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Reflection Sample for the Purpose of Your Heart�s Desire to Call You - can be used 
with the Famous Red Mummy Candle Magick Kit and our Voodoo Love Dolls
Our Famous Red Mummy Candle Magick Kit, which is for power and control, can 
be used for ONE situation (if you want to work on two situations, then you�d need 
separate Famous Red Mummy Candle Magick Kits). A common use for the 
Famous Red Mummy Candle is that people use it for the purpose of having 
their lover contact them. Our Famous Red Mummy Candle Magick Kit is $19.95 
plus shipping and handling and is featured at our webpage:
I�m including a sample reflection below which is a template that people can use. 
Now, obviously, not everything in it will be applicable to your case but it�s fairly 
generic. You can use the portions you feel applicable to your situation and then 
also please insert information personal to your case. 
Note: This reflection can also be used with any of our Voodoo Love Dolls. Our
Voodoo Love Dolls are featured at our webpage:
Sample Reflection - Please expand on it to include your personal information and/or 
omit the text that isn�t applicable (to your situation) from the sample below:
______[insert your love�s first name], I�ve done the love spells and you�re feeling the
effect of them. This candle is for you to contact me - either by calling me, writing me 
email or for you to have the urge to come see me.
First, any fear you have of how I might react, please wipe that way. I�m clearing all 
fear you have by telling you right now that you have nothing to fear by emailing or 
calling me or seeing me because I will only welcome your contact.
Every time you watch a movie on TV that we�ve seen or a TV show that we�ve 
enjoyed, you will think of me with good thoughts and that will prompt you to 
WANT to contact me - whether that�s by email, calling me or coming over to see me.
Every time you drive by a restaurant or go to eat at a restaurant we�ve eaten at, 
you will think of me with good thoughts. Thoughts of me will then prompt that 
you�ll want to CONTACT me - whether that�s by email, calling me or coming over 
to see me.
Right now, wherever you are, whether asleep in bed or busy with work, I�m sending 
you messages to think of me and that as you do, you�ll DESIRE to contact me - either 
via email, calling me or coming over to see me.
_______[insert your love�s first name], we have a long common history together and 
wherever you go this next week, everything will remind you of me and as it does, 
you�ll WANT to contact me. You�l feel nothing but an urgent desire to contact me.
You decide to call me and start to pick up the phone but then fear stops you. 
Don�t let it! I banish all fear you have of contacting me. You will NOT be afraid 
to contact me - I�m assuring you that I�ll welcome any contact by you. 
_______[insert your love�s first name], I know that you�re worried about work. 
As you worry about it, you�ll remember how often you used to �pow-wow� with 
me about solutions for different work problems. Whatever latest problems there 
might be at work, you�ll remember how I�ve helped you in the past and you�ll feel 
the need to contact me - either by email, calling me or seeing me.
Finally, everywhere you go, everything you do, and everything you see - there will 
be good reminders of me that pop into your head and as you�re reminded of me, 
you feel a sharp urge to contact me. Follow that urge and contact me,
_____[insert your love�s first name]. I will welcome any contact by you.

Light and Love Sister Bridget Corfield Confidential Caseworker for Spellmaker.com http://www.spellmaker.com/bridget.htm
Find me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/#!/SisterBridgetCorfield
Instagram - SisterBridgetCorfield
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