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08/24/08 at 02:38 PM Reply #11

Hi Guys
 A Met Tet reading is a special phone reading with Mambo Sam is for those who wish to know who their met tet ("ruling lwa") is. There is a certain amount of responsibility that comes with this information and only those who wish to further their service to the lwa (Les Lois) should obtain this kind of reading. This reading is done by phone.  
You can call me at the office at (505) 962 2525 or contact your caseworker to get more info on the responsibilities involved. 
You can see more at

Also, Mambo Sam can do a Met Tet reading to tell you your HD's Met Tet.  Knowing both your and your HD's Met Tet can greatly help your spellwork.  If you have this  reading Mambo will tell you exactly how to work with and petition both of the Lois you would be working with (your Met Tet and HD's Met Tet).  If you do not know your Met Tet you need to know that first, but you can have yours and your HD's readings back to back. 
Love and Light

Sister Candelaria
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Hey Folks,
If Ms. Berkeley will permit me, I would like to add to what she posted above.  I wanted to mention a few things to keep in mind when ordering a Met Tet reading for yourself and/or for your HD...   
A Met Tet reading is not to be taken lightly.  Knowing your Met Tet and serving them can open up a whole new world for you, as now you have "someone" who always has your back.  Plus, your Met Tet can help you with just about anything, and is always there to lend a guiding hand.  If served properly, you can develop a very rewarding relationship with your Met Tet and that spirit will always be there to help you.  However, once you get a Met Tet reading and know who your Met Tet is, you MUST serve your Met Tet.  If you find out who your Met Tet is and then you ignore them or don't give them some sort of service, you cannot reap the benefits of that relationship.  It's not that your Met Tet will do anything bad to you, but your Met Tet might then withhold the help that they've always given you (they've actually always been there with you, sort of waiting in the wings, but until you actually KNOW who they are you are not obligated to serve them).  However, knowing who has your head (we say that your Met Tet "has your head" because the spirit literally sits on your head) can open up a whole wonderful new dimension for you and can be the start of a beautiful and amazing relationship!! 
Now, having said all of that...if you do get a Met Tet reading for your HD, you are asking for this information on behalf of your HD, thus the responsibility lies with you.  HUH?!!  What the heck does that mean?  Well, what that means is that once you get a Met Tet reading for your HD, you will then be obligated to serve your HD's Met Tet, as well.  Your HD did not ask for the information, you did.  Thus, you are now required to serve on your HD's behalf.  This is not a short term thing, folks.  Once you know who your HD's Met Tet is, then you must serve that person's Met Tet, whether you do continue a relationship with this person or not, for the rest of your life.  Now, if you happen to just know your HD's Met Tet, through no investigation of your own, that is a different story.  BUT, when one actually seeks out the knowing of someone's Met Tet for the purpose of trying to influence them through their Met Tet (even if it's for their own good), then you take on that responsibility.  That's just the way it is.
So, while it can help you in your case and open up some doors for you that might otherwise be difficult to open, getting a Met Tet reading for yourself and for your HD should not be taken lightly.  It is a responsibility that you are taking on, on behalf of yourself and on behalf of your HD.  So, please do be responsible and consider all of these factors before ordering the readings.
I hope this helps to answer some of your questions.  Knowing your Met Tet is a wonderful thing and so important for anyone who is truly seeking a spiritual/Voodoo path.  Knowing your HD's Met Tet can help immensely in your case and can be another tool to use in your quest to bring fruition to your case.  But in both instances, a Met Tet reading should be approached with much care and consideration for the responsibility each entails.
Light and much love,
Sister Candelaria
PS:  Also, I know you all are friends and discuss things here and sometimes outside of the forum, as well.  If you are discussing the topic of Met Tets with one of your friends, please don't ever ask someone, "Who is your Met Tet?"  Why?  Well, that's considered to be bad manners in the Voodoo/Vodou world.  It is actually possible for les lois to steal each other's children (you are a child of your Met Tet), so if someone asks you point blank who your Met Tet is, it is considered to be suspicious behavior and very bad form.  Instead, you should ask someone, "Whom do you serve?"  When you are asked this, the other person wants to know who has your head.
Sister Bridget
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Hey All ;-)

Just to back up on what Sister Candelaria posted..... I had a Met Tet reading on my HD a couple years ago. It certainly has given me insight and has greatly helped our relationship. But as Sister C said, this is a commitment, not to be taken lightly. Service is something that would need to be continued, even if HD and I were no longer together. Over time, I have built a relationship with this Lwa, I feel very close to them and I certainly would now miss Service to them, and will always continue ;0) If you really have your eye on the long run, this can be a very rewarding relationship to build. Just, again, not one to be entered into lightly and without much forethought.

In Service,
Sister Bridget


Spellmaker Berk
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I enjoy the service that I do for my Met Tet.  I have the unique position of offering service by doing by job as well.  However, my job is my job, and my service is my service.  I get paid to to this, so I dont really consider it service.  I really try to do my best for each customer, so I dont consider going above and beyond to help anyone as my service to the lois. 
I keep my service to my personal time. I keep up an altar and give offerings every week.  I love to bake, so I bake cupcakes for the lois and my fella about once a month, and dole out the rum regularly.  I also love coffee, so I usually put honey in it and put a few cups on my altars as well.  Giving offerings is something that takes about 10 minutes out of my day, but it is meaningful.  I do bigger things on a regular basis too, but that is more on special days.  For example, baking a heart shaped cake for Erzulie Freda on Valentine's Day, or having cocktail hours once a month.   To serve your Met Tet or any lois doesnt take an hour of daily prayer and meditation.  It should always be done with respect, but like Simone said, something as simple as washing your face can be service with the right products and mindset    Also, if you have questions contact your caseworker or technical support.  IF we dont know we will get you the answer

Love and Light

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