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Hey everyone,
I did want to thank Sister Candelaria, Sister Bridget, and Berkeley for all of their information they put about knowing who you met tet is and even your HD's met tet.

I also want to let you know that there are often misconceptions about the responsibility of serving your met tet.  YES, you must make a lifelong committment to serve your met tet.  However, this is not meant to be a burden.  Some folks (not the aforementioned) are making it sound like this is a burden!!!  It is not and should not be.  It should be joyful, fulfilling and something that you want to do.

Many times people think that serving their met tet means that they will have to have lots and lots of fancy rituals and leave offerings everyday, etc.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

What is important is to daily acknowledge your met tet, but that could be as simple as saying, "Good morning, dear Papa Legba, let's have a great day together."   You are not a slave to your met tet and that is what some folks (not just here, I mean all over the internet) make it sound like! 

If you do not have money or time to do fancy rituals all the time, believe me, your met tet is not going to care about that.  Something as simple as a candle and a glass a water once a week is sufficient. 

My general recommendations for the minimum service to your met tet is as follows:
1.  A daily greeting of some kind - this can be as simple as saying good morning.
2.  Once a week, if you can, light a candle that you have dedicated to your met tet and leave a small offering if you can, or at least fresh water.
3.  Three times a year try to have something special - such as a cocktail hour or larger ritual if you can.

Breaking the bank on serving your met tet never has and never will be necessary. 

The TRUE RESPONSIBILITY of knowing who your met tet is, is to never forget them and always acknowledge them.  This is your spiritual best friend; they are not going to abandon you because you can't do a big fancy ritual.  If you think that, then you do not understand the concept of a met tet at all.

We stress the responsibility of knowing your met tet (or your HD's) because if five years from now you decide, "oh that voodoo stuff was fun, but I am on to something else now" and you decide to stop acknowledging your met tet, you could cause them to withdraw from you.  This is just as anyone else in your life that you choose to ignore; they generally will withdraw. 

The problem is, when your met tet withdraws, things can start to go poorly in your life; not because your met tet is punishing you, but simply because they start to ignore you, too.  You have no idea how much your met tet does for you!  But if you ignore them, you will have a tendency to see that things go wrong.  This isn't going to happen because you forgot to leave a cookie a couple of times in a row!  But if you choose at some point in your life to just not acknowledge them anymore, then you are losing a wonderful spiritual guardian and helper. And I don't want that to happen to any of you.

So if you cannot follow the simple guidelines above, then, no, getting a met tet reading is not for you. 

I hope this clears it up a bit! 

Love and respect,
Mambo Samantha Corfield
Visit my blog at: http://voodooboutique.typepad.com/mambosam
Visit our website at: http://www.spellmaker.com
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