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Hello everyone..

I've been seeking for help from Mambo Sam since a few years ago..
Everything worked out in the past.. So, I had full confidence in asking for help again when I truly do need desperate help!

The Lois literally helped me find and sort out who my true HD guy should be..
I've been bumping my way through love.. and had 3 HD's..

The first HD.. came to me to start a relationship with me as I've petitioned.. Then I found out about his bad temper and wanting to sleep with different women.. I lost interest and I myself called it quits to the guy..

Then I was led to the 2nd HD..  Found that he's actually not quite for me.. there's another woman in the scene.. and this guy is selfish and has a bad temper too..

The 3rd guy came to me.. I didn't petiton for this one.. he just came to me.. he's super nice to me.. but just have money problems..

The 4th guy.. I met him.. and sensed a connection.. did a trio love spell.. didn't have much results..
did a deluxe still didn't see much.. then did an "Attract love to me" spell.. petitioned to see the true face of this fourth guy.. if he's not for me, let me see and lose interest..  It happened.. This fourth guy did something about money that really p*ssed me off.. and I saw the light that this fourth guy only have good looks.. but is selfish and not for me..

So, the 3rd guy that I didn't "petitioned" for.. but the lois brought him into my life..  and regarding the money problem..  He lost his job in May.. I did a "Get a Job" spell for him in June..  Talk about being efficient..  On the day right after the first day of the spell, he told me he landed himself a full time job that's well paid.. and everything that I've petitioned for him for the job.. it's like tailor-made.. it's this amazing..  Now, I hope he can hold that job.. and still continue to love being with me..

I've lost all interest for the 4th guy.. only good looks.. and he's smart in his work.. but is very poor in terms of treating me or being considerate for me..  I see the light now..  I don't feel the attraction for the 4th guy any more.. it's so liberating..  

I feel that I can feel at ease and happy staying together with this 3rd guy.. I think he's meant for me unless the lois direct me towards someone else obviously otherwise..

Hope this can shed some light and hope for all who's waiting for the spells to kick in..

I tell you.. I don't know how.. but I just know the Lois are REAL.. they really help us out to overcome those obstacles.. to make our lives better..  and only the good will happen.. if it's not meant to be or if it'd hurt you, it'll not happen.. I personally experienced that..  Once you've a spell done by Mambo Sam (or spell kit by yourself), you can be assured that the lois have your best interest.. and they do what's necessary to give you the best outcome in your situation...

I don't know how.. but I really am very grateful to the Lois and Mambo Sam for having this life-saving help available for the whole world..

Thank you, my dearest lois and Mambo Sam, Parrat Matt, and staff..
I hope the lois will continue to bless me and let me enjoy this wonderful situation..

Thank you!!
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