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Volume I, September, 2006, Issue #1

Hello, Bridget, thank you for joining us here at the Spellmaker.com family.  We hope that you will enjoy our newsletter.  

Since this is our first issue, we would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about us.  We are Samantha and Matthew Corfield, owners of Spellmaker.com.  It is our goal here to bring you authentic spiritual help of many kinds.  Another of our goals is to assist people who wish to learn more about the religion of Vodou, magick in general, and other occult subjects.  In upcoming issues we will discuss many topics regarding magickal and spirituality.

We also welcome reader involvement in this newsletter and any reader may submit an article for our approval.  If you desire to submit something for us to consider for publication, please email it to us at newsletter@spellmaker.com.  We look forward to reviewing your articles on any occult subject.  If your article is published in our newsletter, we will send you a $50.00 gift certificate!

In this issue we will be discussing the great Vodou lwa (spirit) Papa Legba, product usage tips, Spellmaker office news, and some of our spotlight products of the month.  Be sure to look for the "newsletter subscriber only" great coupon code below!  

Blessings, love, and peace,
Mambo Sam and Matt Corfield  


Veve of Papa Legba
Veve of Papa Legba

Article by Mambo Samantha Corfield

Our dear Papa Legba (Papa Alegba in New Orleans Voodoo) is probably one of the most popular lwa (Vodou spirits) ever.  His ability to open doors, smooth roads, and in general help us get things done is legendary!  He can create possibilities, help you choose the right path in your life, and bring order to chaos!  Personally, I call on him whenever I am lost (which is often, I have no sense of direction) and even when I need a parking space.  :-)

While he has many aspects or "personalities", his major function in both Haitian Vodou and New Orleans Voodoo, is to be the intermediary between the other lwa and humanity. His presence at the spiritual crossroads will give or deny permission to speak and interact the lwa. (Although I have to say,  I don't really recall him ever denying permission, though I suppose he would if he felt it was necessary!)  He is invoked in spell work and ritual using many analogies:  To open the gate, to open the door, to lift the veil, etc., between our human world and the spiritual world. He is always the first and last spirit invoked in any ceremony, because his permission is needed for communication between us and the lwa.  He opens and closes the doorway. 

One of his most remarkable traits is that he is known to speak, understand, and translate all languages.  Through him you may speak to the lwa in any language.  If the lwa you are speaking to doesn't understand your language, Papa Legba will translate for you!  Just ask him!

Papa Legba can also facilitate communication between yourself and someone with whom you are having difficulties being understood.  Let's say that you are using, for instance, our Red Male Image Candle kit to communicate some loving ideas to "Johnny".   Now you know Johnny pretty darned well and know that he doesn't always accept new ideas readily.  Simply call on Papa Legba to "translate" your petition words into words that Johnny will understand.  Calling on Papa Legba for a task like this is extremely easy.  Just talk to him:  "Papa Alegba, please translate for me.  Help Johnny understand what I want him to understand."   It is just that simple.  You don't have to even be extremely clear in what you need from Papa Alegba.  After all he is the "universal translator" - he KNOWS what you are talking about even if you aren't quite sure.

He is such a fun character:  Often portrayed as a kindly old man, he is funny, loving, silly, and known to be a trickster.  Some people believe that he purposely plays tricks on people malvolently.  I have never found this to be true of those who serve him and those who call on him for help!  Perhaps some of his "tricks" are misinterpreted.  I believe, however, that many times people think something is attributed to Legba that wasn't him at all, but just happenstance.  At any rate, he is extremely helpful and powerful in Vodou magick and in all my years of working with him, he has never played any kind of trick on me that was mean or hateful. 

Papa loves certain items that you should have if you desire to serve him:   A crutch or baton or walking cane; three pennies; a silver whistle (like coaches use); small toys; keys of any kind (don't throw your old keys away - give them to Papa); a straw knapsack or some kind of straw bag; a straw hat and, of course, a pipe with tobacco and a bottle of rum!  If you are setting up an altar for Papa, you want to have as many of these items as possible.  His altar cloth should be red and white or red and black or red/white/black.  He is traditionally served on Mondays.  Offerings can include rum, cigars, red beans and rice, plantains, smoked fish, chicken, and candy.  Haitian tradition includes goats and black roosters, but we aren't too likely to have those kinds of offerings here and he understands that - stick to the basics and he will be happy!  Dogs are sacred to him.  If you have a dog, s/he will usually show interest when you are calling upon Papa!  Many clients have told me that their dogs went a little bit crazy when Papa was called upon; a sure sign that he is around. 

In Africa, his counterpart, Eshu, is a god of prophecy and taught people how to interpret oracles and readings (corresponding with the "translator" aspect of Papa).  Often he will appear as an old man on a crutch or with a cane, wearing a broad brimmed straw hat and smoking a pipe, or sprinkling water.  Because of his position as 'gate-keeper' between the worlds of the living and Les Mysteres he is often identified with Saint Peter who holds a comparable position in Catholic tradition and, of course, is depicted holding keys. . But he is also depicted in Haiti and New Orleans as St. Lazarus, or St Anthony of Padua. Using Catholic Saint candles to honor Papa Alegba is perfectly acceptable.  

So, however you serve Papa, doing so is always a rewarding and fun experience.  Try it!  


The Ultimate Revenge® kit is probably one of our most misunderstood products! No, it isn't evil; it's retribution. That is why we are very clear on who should use it and why. BUT if you have truly been wronged by someone through no fault of your own, it is definitely the kit to use. No harm will come to you because you are justified. Major harm can come to them because they truly deserve it. Let's not sugar coat it folks, there are truly evil people in the world who could use a dose of their own medicine right back at them! Don't be afraid to give it to them the way they gave it to you!
Check out The Revenge Page!
Just like the good old days when magick was done in the kitchen. Yes, you can cook and do magick at the same time! Mambo Sam shares her family traditional magickal recipes in this book for you.
Check out Cajun Voodoo Love Cookin'


Ritualistic cooking is an extremely ancient form of spell casting.  Food has been linked with love, nurturing, and caring for centuries.   Many people cook to show how much they care for their partners, families, friends, etc.   Cooking takes on a ritualistic twist when any kind of magick ritual is added to boost the spiritual energy that cooking already has!   In Reverend Samantha Corfield's cook book   Cajun Voodoo Love Cookin', her Cajun family recipes for food and  magick are shared with you.  Detailed explanations of the rituals and the recipes are outlined for you.  Here is a sample recipe from the book!

by Mambo Sam
Usage:  To smooth out problems after a fight
1 dozen eggs
1 dozen raw, fresh oysters, drained
1 cup cooked crabmeat
1/8 pound unencased hot sausage, fried and drained (reserve drippings)
6 tablespoons cream
1 very finely chopped onion
1/4 cup minced fresh parsley
1/4 cup minced celery
Tabasco® sauce
Salt and pepper
Rum for flaming (optional)
Spiritual Gifts:
2 white tapers (candle)
1 glass (8 oz.) of water
1 serving of grits (or oatmeal, etc.)
1 paper bowl
2 small paper plates
1 pair women’s inexpensive sunglasses
1/2 cup of regular (plain) water
Before beginning your cooking:
1.         Line up your candles one before the other (in a vertical line) anywhere in the kitchen.
Put one candle in the rear, and the other in front of it, about 6 inches apart.
Put the grits in the paper bowl.
Put the grits and glass of water between the candles.
Set the sunglasses up around the grits and water
(The candles, sunglasses, grits and water are to remain in place overnight.)
2.         Go to any corner of the kitchen with the 1/2-cup of water.
Sprinkle some water from your fingertips in the corner three times.
3.         Go to the candles. Stamp the floor three times. Light the rear candle and say:
“Hey, Legba. Open the gate and let my words carry to the other side.”
Pause a moment, then light the front candle, clap your hands three times and say:
“Mademoiselle Florida. Florida. Florida, I am upset. You, my dear, truly the queen of luxury, may be of service to me. Listen to this. My man and I have had a fight. I want to smooth out the problems, Florida. And I want all women to have a soft life with their men. Mademoiselle, I ask this of you: Give me some of that luxury. Make my man and I relate to each other in a fashion smooth as silk, soft as satin, sweet as sugar. Do this for me, Florida, do it now.”
4.         Begin to make your omelet with your desire in mind.
Keep that desire in mind and honor Mademoiselle Florida during the preparation.

Start cooking:
In a large, nonstick frying pan melt 3 tablespoons of butter; add in sausage drippings, onion, parsley and celery. Cook about ten minutes or until tender. In a large bowl, lightly beat the eggs adding in the cream, a couple of dashes of Tabasco®, salt and pepper. Beat until frothy. Fold in the crabmeat, sausage and oysters. Pour into pan with the onion mixture. Fold from one side to the other, letting uncooked egg fall to the sides, then folding in. Do not overcook.
Slide out of pan onto warmed platter. If desired, pour a small amount of rum over the omelet and flame briefly. 
Serves 10-12.
Serve for Sunday or holiday brunch with hash browns, buttered grits, and hot biscuits.
After cooking:
1.         Put out the front candle and say:
“Thank you, Florida, for hearing my cry and making my desire come true. If it pleases you, you may now depart.”
Pause a moment. Put the rear candle out and say:
“Thank you, Papa Alegba. If it pleases you, you may close the gate.”
2.         Cut out 2 small pieces of omelet and put each one onto a paper plate.
Before you eat (if not possible, then afterwards):
1.         Take the 2 paper plates with the omelet pieces outside and go to the base of a tree, telephone pole, lamppost or fence post.
2.         Stamp the ground three times with your foot. Put one plate down and say:
“Papa Alegba, this is for you.”
Put down the other plate and say:
“Blessings and thanks to you, Mademoiselle Florida.”
3.         Turn your back and walk away, leaving the omelet servings there overnight.
The next day:
1.         If the omelet is still by the tree or pole, place it on the ground and trash the plates.
2.                   Take the candles, sunglasses, grits and glass of water and set them out on a street corner.
Do not be noticed doing so. Leave quickly.

  • Remember that our new company name is now Sheer Goddess®. Soon our phones will be answered "Sheer Goddess" so don't think you have the wrong number! It is still us. "The Voodoo Boutique" is now a subsidiary of our new company. Nothing else has changed, just paperwork!
  • The Sheer Goddess® product line of bath and body care products will be launched soon. Be on the lookout for an announcement and a chance for http://www.Spellmaker.com clients to get special bargains and discounts.

About Spiritual and Psychic Readings: 

  • All spiritual guidance readings by Mambo Sam are now done by email with the exception of Met Tet readings.  This has been in place for a few months now, most of the bugs have (thankfully) been worked out.  While it has been missed to talk with clients, the email readings are really working out great:  People don't have to wait as long (you old timers will remember that it was a 2-3 month wait to talk!), the guidance is right at hand to be referred to and read as often as you like, AND you get pretty tarot card pictures.  :-)  This has been a great option for all of those who have gotten these readings. To order a reading with Mambo Sam, please Click Here. 
  • Lovely caseworker, Bridget, now offers tarot readings by phone.  Please contact her at bridget@spellmaker.com for more information. 
  • Add a couple of drops of Sam and Matt's™ Abre Camino (Road Opener)Oil to any of our oils or potions to enhance their abilities. Remember Abre Camino is to remove blockages, pave the way, open the road! So, it can be used to help any other oil or potion work better.
  • Use those leftover oils and herbs from kits! If you have leftover oils, herbs, etc., from spell kits or candle magick kits you can use them to continue to infuse your case with the energy from that spell. Get appropriately-colored candles to your case, dress them with the oils and herbs, and use your reflections/meditations/petitions from that spell casting to do some sessions related to the case you were working on with the kit (or candle magick kit). It isn't a hard thing to do, you don't need help to do it - just burn the candles and pray or meditate on your case. It is just that easy and you can't do anything wrong. Those are consecrated materials, don't let them go to waste. :-)
  • Okay, technically this isn't a product usage tip, but it is good advice just the same: Please don't listen to other customers telling you how to handle your case. This has been an ongoing problem since the inception of our Yahoo! forum. Your case might sound like Susie's case, but it isn't. Your case is unique. You are unique. If you need help, please, please email your caseworker, not your friend. If you don't have a caseworker, please email mycase@spellmaker.com and request a caseworker! It's free! It's fun to have a caseworker! 

Yes, you can combine it with your other Spellmaker.com codes.  If you have all of the codes, you can save 30% off your order for the next 10 days!

  All contents ©,copyright, 2006, Samantha and Matthew Corfield 

Thanks for reading,Bridget!  See you next month.

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