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Volume 4, October 2011, Issue #13
Editor:  Khouzhan Phoenix Fleurette-Beauchamp-Corfield

Dear Bridget,

A belated Happy Halloween to you all!  Our apologies for the lateness of this issue.  Normally, this space would contain a bit of wit and wisdom from our dear Mambo Sam... however, Mambo has been quite busy lately and has asked me to step in to introduce the October issue to you.

You see, there are many exciting things going on right now in our Spellmaker family!  For starters, our first class of Novitiates has just begun a new phase in their spiritual journey; this has kept Mambo, Parran Matt, and Sisters Bridget and Candelaria very busy assessing progress, planning assignments, and preparing classes.  In New Orleans Voodoo, a Novitiate is a candidate for initiation into the House (congregation or spiritual family), who is offering service to the House as they undergo the proper education and guidance to become a full Inititate.  You already know one of our Novitiates (myself, your editor!), but many of you are also familiar with one or more of them through our confidential caseworker program.  Several of our Novitiates serve diligently as caseworkers for Spellmaker; still others operate "behind the scenes" in various capacities.  You can better acquaint yourself with us by paying a visit to the Spellmaker Novitiate Blog at http://voodooboutique.typepad.com/spellmakernovitiates.

This time of the year is especially busy for our House as we prepare for Fet Ghede, the Feast of the Dead.  Fet Ghede is an especially popular holiday in the New Orleans Voodoo tradition, not only because the Ghede spirits are a lot of fun, but also as it is the voodoo equivalent of New Year -- a time to ring out the old and ring in the new, in a spiritual sense.  You'll find more on this topic below.

Other exciting things in the works are our various monthly sales... many of you enjoyed the daily "treasure chest" specials throughout October.  If you missed out, don't worry; you can still take advantage of the current markdowns on many items and the special fall discount (see the Website News section for more information).

There is also a format change in the works for our Spellmaker Prayer group which will enable our prayer leaders to meet and pray over our clients' requests in a new and exciting manner.  Our free online prayer rituals will be resume after the new year; in the meantime, our private House prayer group is continuing to pray over your requests.  For information on how you can send in a prayer request, please visit http://www.spellmaker.com/pray.htm.

Well, folks, since we're already a teeny bit behind schedule, I won't hold this up any more.  Have a wonderful Fet Ghede, and here's hoping the new year brings you whatever your hearts desire!

Love, light, and peace,
Khouzhan Phoenix



At this time of year, vodouisants often honor Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte, the mother and father of the dead.  However, these spirits are not just associated with death; they are also powerful healers, master and mistress of the powers of life.  Sex, being part of the process which creates new life, is also within their domain.

Spellmaker offers a line of products which may be used to enhance an existing sexual relationship, encourage a new one, make you more desirable, discourage unwanted sexual advances, or break up a sexual relationship (if doing so is justified -- please read all information on the Sex Magick web page carefully).

Our easy-to-use Sex Magick candle kits come with candles, herbs, oil, a root bag, and complete instructions.  Generally used in pairs, the male and female versions are sold separately so you may customize your work according to your preferences (gay or straight).

Additonally, our Voodoo Sexual Essence™ Oil, a component of the candle magick kits, is available separately in a generous 8 dram bottle.  It can be used in a variety of ways, such as anointing other candles or as a bath or masage oil.

Ask your confidential caseworker if Sex Magick would be helpful to your particular situation.  These products, along with important information on their usage, can be found at: http://www.spellmaker.com/sexmagick.htm.




Fet Ghede, usually celebrated on November 2nd (All Souls’ Day) is the Feast of the Dead.  It is a time to honor one’s ancestors as well as the Ghede family of Lwa (Voodoo spirits).  In many regions -- especially New Orleans -- Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte are also honored at this time as a show of respect (the Baron and Brigitte are considered the mother and father of the Ghede, although a service to the Baron and Brigitte does not necessarily include the Ghede, and vice versa; they are separate spirits).  It is also Voodoo New Year, a time when old debts are paid, old problems “buried”, and new beginnings looked forward to with eagerness.

The Ghede are an enormous family, comprised of perhaps millions of spirits.  Some are well-known, visiting honfours and Houses (Vodou or Voodoo congregations) in numerous regions; others are known only to certain families. The vast majority are male, although an occasional female Ghede has been reported here and there.  They are fun-loving and irreverent, fond of dirty jokes, profane language and raucous behavior.  They enjoy deflating egos and thumbing their noses at pretention, and when mounting (possessing) a celebrant will often choose someone in need of a little loosening up! Having passed beyond life and its sometimes strict conventions, these spirits are beyond punishment for such behavior, and constantly celebrate that fact.  When the Ghede crash your party, a good time is promised to all!
The spooky Halloween decorations popular at this time of year are perfect for Fet Ghede. Skulls, skeletons, coffins and gravestones are all appropriate accoutrements for an altar to the Ghede, the Baron and Brigitte, or both.  Crosses are also appropriate, as they represent not just the imagery of the cemetery but also the fact that death is the “crossroads” between the living (visible) and the invisible.  Black, purple, and white are the colors of choice; a bowl of jelly beans in these colors makes a fun food offering.  Also appropriate are hot and spicy foods; a traditional offering is a bottle or jar containing 21 hot peppers steeped in rum (always use caution when handling hot peppers; wear rubber gloves and take care not to touch your eyes!).  One important thing to remember: salt is never used in preparing food offerings for the Ghede. If you offer roasted peanuts (another traditional favorite), popcorn, or other similar foods, be sure they are UNSALTED!  To be safe, purchase raw peanuts and roast them yourself, and buy plain unpopped popcorn to pop in a hot-air or microwave popper.
For ideas on holding your own Fet Ghede service, visit the following post in our Spellmaker Forum: http://spellmaker.websitetoolbox.com/post/FET-GHEDE-2434981



Use discount code FALL2011 at checkout for a 25% discount off your order total* and FREE REGULAR SHIPPING for a limited time! 

Get a FREE 20-Page Romantic Compatability Astrology Report prepared for you by Mambo Sam ($39.95 value) when you purchase any trio of love spell kits and/or castings!

 ~~FREE REGULAR SHIPPING on your order going anywhere in the USA!!!~~

*You must enter the code FALL2011 to receive the 25% discount off your order.  Follow the instructions at checkout and enter the code where indicated to take advantage of this offer.

Need personalized help with your product choices? Our Confidential Caseworker Program is absolutely free! Just Click Here to choose your caseworker! 


Take a look at the prices on http://www.spellmaker.com for some Temporary Price Reductions!  Thanks to some special offers from some of our suppliers, we are able to offer lower pricing on numerous products throughout our website.  Just look for "2011 Temporary Price Reduction!" or "2011 TPR" in the product descriptions on the web pages.  These reductions are in addition to the specials currently in effect!  If you are already a Spellmaker customer, there are even bigger reductions on the Return Customer Page.  If you don't remember where the Return Customer Page is, please write to customerservice@spellmaker.com so that we can verify that you are a client and we will send you the link to the Return  Customer Page!  If you are just starting out with us and have never purchased from us before, now is a great time with price reductions on our most popular products. 


In order to ease bookkeeping chores necessitated by new 2011 tax issues, we have changed the ordering process for readings with Mambo Sam, Sister Bridget, and Sister Candelaria.  These services must now be purchased separately from other Spellmaker and Sheer Goddess products.  To facilitate this process, the readings pages now feature "Buy Now" buttons which enable immediate checkout through PayPal.  You do not need to have a PayPal account to purchase readings; you may pay with any major credit or debit card.  Simply click the button for the type of reading you wish to purchase; then, on the Paypal screen which appears, choose either "Log in to my PayPal account" or "Pay with debit or credit card."


In most cases our readings are scheduled within 3 to 5 days.  For those with more urgent needs, we now offer 911 readings, which are scheduled within 24 hours.  These readings are available in the 30-minute format only, as situations which warrant such urgency generally require more in-depth attention.  911 readings are also subject to scheduling availability: Mambo Sam is available for readings on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays; Sister Bridget on Tuesdays through Thursdays and Sundays.

Please note! Prices have been temporarily lowered on 911 readings!  Please see the pages for details.  Also, Sister Bridget still has her 2-1 sale going on for regular readings!  You can pre-buy them for later use! :-)

For more information on readings available through the Spellmaker family, visit the Readings and Consultations page at http://www.spellmaker.com/readings.htm.


FREE PRAYER GROUP!  Have you joined our free prayer group yet?  It is open to everyone... no purchase required, no subscriptions, no fees.  You may simply join and request prayers for yourself, relatives, friends, etc.  Get all the information at http://www.spellmaker.com/prayer.htm - please join us while we pray for all of those in need.

Facebook:  You can find us on Facebook.  We have a few different Facebook Pages for Spellmaker and Staff:

1.  The Spellmaker Facebook Page:  On this facebook page you can become a Fan of Spellmaker if you like.  You can also see tons of pictures of altars, rituals, client altars, etc.  The Spellmaker Facebook page is located at:

2.  Mambo Sam's Facebook Page:  This is Mambo Sam's personal Facebook page.  All are welcome to join Mambo there!  Mambo Sam's personal Facebook page is located at:

Additionally, both Sisters Bridget and Candelaria have their own Facebook pages! 

Sister Bridget's Facebook Page:


Sister Candelaria's Facebook Page: 


Customer Service:  We have instituted a customer service email.  If there are any issues that you need resolved, please write to customerservice@spellmaker.com - we are striving to bring you the best customer service possible with our small staff!  :-)   We want you to always feel that you can contact us and get any issues resolved.

Office Phone:   Since we are down to only Parran Matt and Mambo Sam in the office, we have had to change our office phone policy.  On some days, our dear friend Darla is answering phones for us.  However, if she doesn't answer, we now ask that clients leave a message on the office phone and someone will return your call as soon as possible.  Sometimes you might actually get faster service by email, especially by writing to customerservice@spellmaker.com as indicated above.  However, we do strive to return all phone calls within 48 hours, Monday-Thursday.  Our phone number is 505-962-2525.  Please do leave us a message when you call.  Unfortunately, we are unable to return calls outside of the USA.  International customers are asked to please email us!

Our Forum:  All are welcome to join!  You do not need to be a current Spellmaker customer to enjoy and use our Forum.  Please do understand that due to the amount of spam we get, the Forum is moderated.  Since this is a privately-owned forum, we do reserve the right to decide what content we publish; however, all are welcome to participate.  The forum is located at: http://spellmaker.websitetoolbox.com/ 

In closing, we wish you a happy Voodoo New Year and wonderful new beginnings!
Love and light,
Mambo Samantha Corfield
Parran Matthew Corfield
Sister Bridget
Sister Candelaria
and the Spellmaker Novitiate Class 2010




Light and Love Sister Bridget Corfield Confidential Caseworker for Spellmaker.com http://www.spellmaker.com/bridget.htm
Find me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/#!/SisterBridgetCorfield
Instagram - SisterBridgetCorfield
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