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I got the idea from someone, but this thanksgiving I decided to tell Papa Legba, Ogoun and the Lwas in my life how thankful I was for them. I'm not a very good cook...infact I hate cooking, but I do love to bake and so that is what I did. Didn't have a lot at home to work with, but I was able to sprinkle some grated coconut on papa legbas cake and put on some candy cane, I just put white mashmallow creme on the cake for Damballah and Ayida, I didn't have any food color, so I sprinkled blue powdered candy on the cake for Ogoun (didn't have red)....sorry ogoun. But since it was thanksgiving I had some cranberries and put those on it. For mistress ezulie I sprinkled pink powdered candy on her cake and the last cake I just used rainbow sprinkles..( for all the other lwas in my life, those I know of and those I don't)
I think it was well received...I'm not very perceptive when it comes to signs from the lwas. Honestly if I sign jumped in front of me and started dancing and yelling "I'm a sign, I'm a sign"...I will still look at it and go huh?...lol
But I know how I felt when I stood there thanking them...as usual I felt such a welling of emotions everytime I talk to papa legba, that I just have to cry.
I also know that I wanted to rush home and bake more cakes for them. I guess they liked it soo much they wanted more and I promised to try and make it back at least once a week with more goodies...I might try some cookies too.
Its really great saying thank you to them...I get emotional everytime I think about it...now everytime I'm in the store, I'm looking for little things I can use. Maybe some pink heart shaped candy, or the butterfly cookie cutter that I saw in walmart. There's always something.....
Thank you to all the Lwas...everytime I have called for help you have answered. I haven't always been patient...infact I'm still working on that bit...but you have been patient and understanding with me. Thank you again
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