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I'll try to keep this short.  I was raised Presbyterian and baptised in both the Presbyterian church and the Catholic church to suit my dad's side of the family, even though he had gone through a divorce and was no longer allowed to take part in the sacraments.  Anyway, that was the reason that I was never really exposed to Catholicism outside of an occasional Mass on Sundays, and because I didn't understand what was going on I felt like a real fish out of water.

I wasn't really exposed to Catholicism again until I started to Catholic high school, by choice, and that was where I slowly developed a better understanding of and appreciation for what Catholics believe.  That said, I still nursed a fondness for the idea of a god that was closer to my mother than my father who I constantly butted heads with.  For that reason, I had kind of an antagonistic relationship with Catholicism and I decided to put my focus on a softer, gentler side of God, one that more closely resembled a loving mother.  And that was, oddly, how I feel the Blessed Mother found me, through my best friend's mom who is a devout Catholic and dedicated to Mary.  I believe Mary found me through my interest in a softer, more beautiful image of God.  My friend's mother started to talk to me about Mary and I began to read about Mary, and long story short I started seeing tons of signs that Mary was around me, guiding me in her way.  Well, recently, as I was praying to Mary about helping me through my situation with my HD (very emotional, of course), I felt compelled to find out more about the saints.  In doing just a small amount of research I found that St. Anthony of Padua is the Patron Saint of lost articles.  So I bought a medal for Saint Anthony and a small statue to place in my meditation area and I began to petition him for the return of my HD specifically, but for help in general in knowing what to do next.

Fast forward a few months, and I found myself drawn to this website.  As I looked over the information here, I felt sure that Spellmaker would work.  I don't know why.  Clutching at straws?  Possibly.  But it's always felt more certain than that.  I ordered my spellkits and candles and such and then, as I waited, I poured over the information on this site and the testimonials and the forums, and finally, very recently, I found Papa Legba's page (not sure how I missed it before, it's referenced all over the freakin' place ).  I laughed out loud when I got to his synchretization with St. Anthony of Padua!  It makes sense, then, that I have felt such a closeness to Legba since the moment I first asked him to open the gate!  I always feel as if I'm in the presence of an old and true friend when Legba is around.

I have always believed in the power of things unseen, but for a long time I kind of turned my nose up to the idea of the saints or their influence in certain matters.  After a lot of experience, I now feel that I was led to this site through my prayers to both Mary and St. Anthony- especially considering Erzulie's relation to the sorrowful aspect of the Blessed Mother.  It's been a very interesting time filled with moments that made me sit back, take a deep breath, and be thankful for the guidance I have received.  Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Good luck and blessings to everyone!  

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