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I Miss You!

Hello everyone!
Happy Sunday! I hope each and every one of you does something lovely for yourself today.

So what about, "I miss you!" I was looking over some correspondence from an old friend yesterday and throughout it, she kept saying, "I miss you!" It made me think, does anyone ever say that when they are petitioning for someone to return to them? Just plain old, "I miss you."

When I was re-reading some of these old letters, I realized that I really got a little pang in my heart as my friend repeated that she missed me. I missed her, too. Even though I already realized it, her verbalization of it made me realize it even more.

I certainly believe that if you are using something such as a love doll, which makes for a direct link to the person you are working on, telling them that you miss them, you miss their touch, you miss the times when you_______________(whatever you want to say), has the potential for having a great impact on them!

First off, everyone wants to feel as if they are missed when they are away. Even if you have no contact with your love (or maybe especially if you have no contact with your love), reminding them that you MISS them, you miss your time together, you miss his/her voice, etc., just has to have positive effect on them. Second, I think this is something we might often forget to say. We get so wrapped up in doing love spell work and sending and receiving love energy, that something as simple as, "I miss you" might elude us. ;-)

So try it! For those of you whom I haven't seen in awhile - I miss you! Never forget that! I really, truly do. I wish we were together more often. :-)

Love, light, and peace,
Mambo Samantha Corfield

Light and Love Sister Bridget Corfield Confidential Caseworker for Spellmaker.com http://www.spellmaker.com/bridget.htm
Find me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/#!/SisterBridgetCorfield
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I agree!!! I did this before I have found this post and it works for me.  Few days ago, my hd and I  had our "downs" and so i decided to put my ego and pride and kept thinking how can I help to make our relationship better... in my petition .. i said sorry and how i miss him, how grateful i am.. and how i appreciate the things he did for me.. i talk like if im motivating a person... and then i would say  i'm missing him and that wherever he goes or whatever he do ..something will remind him of me and that he'll have the urge to contact me..  I get more amazing result from sending LOVE with gratitude-- rather than treating him like a robot you like him to be..  this is my 5th time doing the deluxe doll.. beginning was hard for me to understand and how to approach --but after awhile you will learn along the way.. I love my deluxe doll kit!! and the pink image male kit works a wonder..  my hd said to me "i feel burning love for you" and i feel like melting with laughter hehehehe
what i love about this whole thing is that you learn so much along the way and i learn that im very very impatience! I learned that i need fixing tooo ..lol  hey at least im being honest and trying ...lol


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I always use the words on people, so they KNOW I miss them!  I want to get a love doll, or something like that, not sure yet, will talk with my caseworker about it, and use those words possibly each time.  It's still a nice reminder to have, it's something that can so easily be forgotten.


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I always say that to my love doll. Its usually the first thing I say after the ritual is completed. I always feel my heart swell and fill with so much emotion everytime I do that...
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