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Hey [smile] So no one has posted on this forum so far this year!  I'm hoping that other people will come out of the woodworks and post, it'd be great to chat with some other folks who believe in voodoo and magic, most people I know don't so it's very "lonely" and I don't want to bother Spellmaker by asking for a caseworker!  I've sent in my biological samples and am hoping they'll be received soon so my spell can be scheduled!

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Hey Hilga, I was one of the very active posters many years back. Whenever I felt lonely and down, this is the place I go to first or the testimonial pages. But I think you should also utilize your caseworker as much as possible. Spellmaker assigned them to us to correctly guide us. So if you have some type of complicated questions, always use your caseworker. They will be happy to help you.

We will be here to cheer you on as you travel the voodoo path. It's a very overwhelming experience and everyone of us needs some type of positive or constructive feedback from those experiencing the same thing. I also bought the book, Voodoo or Voodon't, to help me through the process.

Good luck to you!


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Hilga, HI!!! I know that this post is a little older, but I wanted to respond because you sound like me! I first joined the SPELLMAKER clientele YEARS ago (we are talking like, FIFTEEN) and although soooo much has definitely changed technology wise, let me tell you, the people haven't. There are definitely a LOT more people there that weren't there when I first contacted and got to know them, but when I contacted them again for help, (three years ago I think, the genuineness was the same. Like TJE other commenter advised, USE the caseworkers! They do what they are there for and are good at it and let's face.it, the work isn't cheap! They can help you throughout your case, answer questions about issues and products, or just talk with you to help put your mind at ease with whatever situation you are going through. I talked with my case worker SO many times, (both times), and I was never cut off or responded to rudely... In fact, I was encouraged to recontact if I needed more help or had more questions!!!! Again, I know I'm responding to an old post..... However, if you still visit the site, I'm curious, how did things pan out for you with your scenerio? Hope things went well! Please post an update!
Thanks and hope to hear from you!!!!!

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This is definitely an old post but I hope you are doing well and also that you made out well with your situation!! .
Are these forums still open?? I couldn't find anything under a year old and I couldn't get into other certain discussions because I guess a password is needed.......
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