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May 15th - Special Day for Cousin Azacca and Saint Isidore ;-)

May 15th is a special day – it is the feast day of our beloved Cousin Azacca, as well as St Isidore the Farmer, who Cousin Azacca is syncretized with.

You can read the free Spellmaker.com newsletter about Cousin Azacca here :


Isidore the Farmer, (Spanish: San Isidro Labrador), (c. 1070 – May 15, 1130), was a Spanish day laborer. Isidore was born to very poor yet very pious Catholic parents in Madrid, Spain. His parents were unable to support him when he was a youth and sent him to work for a wealthy landowner, John de Vergas (He ended up working for him for the rest of his life). St. Isidore loved to attend the Holy Mass before going to work in the morning. Because of this, he usually arrived late at work. His fellow workers complained to their master Juan de Vargas who investigated the matter by himself. He found out the truth that St. Isidore went to mass daily and arrived at work late. Moreover, he discovered something – that while St. Isidore was praying in the church, his angels plowed the field for Him. He also discovered that while St. Isidore was plowing the field, two angels plowed with him at his sides so that his work was equivalent to the work of three farmers. From then on, they respected him. He was known for his love of the poor, and there are accounts of Isidore’s supplying them miraculously with food. here was also an occasion when one snowy day, when going to the mill with corn to be ground which his wife had gleaned, he passed a flock of wood-pigeons scratching vainly for food on the hard surface of the frosty ground. Taking pity on the poor animals, he poured half of his sack of precious corn upon the ground for the birds, despite the mocking of witnesses. When he reached the mill, however, the bag was full, and the corn, when it was ground, produced double the expected amount of flour. He had a great concern for the proper treatment of animals. He died May 15, 1130, and was declared a saint in 1622 with Ignatius of Loyola, Francis Xavier, Teresa of Avila and Philip Neri. Together, the group is known in Spain as “the five saints.”


Patron Saint of farmers, field hands, day laborers, ranchers, livestock, rural communities and asking for rain.

Saint Isidore the Farmer is invoked for the concerns affecting livestock, agriculture, and good weather and is even invoked for picnics.

From the Spellmaker.com newsletter: No matter what you are trying to grow in your life, May 15 is the perfect day to offer a feast to Azacca! Set up a small altar using his colors and offerings: A piece of denim makes the perfect altar cloth for him, yellow and green candles, a container of dirt, small gardening tools, etc. Spend some time thinking of what plants need nurturing in your life garden and ask Azacca to nourish them and help them grow! Ask him to renew and rejuvenate any wilting plants and cut out all the weeds!

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend! Get out there and play in some dirt!

Light and Love

Sister Bridget


Light and Love Sister Bridget Corfield Confidential Caseworker for Spellmaker.com http://www.spellmaker.com/bridget.htm
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