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We had a contest last year... it was pretty simple:  We asked people to tell us why they are clients of http://www.spellmaker.com :-)  I wanted to share here the answers of the three winners.  Everyone's entry was overwhelmingly wonderful and came at a time when I really needed to hear it!  Words can't express how amazing it was to hear such wonderful things from all the entrants!

I am just copy/pasting from my Facebook notes to get it all in. :-)

Hello everyone!

Well, I am either the worst or the best contest producer ever.  :-)  First, second, and third place winners have been chosen!  However, because everyone's entry was SO GOOD, the rest of the entrants will also win a $10.00 gift certificate to Spellmaker! :-)  It was so hard to chose and so many emotions were brought up reading the entries. They were so heartfelt and genuine that it was hard to choose.  So, in effect, we sort of didn't choose - haha - everyone is a winner of some sort!  Entrants, keep a look at your email in the next few days to see how to claim your prize! Thank you all so much!


First Place:

I could certainly go on and on forever about why I am a spellmaker client. I would never hesitate to recommend these amazing products and services to anyone who I believe would embrace them and was in need of them. The first reason is that I learned through my own spellcasting process that the art of voodoo ( done in the spellmaker way) is truly, above all, a labor of love... love for others (many of whom will never meet in person), love for the sacred Lwa, and love for self. I have been a spellmaker client for a long time. i am currently involved in a love case...but the story doesn't begin there, so I hope you will allow me to back up a little. Several years ago I was doing spellmaker work on my very same HD. I didn't understand alot of things back then...I knew I loved this person and i felt voodoo could help me, but i was blind to the fact that I was sorely in need of healing myself, and unaware of the fact that life would, in fact, begin the process for me. I gave up on the HD work quickly the first time around...I was angry and downtrodden...it had been a long road withi him. I shrouded myself in a cloak of bitterness, convinced that the magic had failed, and I had failed. Shortly following my discontiunuence of the work I lost my beloved grandmother Nan and my dear, dear father. I was exhaused, hopeless and badly wounded. I felt like I had been abandoned...by life, and by the Lwa. But the Lwa had plans to show me otherwise. In the midst of grieving I lost my job of 12 years when the facility I worked at closed down. I had been unhappy in the job for a long time; and it was then I finally understood that the force at work in my life was not really death....it was ressurection.( Big shout out to the Baron xo) After cleaning out the remnants left to me by loss of loved ones, and coming to terms with unemployment, I ordered a White Bath. I have said it before and I will say it againthat those baths are phenomenally life changing. I went to bed that night last August hoping that I would wake up feeling at least a little less broken. I dreamt of many things....but most profoundly the realization that I should forgive my former HD. I was puzzled, but the feeling was so strong that I did just that...I contactd him and made my apology, which brings me to my current situation. Because through that I began to realize not just that I loved him still, but also just how much healing I needed. And to a headstrong, defiant proud girl like myself, thats quite a tough lesson to accept. This has been a long case... and through it I have established real, wonderful working relationships with not only my own Met Tet, but with many of the Lwa. They patiently waited, one by one, until their lessons were needed by me. I know that not every client will feel compelled to begin serving the Lwa, but for me, it has brought me healing, strength, compassion, and the understanding that I am never alone...I never have been, even in my darkest moments. While setting up a service, it occurred to me just how much I love the act of performing it, and how valuable the love and guidance of those spiirits is to me. But it is not something I could do if I did not love it...because for me, service is something I strive to do as well as I possibly can. I want to make the Lwa happy because I adore them..and becasue they loved me, even when I did not care for myself. Making service also gave me a huge appreciation for the spellmaker staff...Mambo and Parran, and my dear Sister Bridget, who has been my caseworker, my cheerleader, my counsellor, and my friend. I can only say that what you do in the spellmaker family is the definition of love one another. I have been to almost every beautiful online ritual this year, and what I see and hear is compassion, selfless work and prayer, and dedication to each other, clients, and the Lwa. I can only draw from the spellwork that I have personally done-but I can say that though it is a beautiful spiritual experience, it is also alot of work. Knowing just how much goes into spellwork, not to mention reading or caseworking, is the only testament I will ever need to the dedication and character of the spellmaker family. And it all starts from the top, becasue Mambo is at once witty, smart, charming...and endearingly human. In the literature on the spellmaker website, Mambo's words are this " the mysteries of true magic are many. " How true that is, but if I may be so bold I would like to say what I know was the wisdom of the Lwa on the fateful summer bath night... " The only way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."-Mahatma Ghandi. And that's why I am a spellmaker client! [smile] 


Second Place:

I have been a spellmaker client for many years. Initially I purchased from this site because of all of the detailed information Mambo Sam had on her website explaining the casting process. I never knew about this culture before my first casting experience and I enjoyed carrying out these castings every step of the way. The caring support and guidance I received from Mambo Sam and her staff could be compared to reaching out to your big sister for advice. I felt comfortable and guided the entire time. Mambo Sam is the only person I have ever dealt with that stands behind her work. I took an utterly hopeless love situation and within 1 year of completing my castings, I was engaged, married and pregnant....all within 1year! After participating in the free online rituals, I have come to understand how peaceful and uplifting this time has become to help others and send loving support in their time of need. I have since purchased a few solo castings since i don't have the room or time to do myself. Mambo Sam has never let me down. Everything that i have wrote down to happen, has come to pass. I consider this truly gifted woman and her knowledgeable staff a supportive friend when you need someone who is non judgemental, patient and always ready to help you when you are ready to help yourself. Over the years, I have become a true believer in this faith. I highly recommend Mambo Sam, her gifted work and supportive nature. These qualities stand her above all others and all I can say is thank you for changing my life.


Third Place:

I am a client for several reasons, 1) the services are beyond generous and the standards of product , care ,and consistency are stellar 2) The product is quality, affordable , and beautiful.3) The product delivers and the Lwa deliver 4) The presentation really allows you to navigate from simple spell casting all the way through the practice of voodoo if you choose that path.There is never any pressure to do or believe anything,This is really a go where you are led company that will support your needs.,so you never have to go or feel alone or afraid to do spellwork 5) There are never ,ever and sleazy or creepy tactics, no trickery, no cons, no false promises. 6) This company takes the guess out of guess work.... there are so many resources,so much guidance, so many free services , you never have to fear investing in a product that may not fit your needs. I have had caseworkers advise against a high priced item because what I really needed was something else......This company puts the P in private , the T in trust , and the R in R real.



Again, thank you all so much!  I haven't put any names to the above entries and I will leave that up to you if you wish to say the entry is yours! :-)  


Like I said, though, everyone that entered was a winner!!  It was extremely hard to choose and you are all amazing.  I hope a little gift certificate helps you to realize how much you are appreciated!



Mambo Sam


Love and respect,
Mambo Samantha Corfield
Visit my blog at: http://voodooboutique.typepad.com/mambosam
Visit our website at: http://www.spellmaker.com
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