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Spellmaker Newsletter

March 2014

Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of Spellmaker’s Universal Messenger. We have just wrapped up the ever popular month long ritual to Erzulie Freda, which was a huge success! This year, we had the opportunity to video our beloved Mambo Sam performing the ritual, and have made it available for your viewing pleasure at

This month we have for you the annual Sobo Wealth and Security Ritual which will be held March 17, 2014 and continue on for the rest of the month! Details below! Also, we are happy to announce the winner of the February photo caption contest is Adrienne! Congrats! As always, we wish you all the best, and a very happy, healthy and prosperous month of March!

In Service,
Mambo Sam, Parran Matt,
Sister Bridget, Brother Menfò
and the Khouzhan Class of 2009

Lwa of the Month


Sobo is one of many Vodou Spirits (called "lwa"). As with other lwa, certain attributes are traditionally associated with each particular lwa. Sobo, along with his brother and companion Bade, is one of the lwa who is traditionally called upon for bringing about money and financial security. He is considered one of the lwa of the sky and is said to control lightning, thunder, and rain. Bade is considered to control the wind. Together, they have control of the elements of nature. Due to their elemental powers, they are often called upon to help us feel secure! Think of terms such as "raining money," "pennies from heaven," etc. By the very nature of feeling secure, we want at least the basics - shelter from the elements, food, etc. Therefore, we call upon Sobo to help us. In New Orleans Voodoo, Sobo is most commonly portrayed with a picture of Thor. He and Bade are also represented with pictures of St. Cosmas and St. Damian. However, because we use those same saints to represent The Marassa (The Divine Twins), it can get confusing and generally most New Orleans Voodooists will use a picture of Thor or a flaming ram (also a sign of Sobo) to represent him. 


Sobo and the Most Powerful Hand 

Hands as symbols are seen throughout different cultures in various roles. The “Helping Hand” is held horizontally and is often seen in Hoodoo. The Hamsa Hand is seen pointing downward and is a symbol of protection in Arabic culture. The Jain Hand is a symbol of nonviolence and also means the “no fear” mudra, a gesture-symbol shared with Hinduism and Buddhism. 

In our Sobo Wealth and Security Ritual, The Most Powerful Hand holy card is used for symbolization of both getting a strong helping hand as well as tapping into the group mind/family energy of this ritual. When we work with the Cosmic Mind or Cosmic Consciousness (at least as far as this ritual is concerned) allows us to tap into the connection of all of those who are working on this ritual or who have petitioned for help with this ritual. However you choose to participate, whether it is to submit a petition, purchase a kit, or follow the free instructions on our website, you will be connecting to the group energy, as well as giving AND receiving help!
For further details on how to participate in this year’s ritual to Sobo, please see http://www.spellmaker.com/sobo.htm


Our monthly online Voodoo prayer ritual will also be honoring Sobo and Bade! The ritual will be on Thursday, 3/27/14. It is free, open to all, and can be attended anonymously. Join us to honor Sobo and Bade and pray for abundance of all kinds!

Mambo Minutes

In this video, Mambo Sam shares how and where she ends our spellcastings!

Watch the Video


Join Us on Facebook and[facebook]

Chat with Mambo Sam

Do you want to have a chat with Mambo Sam? Ask questions? Talk about New Orleans Voodoo?  Join us on the Spellmaker.com Facebook page on Saturday, March, 22, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. MST (7:00 p.m. Eastern, 6:00 p.m. Central, 4:00 p.m. Pacific).

All you have to do is "like" this Facebook page and then click on the green smiley face icon on this page that says "chat" underneath it!  You have to "like" the page or the software doesn't work to let you in the chatroom.  It’s a Facebook thing, not a Spellmaker thing!).

Mambo Sam on Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/reverendcorfield
Sister Bridget on Facebook -
Brother Menfo on Facebook -
Sheer Goddess Cosmetics on Facebook -


Product Spotlight




The Egg is the symbol of Life! These Cosmic Voodoo Egg™ Spell Kits are truly unique. You won't find anything like this any where but here! Is life a constant struggle for financial survival? Or perhaps you just need extra money to make life a little nicer for you and your loved ones...whatever your reason for needing cash, try The Cosmic Voodoo Money Egg  Spell Kit to help you accelerate your cash flow. The more you use your Egg, the more powerful it becomes! These very special spell kits are specially designed to help you enhance all areas of your life. Each Cosmic Voodoo Egg™ Spell Kit is a complete kit for casting magick spells with a combination of an altar cloth, amulets, incense, jewel tiled incense burner, talismans, candles, a Voodoo Spirit Doll, and, of course, a beautiful hand painted and consecrated personally by Rev. Samantha Corfield, Cosmic Voodoo Egg. These are complete spell kits with all equipment needed included, as well as complete instructions and E-mail support for questions.  They also make great gifts, even when given as a novelty to the "non-believer" friend!  

March is Sobo Month at Spellmaker, and you can work with him on any money magick you do, be it the nine day Big Money Spellkit, Green Candle Magick, and more!

Mambo Sam is now on Etsy!                  [25591114_5vu60a847e]

Check out her shop and take advantage of 15% off Grand Opening sale! Check back frequently as Mambo releases new oils and other products exclusively on Etsy!


March Contest of the Month!


Our contest this month is a simple one…..tell us which of your Spellmaker.com products is your favorite and why! Simply email customerservice@spellmaker.com with your entry and you could win a $25.00 gift certificate! You have to be in it to win it! Email today! 

The Khouzhan's Corner 

A Khouzhan is someone who is a member of our House, and has take at least one of several initiations on the path to becoming a Voodoo Priest or Priestess. Here, you will find articles written by our Khouzhans about various things they wish to share on their road to Sister or Brotherhood.


Has Voodoo Found You?
By Khouzhan Tristan

Voodoo found me in the fall of 2007. My girlfriend (now wife) and I were researching cool places to go for Halloween. We both needed a break from our stressful professional and personal lives. We soon found that New Orleans was, and still is, huge on celebrating Halloween. Neither of us had ever been so it was an easy decision. 

Since being our first time we stayed in the Quarter and explored it thoroughly. The most intriguing part of the Quarter, besides Tropical Isle™ and their yummy Hand Grenades™, were all the Voodoo shops. Some claiming to be authentic and others were obviously for the tourist. Regardless, every time we came across one, no matter if we’d been there the day before, we had to go in and explore.    We both knew the portrayal of Voodoo in Hollywood, books and the Internet was grossly incorrect, but at the time we didn’t understand even the basics of the religion. 

After hitting all the shops and while just wondering around within the Quarter, it hit me like a hammer on my big thumb. Voodoo has found me! I kind of just stood on the sidewalk and waited for a bit. I’d never had a feeling like this before but the message was very clear and profound. I pushed myself off the wall I was leaning against, regained my balance and began walking up the sidewalk again. I was seeing thing through different eyes and it all became clear that I was meant to follow the path of the Voodoo religion.  I’m not sure which Lwa, Ancestor, or Universal Spirit spoke to me that day, but I’ve never forgotten the feeling of receiving the message and the path I knew to take.

Once arriving home from such a revelation vacation, I began researching all I could about Voodoo and how to make it the religion I follow. It wasn’t long before I ran across a website run by an authentic Mambo named Mambo Sam. The website, accurately named, Spellmaker.com offers all kinds of spells for any situation, consultations and reading, as well as education on Voodoo.   At this time of discovery, the most intriguing piece of information I ran across was regarding the upcoming Voodoo Conference to be held in the same area I lived. Mind you, this area is predominantly Christian with small amounts of other religions but as far as I know, there were no Voodoo houses, société or anything else similar. I was completely shocked for Voodoo had indeed found me. This most certainly was NOT a coincidence. Of course, I attended the conference and have been a voodooisant to this day.

Khouzhan Tristan

Light and Love Sister Bridget Corfield Confidential Caseworker for Spellmaker.com http://www.spellmaker.com/bridget.htm
Find me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/#!/SisterBridgetCorfield
Instagram - SisterBridgetCorfield
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