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Rev. Samantha Kaye's Personal Old New Orleans Family Tradition™Creole Voodoo™ Glossary. Many things are here revealed to the public for the first time by the descendants of la famille Fleurette-Beauchamp™.

Abbateur                   Ogoun

AbsintheThe green opal, the curse of France, elixir, temptress, stupefactor.
AethyrThe underlying substance which synergistically binds everything together.
AfricaThe Source of our religion.
AgassouThe great Dahomean Leopard. The Spiritual principle of removal.
AgouerThe Spiritual principles of natural sequence and abundance.
Ainsi soit-ilAmen," "So mote it be," "Thus it is.
AlbuquerqueCity in New Mexico, U.S.A. which has a mystical link with New Orleans. The center of the Western world.
Alegba™/Alegoua™The Spiritual principles of communication and guidance.
AlgiersAcross the river.
Algiers PointWhere slaves were sold.
AlléeHidden path of the Promenade.
AltarYour connection to Rev. Samantha Kaye and the Divine Cosmorama™.
AnagoNigerian group of Lois and their promenades. Not a major part of New Orleans Voodoo.
Ancient EgyptAlong with Nubia, the source of Voodoo.
AncêtresAncestors - Those who have gone before.
AngeAngel - A Loi.
Angel HeartInteresting movie, features New Orleans Voodoo.
AngolaLocation of Louisiana State Penitentiary. Also a Nation of Lois.
AradaDahomey (Benin) group of Lois and their promenades.
Arc-en-CielRainbow, Aïda.
ArgentMoney. Silver.
Argot, Griffe™Talon.
ArmoireA clothes cabinet. Can be used as a secret Altar.
Asacca/AzaccaThe Spiritual principles of steady energy and fecundity.
Assemblage™A stack of certain items in Rev. Samantha Kaye's Spell Kits.
AssonThe Rattle used by the Houngan or Mambo during a Promenade d'l' Loi.
AssotorOne really, really BIG drum.
Attributes, preferences and dislikesInformation is directly displayed by our Chevaliers. It is NOT Jungian or Crowleyish "assigned," "intuitionally received," or "channeled" concepts.
AïdaThe Spiritual principle of exponential gradation.
Aïsan/AïzanThe Spiritual principle of evolution.
BaillerTo give (something).
BancA reef, a financial institution.
BantuCommon language of the Kongo people.
Baron SamediThe spiritual principles of cessation and development.
Bayou St. JohnThe bayou meandering from Lake Pontchartrain where certain Voodoo rituals used to be practiced.
BetailleA bug.
Big EasyToo hot and humid to be anything else. Sit down for awhile. New Orleans.
Black EaglesMardi Gras Indians.
Black Magic WomanSong by Santana.
BlanchisseuseA washer-woman.
Boeuf GrasSymbol of Mardi Gras.
Bon CoeurSomeone who casts spells for a living (i.e., Rev. Samantha Kaye with her Divine Voodoo™ True Spiritual Spellcasting Service).
Bon DieuThe Spiritual principle commonly known as "God."
Bon MarchéGood deal, inexpensive.
Bonne ChanceGood luck.
BossuThe Spiritual principle of controlled expansion. A hunchback. The son of a Dahomean King.
Boudin RougeBlood sausage.
BoussilageA build-up of mud and moss. Very similar to adobe bricks.
BrigitteThe Spiritual principle of containment, yet expansion.
Brown Derby Social and Pleasure ClubNice little hideaway. On Louisiana Avenue. Great for a tourist to experience "the real New Orleans."
BurgundyA street, a wine.
Bâton Alegba™Stick used in our private Voodoo Work.
Bâton Jeu-jeu™Staff used in our private Voodoo Work.
Bâton Royal™Special rod used in our private Voodoo Work.
Café au LaitMixed, a person of Caucasian and Negro heritage.
Cajun Voodoo™A particular form of Rev. Samantha Kaye's Voodoo practice.
CajunsAcadians - Descendants of the Creoles of Canada.
CalabooseCalabozo - Jail.
CalasOne-time street nibble.
Camellia GrilleBest omelettes in the world.
Canseau/CanzeauThe primary initiation's ordeal by fire.
CarencroTurkey buzzard.
CarnavalMardi Gras.
Catholic ChurchMany similarities to Voodoo, yet one of Voodoo's greatest opponents.
CayenneGood spice.
Charles M. GandolfoDeceased founder and curator of the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, artist who painted the world-famous picture of Marie Laveau.
Chef Menteur HighwayHighway 90, the road upon which Jayne Mansfield died.
Chicken ManHis ashes reside in Priestess Miriam Chamani's Voodoo Spiritual Temple in New Orleans.
ChifforobeGood place for a hidden Altar.
ChouetteScreech Owl.
ChèvalHorse - The physical body temporarily taken over and ridden by a Loi. The original personality is temporarily displaced.
Chèvalier, Cavalier, CavaliereA Loi, riding.
City ParkLocation in New Orleans where certain Voodoo practices are performed privately.
Code NoirOnce a code of behavior (not well adhered to by the average New Orleanians).
CommissionA message.
Confederacy of DuncesBook by J. K. Toole, a typical New Orleanian's life.
ConfondreTo confuse.
CongoAngola and Belgian Congo, Zaire group of Lois and their promenades.
CongoA person who's skin is so black it shines. Someone from the African Congo regions.
Congo SquareA location where slaves used to meet on Saturday nights in New Orleans.
ConjurationOne of Rev. Samantha Kaye's Creole Voodoo™ Spells.
ConnaisanceAwareness - Under ritual circumstances, one has actually met the physical presence of one of our family Chevaliers.
Connaitre l' LoiTo meet a Loi.
Cosmic Voodoo™A particular form of Rev. Samantha Kaye's Voodoo practice.
Coup d' GrasThe final strike.
CouvertCloudy sky.
CrawfishSuck the head and pinch the tail.
Creole Voodoo™A particular form of Rev. Samantha Kaye's Voodoo practice.
CreolesOriginal settlers in the New World and their descendants, both African and European. Descendants of those colonists and slaves. A native of New Orleans.
Crescent CityBuilt on the curve of the river.
CrochirTo bend, warp.
CroisaillerTo crisscross.
CrossTo put a Spell on someone, to interfere with another's activities.
CrossroadsA place where the two worlds intersect.
CymbieThe Spiritual principles of change and protection.
CypressSwamp trees.
DamballahThe Spiritual principles of predestination and success.
Dans l' Fond d'l' eauAt the bottom of the water.
DessouninThe rite which separates a Loi d'l' Tete from the body of his/her initiate.
Divine Cosmorama™A term used where other people might use the word "God." The total cosmos, including both universes.
Divine Voodoo™A special form of Rev. Samantha Kaye's Voodoo practice.
Doctor JohnJohn Montenet was a well-known Root Doctor in New Orleans. Marie Laveau's mentor.
Doctor John, the Night TripperMac Rebennack, a famous New Orleans pianist.
Doctor Yah-yahWas another Voodoo practitioner.
Domestique des Vaudoux™Servant to the Grand African Spirits - Rev. Samantha Kaye.
Dooky ChaseExcellent Creole restaurant on Orleans Avenue.
DoubloonCarnival throw. Since 1960.
DéchainerTo be unrelenting.
DégagerTo extricate.
Elysian FieldsA street in New Orleans.
Empereur Jean-Jacque DessalinesHero and Saint of the revolutionary war.
Enchanteur, EnchantresseSpellworker - One who uses Rev. Samantha Kaye's Spell Kits.
EntortillerTo twist, entangle.
EnturbulationThe state of a person in distress, before starting one of Rev. Samantha Kaye's Spells.
EnvoyerTo send.
EperonCock's spur.
Ersulie/ErzulieThe Spiritual principles of Desire and fulfillment.
EsplanadeHidden path to the Other World.
EspritSpirit - A Loi.
Faire l' MénageTo make house - To clean the House of our Lois.
Fais-dodoCajun country dance.
Fait AccompliThe Spell is done.
FantômeThe visible spook.
Farine d' fromentWheat flower.
Farine d' maïsCornflower.
FascinateTo direct one of Rev. Samantha Kaye's Spells toward another person.
Fats DominoAntoine Domino, another great New Orleans pianist.
Fièvre JauneYellow fever.
FlambeauxTorch Bearers.
FlammeFire. Flame.
Fleur d' LisFlower of the lily. On the official flag of New Orleans.
FonLanguage of people living in Ghana and Benin.
French MarketWhere fresh gifts for our Lois may be obtained.
GagnerTo win, to obtain, to have.
GardeA protective Magickal Charm.
GeekOne who bites the heads off chickens.
GhostsApparitions of those who have recently deceased.
GiftsWe do not "sacrifice" for our Lois, nor give "sacrifices" to them. We give them gifts.
GlapionThe family name of some of the widow Paris's descendants.
Goun baille çaThe statement, "Ogoun gives this," when delivering a Coup d' Gras.
GoviA clay pitcher containing a Loi.
Grand Chemin™Overt path to the Other Side.
Grand MaîtreGrand Master - That which passes for"God," yet is the consciousness of the Divine Cosmorama™.
Grand ZombiDamballah and/or Cymbie.
Gratter™To scratch the ritual marks into or upon the flesh of the Initiate.
GraveyardWhere certain Spells are executed.
Griffe™A Magickal Seal used in Rev. Samantha Kaye's Spell Kits.
Griffonage™A Symbol used in Rev. Samantha Kaye's Spell Kits.
Gris-grisBurnt gray - A Voodoo Spellworking procedure.
Gris-gris BagA Magickal Voodoo packet, a "fetish."
Gros Bon AngeFat Angel Song by Jefferson Airplane - One of two spiritual principles in Spellcasting, the material aspect.
Guetteur 'Gator™The Louisiana Guetteur, lurking in the shadows, watching, waiting...
Guetteurs™Watchers - The spiritual principle of continuation. Commonly written as "gede." See the movie City of Angels.
GuiderTo Guide, a Guide - The Spiritual principles of advancement and development.
GuinéeAfrica. The motherland.
GumboThick soup. Try some.
Général Toussaint L'OuvertureHero of the revolutionary war. A great Saint.
HaitiAnother center for Voodoo.
HandA Voodoo "fetish."
HelpersSpiritual aides. One of our Loi and/or his or her minions.
Helping HandSpiritual assistance for those in distress.
HoodooOriginal British spelling of Voodoo, the "H" was silent - A Loi or Spiritual practice. Presently the "H" is sounded. Now also used by some to indicate "rootwork."
Hoppin' JohnBlack-eyed peas and rice.
HoudouCajun and Creole spelling of Voodoo, the "H" is silent - A Loi or Spiritual practice.
HounfortA Voodoo Temple and its accompanying grounds.
HounganA Master of Ceremonies of the Arada group, a Voodoo priest.
HounsiA Voodoo initiate of the Arada group. Not at all the same, but may be understood by outsiders as being in a similar vein to a "confirmed Catholic."
House of the Rising SunPoignant song, author unknown. written in the 1800's. About either a gambling casino or house of ill-repute in New Orleans.
Hyacinth de la OOne of Rev. Samantha Kaye's confidants in matters of Voodoo.
I Put a Spell on YouSong by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, inspiration for Rev. Samantha Kaye's web site, Put-a-Spell-On-You!
Ibo, IgboA nation of Lois and their promenades.
If Ever I Cease To LoveTheme song of Rex, King of Carnival.
Iko, IkoSong.
Ile IféHoly City. Where the Mound of the World was formed and everything began.
Ile en Bas d'l' EauxThe original home of the primal Mysteres.
Import VoodooVoodoo which is not traditional family Voodoo, but that which is brought in from Haiti and various Spanish speaking locations, mixed with other African "religions," and passed off as New Orleans Voodoo.
IncantationA chant performed while casting a spell.
IndienAmerican indian.
J'ai faimI want blood.
Jackson SquareOriginally, Place d' Armes.
JambalayaCrawfish pie, filé gumbo.
Jean LafitteOnce a pirate.
Jeu-jeuToy - A Voodoo "fetish," a Voodoo doll.
K&B PurpleThe purple color used in the old Katz and Bestoff signs. Certain Spellworking items could be purchased from the drugstores.
King CakeMardi Gras Confection. Don't bite the baby.
King Henri ChristopheHero and Saint of the revolutionary war.
KreweA public or private Mardi Gras Association.
Krewe of ZuluThrows golden coconuts during Mardi Gras.
La BamboulaA Promenade.
La BasOver there. The Other World.
La FlambeauThe flame - A nation of Lois.
La Fleur s'apres formerThe Spell is in action (taking effect).
La LoiThe Law aka Les Lois = (plural; the laws, rules, or guides) - A Spirit; a Grand African or Creole Ancestral Being who is capable of entering many material substances. Our Lois establish a link between humans and their relationships to, and activities in, the natural world. Comparable to a Saint or Angel. Our family Lois are linked with their homeland and issue by occult means to the Altars of Rev. Samantha Kaye. There is no correspondence with "other gods," for our Lois are not imaginary Jungian archetypal stuff. Nor are our Lois connected with Haitian loa/lwa.
La LuneThe moon.
La Nouvelle OrléansNew Orleans.
Lagniappe"A little something extra". Thanks for being our regular customer.
Laisser (aller) l' Bon Temps RoulerLet the good times roll.
LameA wave.
LapinA rabbit.
LeveeNo boy stuck his finger in it.
LiberaceThe White Man. Healer on the Other Side.
LocoThe Spiritual principle of advancement through assignment.
Loi AchetéBought Spirit - One of our Loi whose services are temporarily purchased for Spellwork and included in Rev. Samantha Kaye's Creole Voodoo™ Spell Kits.
Loi Maître d'l' TêteSpiritual master of the head - A person's guiding Spirit, received during initiation.
Lucky DogRead "A Confederacy of Dunces," and/or walk the French Quarter.
MaelstromThe gathering and focus of energy when using Rev. Samantha Kaye's Spell Kits.
MagickianOne who does Spellwork.
Magie, MagickNot parlor or stage magic, but the manipulation of time, thoughts, and emotions.
MagnatizerTo Mesmerize.
Maison BlancheDepartment store on Canal Street. Also the cottage Marie Laveau had beside Lake Pontchartrain.
Make groceriesGet gifts for our Lois.
Malcolm XMartyr.
MalfaiteurOne who interferes with the activities of another person rather than do well for him or herself, in order to attain things.
Malvina LatourMarie Laveau's successor.
Maman-aux-Lois™Mother to our Spirits - Rev. Samantha Kaye.
MamboThe Mistress (lady "master") of Ceremonies of the Arada or Anago group, a Voodoo priestess.
MamouCoral tree.
Manger LoiLoi Food - A gift to a Loi.
MarassaThe Spiritual Principles of similarity and sympathy.
MarcherWork - The Work of using Rev. Samantha Kaye's Spell Kits to improve one's material and emotional conditions during his/her life on earth. While these things are being accounted for, one is also learning Spiritual development.
Marcher d'l' LoiSpirit walk - The pattern of movement for and/or of our Lois during a Voodoo ritual.
Mardi GrasFat Tuesday - The Tuesday before Lent begins.
Marie LaveauThe most well-known of New Orleans Voodoo Queens.
MarinetteThe Spiritual principle of well-being and freedom.
Martin Luther King, Jr.Martyr.
Mary Oneida ToupsShe was the most well-known Witch in the French Quarter.
MascaradeThe Masquerade - The Cosmic Promenade of our Lois disguised as Catholic Saints.
Maspero's ExchangeWhere once slave sales were made.
MasqueA Catholic Saint fronting for one of our Lois.
MelangerTo mix.
Mirages™Spell-sent impressions.
MoinI, me, mine, one less than the whole (monde).
MojoMumbo-jumbo (mumbled and jumbled) - A spoken spell.
Mojo BagGris-gris Bag.
MondePeople, or a person, everyone (within a set).
Mulatto1/2 Nergo, 1/2 Caucasoid.
Mystères, MysteriesLes Lois (or Lwas).
NagerTo swim.
Neutral GroundThe median between two or more lanes of opposite direction.
New OrleansCenter of Voodoo in the U.S.A. -Where the hidden entrance to l' Ile en Bas d'l' Eaux exists.
New Orleans Historic Voodoo MuseumBest typifies what was at one time traditional New Orleans Voodoo.
New Orleans WitchcraftPractical witchcraft, no religion to it, used to obtain those things which one desires.
NganganA Witch Doctor of the Congo group, a priest or priestess who casts Spells.
Nègre MarronWild black - Escaped slave.
Octaroon1/8 Negro, rest Caucasoid.
OgounThe Spiritual principles of bursting energy and tension.
Old Absinthe HouseHistoric Bar in the French Quarter.
OmbrageShade, shadow.
OnzoncaireThe Spiritual principle of propinquity.
OrageStorm. Anger.
Oriflamme™A Symbol used in Rev. Samantha Kaye's Spell Kits.
OsA bone. Used in certain forms of Spellcasting.
OuangaA physical object containing a "point," a Charm or packet.
OuangateurA person who crosses another with a Charm.
Ouavalouaié™The Spiritual principles of illness and health.
Ouidah/OuedoThe major city in Dahomey (Benin) where intense slave trade took place. A holy city in Benin. The Center of the World.
ParadeThe procession of a Mardi Gras Krewe.
ParishDivision of land according to the Church. Similar to a county.
Parish PrisonMarie Laveau would visit and assist wronged prisoners. You don't want to take residence there...
PatientThe person upon whom our Spellwork is directed.
PelicanState Bird. Mystical symbol on the Louisiana State Flag.
PeriqueSpecial tobacco.
PeristyleThe open area of a Voodoo Temple where communal ritual practices take place.
PersévérerTo persevere.
Petit Bon AngeLittle Angel - One of two spiritual principles in Spellcasting, the immaterial aspect.
PierreStone, rock.
PirogueA certain type of boat.
PlacageLiving arrangements for a woman of color and a Caucasian man.
Place CongoNow, it may be Armstrong Park.
PlacéeThe woman in the above deal.
Po' BoyA really, really BIG sandwich.
PointThe focus of power and magical force.
Pontchartrain RailroadYes, there was one.
PontchatoulaSpanish moss, among other things.
Porte-CochèreGated coach entrance.
Pot d'l' têtePot for the Head - The container of an initiate's hair, nail clippings, and Magickal products.
PralineOverly sweet sugared pecan bonbon. Can you eat one without cringing?
Prince HallLook him up in your reference books.
Professor LonghairHenry Roeland Byrd, another great New Orleans pianist.
PromenadeRitualized "dance" steps or pattern of body movement.
Promenade d'l' LoiSpirit dance - The pattern of movement for and/or of our Lois during a Voodoo ritual.
Purple, Green and GoldFor us they stand for Right, Truth, and Justice.
QuadrilleCertain occult activities peculiar to our family. A dance. A formal display.
Quadroon1/4 Negro, 3/4 Caucasoid.
Quadroon BallWhere once Caucasoid men and women of color met and made arrangements of Placage.
RecepientThe person upon whom our Spellwork is directed.
RepasserTo do the Spell again.
Rev. Samantha KayeThe first person to bring Old New Orleans Family Tradition™ Voodoo to the public at large. This has been through the internet and the world wide web.
Revange (Revanche)Revenge.
RevenantA ghost or spook.
ReverendReverend - An person revered for his/her Spiritual Knowledge; an ordained Mambo, Houngan, Ngangan or Bon Coeur in the United States of America.
RevirerTo turn around.
RienNothing. Nil. Nada. Zip.
Rivière™Sacred necklace used during certain Voodoo rituals.
RootRoot used as a "fetish" in Voodoo Spells.
RootworkUsage of roots for Spellwork and Healing.
RoulerTo roll.
Rue St. AnneWhere the home of Marie Laveau once stood.
Ruthie the Duck LadyOnce commonly seen in the French Quarter with her duck.
RéflexionA process utilized in Rev. Samantha Kaye's Creole Voodoo™ Spellwork.
RéveillerTo call (the name of). To awaken.
Saint, SainteA Loi.
SanctuaryRoom containing Rev. Samantha Kaye's Altars.
Sang MêléMixed blood, more than one race.
Sanite DedeAnother Voodoo predecessor of Marie Laveau.
SarabandeConfusion. The Spiritual principles of instability and displacement.
SatchmoLouis Armstrong. Also Rev. Samantha Kaye's faithful companion. Passed to the Other Side May 29, 2001.
Schwegmann'sSupermarket where some Voodoo offerings could be obtained.
Second LineWonderful piece of music. People just join in with the returning funeral procession.
Serpent CongoBlack mocassin.
Serpent d'eauWater mocassin.
ShotgunA particular New Orleans-style house.
Sim'biThe Spiritual principle of smoothe wavelike fluidity.
Slaughterhouse PointAlgiers Point - So called because of the nearness of a slaughterhouse.
Snow BallNot a "slush" or a "snowcone" but a flavored ice drink exclusive to New Orleans.
Société d'l' Reine Marie-Louise™Private association of Rev. Samantha Kaye's Spiritual Workers.
SoiréeEvening party. Soirées are also related to our Promenades.
Sorcier, SorcièreWitch, Magickian.
SortilegeWitchcraft. Divination.
Souplesse d' MainSleight of hand.
SpectreThe visible spook.
SpellA series of activities sent into the Cosmos in order to attain that which one desires.
Spellmaker.comThe second web site created by Rev. Samantha Kaye to launch The Voodoo Boutique®.
SpellworkerOne of Rev. Kaye's clients.
Spirit RoomRoom containing Rev. Samantha Kaye's Altars. Room where the Séance is held.
SpiritsOur Lois. Angels and/or Saints.
SpiritualismInextricably bound to New Orleans Voodoo Practices.
Spy-boyWho does reconnaissance.
St. ExpediteA Spiritual principle of expediency, peculiar to New Orleans Spiritual Work.
St. Louis Cemetery No. OneWhere Marie Laveau is entombed.
St. Pierre/St. PeterDompedro - The Spiritual principles of constancy and wholeness.
SubjectThe person upon whom we direct our Spellwork.
SuccomberTo succomb to the Spell.
SéanceA meeting, a session, between those of both worlds.
Séance RoomSecret room where a session is held.
Tabasco®Good stuff. Visit Avery Island.
TargetThat upon which we direct Spellwork.
TchamandeurA moocher.
The Church of Nine Mysteries®Location where services for Rev. Samantha Kaye's Vaudoux are held.
The Constant UndercurrentThe everlasting effect of one of our Spells upon its subject.
The Voodoo Boutique®The original internet mini-mall designed and developed by Rev. Samantha Kaye in order to expose her original Creole Voodoo™ Spell Kits to the public.
The Widow ParisMarie Laveau.
TignonA wrapping, like a turban, for a free woman of color. Once the law. Once the law.
Tipitina'sWhere Professor Longhair used to play.
Tirer la Bonne AventureTo tell one's fortune.
TombeauTomb. Because the coffins would rise to ground surface. Spooky, huh?
TouchéThe Spell hit home.
TourbillonThe central or main post around which our Lois circulate to arrive among us.
TourmenterTo persecute with vengeance. To acquire revenge.
Traditional Family VoodooThat Voodoo which had gone underground and kept within its respective families to preserve its integrity and secret knowledge through the last two centuries. It was in New Orleans before Haitian Voodoo. It consists mostly of old Congo and Dahomean Spiritual practices. Rev. Samantha Kaye is slowly revealing certain aspects of it. It has no religious "beliefs," but instead, Real Spiritual Knowledge. One does not have to "have faith," for one acquires actual awareness through experience. It is a religion above all religions and yet is the fundamental basis for religion, for it deals with the Spirit and the Soul in a primal manner, and thus avoids the confusions of modern "sophisticated" religions.
UrsuleDaughter of Erzulie.
VaudouLouisiana Creole and French - A Loi or Spiritual practice.
VaudouisantA practitioner of Voodoo.
Vendeur d' EsclavesA slaver. One who deals in slaving.
Vieux CarréOld square - The French Quarter in New Orleans.
Ville au CampLocation on the Other Side where our Lois live.
VisiterTo haunt.
VodouHaiti - The recently developed spelling for a Loi or word for Spiritual practice. Specifically designates the Haitian practice.
Vodun, VodounFon - A Loi in Dahomey (now Benin).
VolerTo fly.
VoodooUnited States and New Orleans - A Loi, a Spiritual practice, Spellwork, or a practitioner of Voodoo.
Voodoo DollA so-called "fetish," used in Voodoo Spellwork.
VoodooistA practitioner of Voodoo.
VoudouCajun and Creole - A Loi or Spiritual practice.
VèverA symbolic drawing for a particular Loi.
VúduSpanish - A Loi or Spiritual practice.
West FloridaFour parishes in Louisiana were considered by that name.
When the Saints Go Marching InSorrow and loss are forgotten in the joy of Going Home. The procession returns.
Wild MagnoliasAnother tribe of Black Mardi Gras Indians.
Wild Tchopitoulasa tribe of Black Mardi Gras Indians.
YanvalouPromenade used during some Voodoo rituals.
Yellow FeverEpidemics in New Orleans history.
Yeux RougesRed eyes - Creole grouping of half-breed Lois--mixed Congo and American Indian blood--the tormented.
ZinkThis little item is a mystery for you to investigate--if you can.
Zulu KingRaised Man of the Zulu Parade.

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