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Volume 2, October, 2008, Issue #3 
Editor:  Mambo Samantha Corfield

Dear Bridget,
It seems impossible that summer has flown by so quickly and fall is upon us!  All of my hummingbird friends have flown south for the winter and the sheep that live next door to us are getting very woolly!  Parran Matt is bringing firewood up on the porch (that is a sure sign that Fall is upon us)!  We have cranes here in New Mexico and it seems like the first chilly morning that we have they start to fly over head in huge configurations calling out to each other.  It is quite spectacular to watch them.  Wherever you are, I hope Fall is bringing something wonderful for you to see and hear, too.  

Now, this particular issue of the newsletter was meant to come out last month in September, however, unfortunately, there were some software delivery issues and so the newsletter was delayed.  However, there was some information that I still wanted you to have, so that is why we are discussing below an important date in September and how you can honor certain of Les Lois (the Vodou spirits, the lwa).  

Of course, here at the Spellmaker office we are excited that it is almost convention time!  We really look forward to seeing those of you are returning to the convention this year as well as those of you who are joining us for the first time.  There is still time to register for the convention!  There are still spots available to do a one-on-one ritual with me concerning whatever subject you would like to work on.  However, it is almost time to close off registration, so I would suggest that if you are planning on coming and haven't registered yet, the time to do so would be now!  You can read all about the convention by clicking here.

I also wanted to mention, in case you haven't noticed, we have again changed our mailing address.  We have not moved, but we have been unhappy with the mail service we had using a box service and have changed the mail to our actual physical location:   
211 Amherst Dr. SE
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87106

On a completely different matter,  it is no surprise to anyone to know that the U.S. economy has taken a real downturn in the last few months.  We have been disappointed to see that so many businesses have begun to sacrifice the quantity AND quality of their products to try to make up for lost revenues.  We want to assure you that we will never, ever scrimp on the quality or quantity of our products to you.  However, we, too, are feeling the economic crunch and have decided that the best way that we can cut back expenses and not sacrifice the products is to cut back on some of our packaging.  This has no effect, obviously, on the efficacy or power of the product.  So we will no longer be using some of the fancier packaging that we used to use.  We will also cut back on the number of instruction booklets that we give with one order.  For instance, if you order three different candle magick kits, you will only get one candle magick instruction booklet (since all instructions for all candles are in that one booklet).  

Because the last thing we want to do is have to raise prices or scrimp on products, we think that eliminating some of the things that don't affect the quality or quantity of the product you are getting is the best thing to do.  A bonus benefit to all of this is that we put less waste into the environment, too!  That is always a good thing!

Thank you all so much for all of your patronage!  I hope you enjoy the rest of the newsletter and I really look forward to finally getting these newsletters out on a more regular basis.

Love, light, and peace,
Mambo Samantha Corfield
Parran Matthew Corfield 

Lwa Spotlight of the Month

 The Marassa 

The Marassa are the powerful twin lwa of Vodou.  They are often served directly after Papa Legba in services and are said to represent the duality of all natural things - dark and light, left and right, yin and yang, etc.  

They are children and are served as such with offerings of candy, toys, etc.  But make no mistake, these ancient spirits are not ignorant or immature in spirit because they are children!  Quite the contrary!  Instead, they have the innocence and charm of children, but also the wisdom and openness that we see in children.  They are often petitioned to bring balance and harmony to a situation.

In the Rada aspect of Vodou, they are served as twins; in the Petro aspect of Vodou, they are served as "three" or Marassa Twa or Marassa Dossou.  The third "twin" is a subject of much debate:  In some circles the third twin (thereby triplets) is said to have died at birth.  In other circles, the third twin is said to have been a child born of a pregnancy directly after the twins were born.  In yet other circles, it said that all three were born at once, but only two were twins and the other was not an actual twin.  At any rate, whatever the case may be, the Marassa's veves almost always have the representation of three within them.

In New Orleans Voodoo, the Marassa are considered to have been the original twins - the first pair ever born.  (I often think how amazing that must have been; to be there when the first twins were born!  I can't even imagine what kind of sense of wonder that must have brought.)  They are considered as ancients - almost the Alpha and Omega.  Now they CAN be petulant children when they show up at a service; and they are the hungriest lwa ever, I think!  They will eat and eat and eat - stuffing themselves with any candy or cake or sweets offered to them and then hiding them in their pockets!  Honestly, they are known to sometimes wreak havoc at a service, but they also can be charming and delightful.... just like real children!

One of the most important magickal aspects attributed to the Marassa is the ability to double, or even triple, the strength of any and all magick.  (This is a subject that we will be discussing at the upcoming
Albuquerque Voodoo Convention Ancient Secrets Workshop.)  As you can imagine, the ability to double or even triple the strength of something such as love magick, is a great skill to have! For those unable to attend the Convention and get the advanced training that is offered there, I can say that serving The Marassa and asking them to double your magick is an acceptable practice!  It obviously does not have the same impact as being trained in the ways to do this, but it certainly can add another level of power to your spell work!

As most of you know, the lwa often have Catholic Saint counterparts that are used to represent them.  The Marassa are certainly no exception in that they are represented by the twin brother saints, St. Cosmas and St. Damian. Their traditional feast day is September 26 and it is traditional to also do a service to the Marassa on this day.    St. Cosmas and St. Damian were twin brothers who were doctors most well known for their miraculous works in healing.  They never took money for their services and several miracles are credited to them (not the least of which is that they are known for performing one of the first transplant surgeries).  Obviously, since these good doctors were twins (and they also had another brother), it is no wonder that they were chosen to serve as representations of The Marassa!  Of course, as always, it is important to remember that these saints are NOT The Marassa, but are instead figures that are traditionally used to represent the Marassa.

But what about the Marassa Twa?  The Marassa Twa are also represented in religious tradition as The Three Virtues - Faith, Hope, and Charity.  These three tenets also exist heavily in the Vodou and New Orleans Voodoo religions.  The idea of keeping the faith in one's self and one's belief system, never losing hope no matter what the circumstance, and doing good works for others is a foundation of many magickal practices.

When serving the Marassa it is important to remember that even though they are generally represented as twins, we must also always serve the third "twin."   I see a lot of mistakes made with service to the Marassa - two candles, two plates of food only, etc.  So be aware that you always need to have a third representation that you are serving when serving the Marassa.   Traditionally, two identical services are done and one that is different.   If you wish to serve the Marassa in the traditional New Orleans Voodoo way, you attach in some way two plates together (okay, so to me the best thing to use is one of those little food/water dishes for pets - there are some really nice ones and they have identically sized openings on both sides or of course, a divided serving dish of some kind).   Then you have a small plate next to the double serving dish and that is for the Marassa Dossou.  

Offerings for the Marassa are generally those things that children would like - toys, candy, popcorn, etc.  Their particular colors for service are a subject of debate, though most often red and white are used and sometimes red, white, and blue.  

Have fun exploring service to this wonderful set of Lwa!

Many products are on sale on the website right now!  There are especially good deals on trios for spell castings!  Look for the spinning sale signs throughout the website!  Free shipping on orders over $25.00 continues!  We are trying to extend the free shipping offer as long as possible.  Feel free to call the office Monday-Thursday, 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. if you need help with ordering.  Berkeley is happy to take your order over the phone if you desire.  505-962-2525



Sometimes I think there is nothing more magickal than the scents of our Cosmic Voodoo™ Incenses!  Creating an atmosphere for magick by the use of incense has been used for thousands of years.  Remnants of ancient incense burners and incense resins have been found in the Egyptian pyraminds and Mayan tombs.   Our incense packs, which include 35-45 cones as well as a free incense burner and complete instructions, are one of our most popular items.  If you haven't tried any lately, or are out of your favorite,
Click here for for all incense packs.


Magickal oils are probably one of the most versatile and useful products that you can use.  Just as we were mentioning above about incense, oils have such an ancient magickal history, as well.  Plus, our oils are one of the products we have actually now been able to give you more of for the same price when you order the large bottle.  The bottle we are using now is almost TWICE the size of the old bottle!  But we got the bottle so much cheaper that we can afford to give you more oil for the old price!  We love that!!
Click here for the list of our oils.


As above, we have not moved, but we have changed our mailing address.
Our new address is: 
211 Amherst Dr. SE

Albuquerque, NM, 87106
Phone Number: 505-962-2525

ALBUQUERQUE VOODOO CONFERENCE!!   It's almost here, but there is still time to register AND have the opportunity to do your personal, one-on-one ritual with Mambo Sam!  This really is an opportunity of a lifetime to do your own private ritual with Mambo Sam. We are almost ready to close registration, so hurry if you are interested!!!!
Click Here for More Information

TAROT CARD READINGS WITH SISTER BRIDGET:   Mambo Sam's daughter, Sister Bridget, is our resident expert tarot reader!   If you have not had a reading with her, or it has been awhile, please visit her tarot reading page for more information. We promise you will not be disappointed!

WHO'S YOUR CASEWORKER?   Do you take advantage of our free confidential caseworker program?  If not, we do hope that you will begin to do so.  I am always amazed at the amount of people who tell me that they do not have a caseworker or they haven't been in contact with them for a long time.  THEN they tell me that things are a mess and they don't know what to do next with their case!!   That is what your caseworker is for!  Keep in contact with them, keep them updated as to what is happening in your case. An informed caseworker is the best caseworker!   If you wish to choose your own caseworker, just click here to read about our caseworkers. If you feel like you need to change caseworkers for any reason, you can also do that from the same link. All you need to do is write to your NEW caseworker and tell them that you wish to change to them. Tell them who your current caseworker is and the caseworkers will contact each other. You do NOT need to explain why you are changing caseworkers. Just the fact that you want to change is good enough for us!   Clicking on the link above will take you to the Caseworker Page where you can email caseworkers as well as get the links to their blogs.

Until next time, we here at Spellmaker.com hope
that all your magickal dreams come true!

"There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle."

Albert Einstein

 All contents ©,copyright, 2008, Samantha and Matthew Corfield 

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