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Hi this has been a long awaited dream for me to come true.  We did the Papa Legba ritual back in June.  I had put my house on the market last Oct.  Nothing was happening.  Lots of people walking in but no offers.  After the 3rd ritual to Papa Legba I had an offer two days later.  I closed on my condo Sept 1st.  I had all kinds of obstacles in my way.  At the 11th hour they wanted some papers signed and the movers had already taken my furniture.  The manager to the condo did not want to sign.  I had finished my last day of work training a new person and I was leaving the next day to drive my 850 miles.  I had already signed my papers to leave before the closing because I had to drive so far.  I left early Wed morning not knowing if things would go well on Aug 26th.  The closing was post phone to Sept 1st.   I was all pins and needles.  I was given 5 days notice that I was closing so everything was in a rush for me to get out of there.  I did not hear from my HD and I could not reach him and tell him.  My phone service was cut so he did not have my cell phone number.  I took off early Wed morning driving and driving.  This has been a long waited dream for me.  Mambo Sam could tell you how patient I had to be for all of this to come about.  To me it is a miracle.  I thought I would never be able to get out.  So many things held me down.  On Sept 1st the lawyer called me to tell me everything was going well with the closing and that I was blessed.  Later on the Realtor called me and I had to pull the car over.  I caused a traffic tie up on the street and who should be a car behind me but my HD.  I did not plan that kind of distraction but it seemed to be the only way he would know I was in town.  The day before I drove right past him and he did not even know it was me.  Very frustrating.  I did not want to stalk him to let him know I was here. 

After 22 years I have left my life behind to start a new life.   I do not have to wait a whole year to get a vacation to see my HD and then have to run back to where I did not want to be.  You would think though after having the patience and fortitude of just seeing him once a year that I would be patient over here now.  After seeing him a couple of times, I am anxious to see him again.  Strange isn't it?  What is important is that my major hurdle has been accomplished.  I still have a way to go with HD though.

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