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By Mambo Sam


Honoring the Lwa can be simple or complicated depending upon your

time, finances, resources, etc. Mostly your intention to honor them,

no matter how humble your offering, is the most important thing.


Now most of you know that the Lwa have been categorized as far as

colors, specific offerings, etc., and I will be posting a list for



However, just because you don't know specifics, doesn't mean you

can't honor them! First off, decide which Lwa or Lwas you wish to

honor. This is a ritual where you don't ASK for anything, but rather

just offer your respect and honor to the Lwa. Here is a very simple

ritual that can be done for any and all Lwa:


Items necessary:

1. Three white candles.

2. A glass or bowl with water in it. Sprinkle some salt in the


3. An offering of sweets. You can keep it simple - a candy bar, a

couple of Hershey's kisses, whatever you can afford.

4. A piece of paper and something to write with.

5. A small piece of cloth (about 5"x5") or a small cloth bag.


Ritual Set Up:

1. Cleanse a space to set up the items above (you can just use

regular household cleaner, clean water, or salt water to clean the


2. Place the three candles in a triangle with the top point of the

triangle facing you as you face the altar. Place the water in the

middle of the candles.

3. Place the sweets to your left on the altar.

4. On the paper, write the names of the Lwa you wish to honor.

Spend a little bit of time drawing veve's if you know them. If you

don't know them, then draw something on the paper that seems

appropriate to you!

5. Fold the paper down to 1/4 its size.

6. Place the paper to your right on the altar.


The Ritual:


1. Light the candle at the top of the triangle (the one closest to

you). Say this: "With this candle, I honor your light in my life

___________." (Fill in the name of the lwa(s) you wish to honor.)


2. Light the next candle and say the same thing.


3. Light the third candle and say the same thing.


4. If you wish, play some nice music that seems appropriate to your



5. Take the water receptacle off the altar and hold it in both of

your hands. Take some time to gaze into the water and meditate on

what the Lwa have meant to you in your relationship with them. Feel

free to vocalize these feelings and say thank you for being there!

Be open to the possibility that you might receive a message or

guidance at this time during the ritual. Be aware that what may seem

like your own thoughts or "imagination" may well indeed be guidance!

Spend whatever time you wish doing this. Sometimes people see

amazing things in that water! I like to use a crystal bowl for this

purpose, but a clear glass is fine.


6. When you are done place the water back in the middle of the

candles (be careful, don't set your sleeves on fire, yes, I have done



7. Take the piece of paper you wrote the names of the Lwa on and

place it in the water. Make sure it is all submerged. Say

this: "Under the water, above the water, you're home. Thank you for

being in my life."


8. Let your candles burn down. (Save any wax that is left.)


9. Leave the paper in the water until that water evaporates. If you

used a big bowl, you can pour some of the water out, just make sure

the paper stays covered. (Yes, it can take several days for the water

to evaporate, depending on where you live.)


10. The next day, take your offerings to a tree. Stamp the ground

three times with your right foot. Call the names of the Lwa you

honored and put the offerings at the foot of the tree.


11. Whenever the water evaporates: Take the remnants of the paper in

the bowl and put it with the candle wax you saved. Put all of it

either in the piece of cloth (which you can then tie up with ribbon

or string) or in the bag. This is a now a lwa honorarium talisman.

You can use it in any other Vodou ritual - putting it on your altar,

etc. Just remember (or write a tag) so you know which Lwa you

honored with it!



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Hi Everyone

This is the ritual I spoke about in another post that you can perform to honor and show reverence to les lois.  This is such a wonderful ritual!!  It isn't used to ask for anything, but more to say thank you to les lois for all they do for you.  I have found, in my own personal experience, that the act of saying thanks to les lois just reaffirms my faith in them and my trust that they are doing all they can to help in any situation.  I know there has been a lot of talk on the forum lately about developing relationships with les lois and how to go about getting to know them better.  The cocktail hour ritual and this honoring ritual are two really great ways to work closer to that goal.  Plus, saying thanks to the spirits that are in the process of helping you, is just a really awesome thing to do!  I did this ritual for several of les lois earlier on in my Voodoo journey (and still continue to do it to this day), and it was such a wonderful way to spend some time with les lois and work toward getting to know them better. 

Please do give it a try and feel free to share your experiences with everyone on the forum!!  We would love to hear about them!!

Much love,
Sister Candelaria


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