If there were times when he would get angry with me and I didn't think it was warranted because I didn't think I did or said anything wrong did that mean the same thing could happen with my spell work?

I got so anxious and nervous to know the answer that I started setting up the ritual even though I didn't have everything that I wanted for offerings and all of that. I kind of threw everything together, gave Papa what I had on hand and just started the ritual up.

Papa started giving me signs and helping me with amazing insight and understanding of how I had been miscommunicating with my HD, that I needed to try to word things in ways that I knew he would understand. My petitions have always been on my level, using my words, using my concepts and sending that to my HD. I believe Papa was telling me to use MY HD'S WORDS TO TALK TO HIM. Right there in the ritual I took my love doll out and started talking to it using some terms and slangs that my HD uses. I felt like I had been given the key to the universe right there!! I don't know how to explain it completely, it sounds so weird but I started talking just like my HD to the love doll.

Two days later my HD called me and started saying the stuff I said to the love doll. It was truly incredible. I feel like our communication problems are going to be completely mended and believe me I will be using this ritual to Papa Alegba a lot. I don't know that any of this even made sense to you but I just wanted to say thank you for the kit and thank you for listening."


So wow, right?? ;-) Remember how we have talked about Papa Alegba speaks all languages, is the great communicator and translator? I thought it was so interesting how in this circumstance it wasn't that the spellcaster was translated through to the HD, it was that the spellcaster translated her own words into words that her HD could understand! We very often ask Papa to translate our words into those that the HD can understand. I thought this was a very unique perspective.

If you have Papa Alegba stories to share (with or without the usage of the ritual kit), please share them with us!!

Mambo Samantha Corfield

Light and Love Sister Bridget Corfield Confidential Caseworker for Spellmaker.com http://www.spellmaker.com/bridget.htm
Find me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/#!/SisterBridgetCorfield
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