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Hello dear friends!
You may notice that many of the posts here on this forum are quite old.  We took a hiatus from having a forum while we rethought and restructured what we wanted it to be!

Mostly, we would like this to be an informative, teaching forum.  We will not discuss personal cases on here other than if you post a success story or if you have a general question.  This is NOT the place to discuss the details of your spell work case.  Why?  It's the internet! :-)  There were problems previously with people accidentally letting out their private details, thinking that no one involved in their case would ever see them!  But they did!  So, please understand that this is a moderated forum. If we think your questions are too personal, we will answer them by email for you and the post will not be approved for the forum.  It really is for your own protection.

Additionally, this is not a b*tching, whining, griping forum.  ;-)  If you have something going on that we need to solve, we WILL listen and try to solve any problems.  But we have a format for that:  write to us at customerservice@spellmaker.com - that is the problem solving email address.  But because emails sometimes seem to get lost in the ether, you can also text us at 505-388-4292 or call us at 505-962-2525.  We have plenty of ways to get in touch and are happy to work with you!

Enjoy the positive aspects of this forum, learning and sharing!  Leave the negativity elsewhere, please!

Please note:  Although you do have to register for this forum, you are welcome to choose a display name that allows you to remain completely anonymous as you post.  In fact, we recommend that you do just that!  Also, your email address is never shown on this forum nor is your real name.  That information is kept private unless you make your settings such that your real name shows.  :-)

Love and respect,
Mambo Samantha Corfield
Visit my blog at: http://voodooboutique.typepad.com/mambosam
Visit our website at: http://www.spellmaker.com
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