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Volume 4, July 2011, Issue #10
Editor:  Khouzhan Phoenix Fleurette-Beauchamp-Corfield

Dear Bridget, 

How is your summer going?  :-) Cannot believe that it is almost time for the kids to go back to school.  It seems like summer is flying by here in New Mexico.  We were plagued with many serious wildfires this summer, sadly.  Thankfully there was no loss of human life in our area, but the forest, wildlife, and many buildings were lost.  I get so bereaved over the fact that these forests will not recover in my lifetime... maybe not even in my grandchildren's lifetimes.  Sending so many prayers out there to those that have lost property and their livelihoods due to these horrible fires.

Natural and manmade disasters make me feel so helpless!  Yes, we can donate money and time, and send tons of prayers, but there is still an underlying feeling of helplessness.  I have done lots of candle burning for the many disasters this year!  It is something that I find makes me feel more attuned to focusing my energy towards helping a situation.

I use white male and female human figure candles a lot, usually as a pair, to send out energy to those human beings in need.  I realize, of course, that just a plain white candle would do and would be wonderful — but using the human figure candle makes me feel more attached to and in line with the persons I am trying to help.  Try it if you have a few white human figure candle around... I know some of you have them in stock!  ;-)  Follow the regular instructions for the candle.  Then, work on the particular need you have in mind — a recent or still-recovering disaster, for instance.  Allow yourself to feel the need based on what you know about the situation (hunger, for instance, or people needing shelter), and then focus your energy towards sending general strength and light towards that event, and imagine that energy fulfilling that particular need.

There is no obvious way to "prove" that this helps.  However, I have to say that I feel it does... I feel it greatly, and feel that our positive energy and loving light sent around the world is, indeed, felt and appreciated.

As always, of course, a donation to a reputable charity, such as the American Red Cross (or your favorite charitable organization), assures that money and aid will get to those who need it most.

Hope that each and every one of you has a great rest of the summer!

Love, light, and peace,
Mambo Samantha Corfield
Parran Matthew Corfield 



Summer, the growing season, is filled with the goodness of Nature's bounty, and so are our Cosmic Voodoo™ herb mixtures!  Herbs have been a part of magick, medicine, and daily life for thousands of years.  Through the ages, mankind has found countless ways to put the various properties of plants — both harmful and helpful — to work for him.

Hand-crafted and consecrated by our own Mambo Sam, Spellmaker's Cosmic Voodoo™ Herb Packs can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your magickal work and enrich your love life.  They may be burned on charcoal during spellwork, sprinkled discreetly where the object of your desire will walk through them, placed in homemade sachets or gris-gris (mojo) bags, or used in conjuction with oils or potions to dress candles.

Spellmaker offers three different Herb Packs, all designed to assist in areas of romance and passion:

♦  The Marie Laveau Hoodoo Love™ Herb Pack is perfect to use when you want a special someone to take a romantic interest in you.

♦  The Old Algiers Unity™ Herb Mix is useful when you wish to "unite" with someone in love or lust, or when you seek a commitment.

♦  The Madame Brigitte Be My Love Slave™ Herb Pack, just as its name suggests, is a great choice when you want someone to fulfill your desires!

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by Khouzhan Phoenix, editor

In our May issue, we began assembling a collection of basic items which are commonly used in most spellcasting and ritual work.  Keeping these items on hand will not only make setup and preparation go more smoothly, but help keep one motivated and consistent with ritual and adjunct work.

We started off with a variety of items centered around candles and incense: candleholders, matches and lighters, candle adhesive, and numerous other related tools.  In this installment, we'll cover a few more essentials.  In a future issue, we'll flesh out our toolkit with some items which, while not necessities, can greatly enhance your work.



Many people start out just using any reasonably nice tableware they have around the house to present their offerings, and this is certainly fine.  You can even use paper plates — I sometimes use red-and-white checked ones for Papa Legba.  However, I find it helpful to keep some special plates and glasses reserved specifically for ritual purposes among my Voodoo supplies.  Dollar stores are ideal places to pick up a few nice but inexpensive items, and home decor shops can have interesting pieces.  I found some sturdy blown-glass tumblers, plus matching highballs and shot glasses, at Pier 1 Imports.  As with "multi-use" candleholders (see previous installment), it's good to have a variety of shapes and sizes on hand.  If you serve one or more specific Lwa (spirits) often, try to find a few pieces in appropriate colors or styles related to the personalities or preferences of those spirits (red for Ogoun or Papa Legba, pink or lacey and floral for Erzulie Freda, etc.).  Put paper towels or napkins between stacked glass or ceramic items to protect them when not in use.



Parchment is the traditional paper used for writing petitions and drawing veves (symbolic images used to welcome and represent individual Lwa), and you can find it at art supply, stationery, and craft stores (check in the calligraphy section).  For most spellwork, though, any regular paper will do — whatever you can afford or feel most comfortable using.  As for writing instruments, any kind you like or have on hand is fine: pen or pencil, any color (unless the instructions for a particular spell or ritual require something specific).  It's best to keep several in your toolkit; if you run out of ink or break a point, you don't have to interrupt your work to go digging in your desk drawers!



It's traditional to burn petitions and vevés written or drawn on paper at the end of most rituals and spells; this releases your petitions to the Lwa and the forces of nature.  In order to do this as safely as possible, you should have something with which to hold the paper as you light it.  A pair of kitchen tongs is your best bet; barbecue tongs will work as well, but they are usually rather long and therefore harder to store.  I don't recommend using tweezers or forceps, as they put your hand a bit too close to the flames (especially when burning larger papers!).



After you light your petitions or vevés, you need something to hold them over or drop them into while they burn.  If you continue to hold them in the air with your tongs, you run a significant risk of starting a fire if part of the burning paper breaks free and lands on something flammable.  The kitchen sink can be a great place to burn your papers, as you can wash away the ashes when you are finished.  However, if the sink has been used recently and is still wet, your papers may go out or at least not burn completely when you drop them in.  Further, in some rituals or spells you will need to save the ashes and bury them or cast them to the wind.  Therefore, you'll want to have a fireproof container handy; you can either lower the paper into the container with your tongs and continue holding it while it burns (thereby protecting it from drafts), or simply drop the paper into the container and let it finish burning there.  I use a thick-walled cast aluminum saucepan which was given to me by my late father (I consider this a way to not only honor my father, but also ask his help in reaching the goals of my spellwork).  The small iron cauldrons used by practitioners of Wicca and other magickal traditions are perfect; you can find them in metaphysical shops and online at websites which sell magickal supplies.



Finally, you need somewhere to keep your Voodoo Toolkit!  You can use anything that works for you and is readily available.  If you have a spare desk or dresser drawer or cabinet shelf, you can use that.  I prefer something portable which I can move around and carry to wherever I'm doing work; since the amount of space and privacy available to me varies from time to time, I don't have one fixed location for my altars.  I have a fairly large collection of A Well-Known and Rather Pricey Brand of Collectible Baskets, which I've found to be excellent for storing and organizing my tools and supplies; many have lids and divided plastic protectors for extra privacy and organization.  For the more basic-minded among you, take a stroll down the storage and closet accessories aisles of your nearest discount or home improvement store... there are many sizes and shapes of plastic storage containers available, including some that stack into little sets of drawers.  A big plastic toolbox, such as the step-on kind found in automotive supply stores, is also a great option.


So, there you have it, folks: a list of the bare-bones essentials which every good little Vodouissant should keep handy for smooth and worry-free voodoo-ing!  In a future installment we'll explore a few other items which, while not absolutely necessary, can make your work easier and/or enhance your overall experience.



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Office Phone:   Since we are down to only Parran Matt and Mambo Sam in the office, we have had to change our office phone policy.  On some days, our dear friend Darla is answering phones for us.  However, if she doesn't answer, we now ask that clients leave a message on the office phone and someone will return your call as soon as possible.  Sometimes you might actually get faster service by email, especially by writing to
customerservice@spellmaker.com as indicated above.  However, we do strive to return all phone calls within 48 hours, Monday-Thursday.  Our phone number is 505-962-2525.  Please do leave us a message when you call.  Unfortunately, we are unable to return calls outside of the USA.  International customers are asked to please email us!

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In closing, we wish you all a wonderful July... may your summer be filled with love and fireworks of all kinds!

Love and light,

Mambo Samantha Corfield
Parran Matthew Corfield
Sister Bridget
Sister Candelaria
and the Spellmaker Novitiate Class 2010

Light and Love Sister Bridget Corfield Confidential Caseworker for Spellmaker.com http://www.spellmaker.com/bridget.htm
Find me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/#!/SisterBridgetCorfield
Instagram - SisterBridgetCorfield

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I posted this on facebook, too — when burning paper, it also helps to tent-fold or fan-fold it. If you are setting it on a surface to burn (in a pan or tub), folds will help hold it up so air gets to the entire paper, so it burns completely.
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