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So my sign, at least I'm taking it as one, just woke me up about 30 minutes ago. This has happened before but I never sat & thought about it so I can't recall what I had done in the past before I heard it. So I'm sound asleep & I wake up to hearing a loud sound of a doorbell. I stumble out of bed reach for my jeans throw them on as I head of the door-still pretty much asleep. I open the door & look in the hallway-nothing. As I'm closing the door it hits me I DON'T HAVE A DOORBELL!!! but I heard it & it was soo loud. I go to feed my cats thinking about it. I moved from a house I rented where I shared much of my time with my HD to an apt 8 mos ago. When my HD came over he would literally lean on the doorbell & it was soo loud & he did everytime until he got a key & some times after he had a key. I have been using my lovedolll every night with the red mummy w/abre camino oil to open the doors of communication. I think Papa Alegba gave me the doorbell as a sign one representing the door I want open between us plus the bell which got my attn & also reminded me of my HD when I sat back & thought about it or two if someone was ringing a doorbell the other would open it so I know what I'm doing is working I just need to continue to believe. oh & a third everyone knows that I'm never up at 7:55 am on a Sunday unless it's summer-well it's not summer where I am but it is where my HD is!! okay I'm going back to bed just needed to share this. Oh, I hear the birds singing I think Spring is finally coming!!

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