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Message 127 
From:   "spellmakerorleanna" 
Date:  Fri Oct 31, 2003  7:38 pm
Subject:  Other tips for gris-gris bags and a doll 
The gris-gris bag for the #5 Leave My Man Alone Spell(tm) or #6
Leave My Woman Alone Spell(tm) has the same chant - and
without saying the chant here, it talks about "go your way, leave
today" - that applies to anyone your love is seeing as well as any
negative influences.
I'd not included in prior posts about using the gris-gris bag for
banishing purposes - and yes, I did use it for that, and so should
you! When I'd use the gris-gris bag for banishing the intruder, I'd
hold it and face in the general direction of where I knew she
lived. (This obviously, is optional - not all of you know that.) Then,
I'd use it specifically to work on banishing HER with saying the
chant aloud and focusing in my mind for her to leave him alone
and get out of his life.
So, you can use the gris-gris bag from that spell for banishing
the intruder and also to work on banishing your love's desire for
the intruder AND for healing of the negative influences that are
problems between the two of you.
Now, here's another little trick I liked to use when I'd use our
#VDK1 Voodoo Love Doll(tm).
Most of us have computers - that's how you're reading this forum,
that's how you write email, etc.
Most of you also use some type of instant message service like
AOL's Instant Messenger (AIM).
My love would usually be on online around 10:00 p.m. and we'd
always (and still do) chat via AIM then if he wasn't with me that
I'd set up the doll in front of my computer. I'd place the doll in front
of the monitor, a candle to each side of the monitor and then the
incense to the very left of the left side candle.
I also made up a "buddy" to represent the intruder as well as all
other lovers - something like "Her&AllOthersButMe"
Take some of the leftover banishing oil from the #5 Leave My
Man Alone Spell(tm) and make a cross over the buddy's name to
represent the intruder and all others. Then take any leftover love
oil and make a cross over your lover's buddy name. Later, wipe
your monitor clean with glass cleaner like Windex.
Now, per the instructions with the doll kit, light the candles and
incense, sprinkle the herbs over the doll (I kept it in a shoe box
for that) and say the chant that comes with the doll kit. I'd do that
just before 10:00 p.m. and then I'd log on when I knew he'd be
Voila, I'm now actively working magick on him WHILE in contact
with him but he has no idea!
Note: The instructions talk about 13 minutes but you can have a
longer session with a doll - the 13 minutes are more of a
suggested guideline.
So, after I'd get the doll all set up and done the opening ritual,
then I'd log on and while typing to him via AIM, I'd also say aloud,
"While we type, the doll work is affecting you right now. You're
thinking of the last time we were together and you want me even
more. Your desire for (intruder) is totally leaving and if she's
online now, I'm banishing her from you - anything she types,
you'll hardly pay attention. Your attention is focused on me, solely
on me. You find your thoughts of love for me are getting stronger
and stronger right now as we type."
Then, I'd go into whatever detail for anything specific on my mind
aloud with the doll. For example, suppose I wanted to see him
on a Wednesday night, I'd say aloud with the doll set-up and
candles still burning, "You'll find a way to see me Wednesday.
You'll WANT to see me Wednesday. You miss me and can
hardly wait to see me - you'll find yourself making plans to get in
your car and come over on Wednesday evening." Then I'd type
an IM to him, something like "I look forward to seeing you next
time." And you'd be surprised how often I'd get an IM reply like
"Wednesday night looks good." (Or whatever night I'd have
petitioned for with the doll while I was online then.)
The whole time, he and I are exchanging IM's - and I'm actively
using magick on him WHILE in contact with him - but he has no
That's a great way to use a doll, folks  I know most of my clients
use some type of online messenger service to chat via typing
with the person they love - try setting up the doll for when you do
I also found beeswax candles to last a long time. I bought red
beeswax candles and used them for my "AIM-doll sessions."
(You can use either purple or red candles with the doll.)
Light and love,


Light and Love Sister Bridget Corfield Confidential Caseworker for Spellmaker.com http://www.spellmaker.com/bridget.htm
Find me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/#!/SisterBridgetCorfield
Instagram - SisterBridgetCorfield
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