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Q:  What are some ways I can use my gris-gris bag?
A:  **When using a gris-gris bag, say the appropriate
chant for that bag aloud and then in your mind, focus
on what you want as it pertains to that spell. Here's
an example for someone who'd cast three spells and
wanted to know about using the gris-gris bags. Note:
Not all of the things I wrote as far as what to focus
on might pertain to your case - you'd focus on what's
applicable for your particular situation:
1. The gris-gris bag from the #5 Leave My Man Alone
Spell(tm). That spell was to banish any intruders and
also work on negative influences. So, when you chant
with the gris-gris bag, you can focus on his not
dating others and that his fears of marriage, fear of
commitment, fear of financial problems, etc., will be
soothed and he'll stop being so AFRAID to commit to
2. The gris-gris bag from the #3 Love Me Again
Spell(tm). That spell was to rekindle his love for
you. When chanting with that gris-gris bag, focus on
his loving you deeply and realizing how much he does
love you.
3. The gris-gris bag from the #9 No One But Me
Spell(tm). That spell included for his making a
commitment to you and to make you the top priority in
his life. When chanting with that gris-gris bag, focus
that he'll commit in a relationship to you and make
you the top priority in his life.
Certainly, you can add other appropriate things to
focus on with each gris-gris bag - I was giving you
examples and the above examples were for a particular
situation but it gives you an idea.
As to me, I first cast those three love spells six
years ago. Those spells were how I first came to know
Rev. Kaye - they were the first magick I'd ever done.
Q:   If Papa Alegba is the keeper of the gate, do you need to ask 
hime to open the gate each time?
A:  ** No, you don't need to ask Alegba to open the gates when you use the gris-gris bags. 
(If you did, that would be included with the instructions about how to use the gris-gris bag.)
Q:  When I petition with my gris gris bag, I ask for the Lois to help 
me. I am not specific with which Lois I need. Is that ok? Do I have 
to petition for a specific one to help me? 
A:  ** There's usually a preface with the incantation, like "Ogoun Badagris T'maidez" which 
asks for Ogoun Badagris to help you. (In fact, when six years ago when I first started with 
the love spells, the incantation didn't have a preface. The gris-gris bag is the connection.)
If you forget the preface, it's not the end of the world  Each gris-gris bag is particular to 
the Loi who helped you with that spell.
Q:  Do our reflections have any power outside of spellwork, ie: 
with the gris gris?
A:  **Yes. Reflections with your gris-gris bag have power. 
Q:  Is there is a way to use the
gris-gris bags without having to do the chants out loud? 
A:  **The chants should be said aloud. Having said
that, that doesn't mean you have to talk in a loud
Try keeping your mouth almost closed (similar to a
ventriloquist) and whispering very softly! With
practice, you'll find you can do this without anybody
else around you really even realizing you're saying
anything! Also, remember that you're on a bus - most
people don't really pay close attention.
I've said chants (in the manner I described above) in
hospital rooms with 8 people around a bedside - and
nobody knew I was doing it.
Try practicing keeping your mouth almost closed - just
opening it a very small amount, enough to enunciate
with very softly whispering. Your lips really don't
move that much at all then and keep the whisper level
so low that anyone next to you can't really hear you.
And if anybody looks slightly askance at you, well,
it's a bus anyway - commuters get bored and I'm sure a
lot of people "talk to themselves" in some way!
Q:  What's the best place to store the various gris-gris bags I have
 from my spellwork? Currently I am storing them all in the same box
as my deluxe doll, except where specified per the spell
A:  **That is not a problem. You can keep all your Vodou stuff together
except those things that are specifically instructed not to do so.
Q:  Since the doll is versatile and can be used interactively with 
the gris-gris bags, can I also use the white male
 candle during my session with the doll?
A:  **Generally speaking, I tell people to allow 45 minutes between the
usage of products. However, the reason I tell them this is because
sometimes people want to mix up intentions and do it all in one
session, so it is easier to just make the 45 minute rule. However,
if the purpose is the same, and you feel okay about it - you can use
certain products together. The white candle with the doll is not a
For questions about any step in a spell or how to use an item from 
a spell kit, please ask techsupport@spellmaker.com
Light and love,

Light and Love Sister Bridget Corfield Confidential Caseworker for Spellmaker.com http://www.spellmaker.com/bridget.htm
Find me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/#!/SisterBridgetCorfield
Instagram - SisterBridgetCorfield
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