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Like Ogoun, there are a family of Simbi's (or Cymbie's). Simbi is the collective name for a very diverse group of ancient ancestral spirits. His primary Rada function is as patron of springs and rains, of rainfall and fresh water; in this he is similar to Damballah. However, he is most often called in connection with his other major function, that of patron to magicians. All magic is performed under his patronage. Simbi cannot do without the freshness of water. Voodoo rituals are held near springs. He is a very knowledgeable Lwa because he spends a lot of time learning about the nature of illnesses of supernatural origin and how to treat them. He oversees the making of charms. Simbi is one of the three cosmic serpents of Haitian voodoo-religion, the water-snake Lwa (long, green and slim)

Simbi is above all the preeminent magician, statesman and wise soul who brings power, wealth and insight to his servitors. He is very helpful with all magical work, divinations & granting second-sight and clairvoyance. Call upon Simbi for assistance in any magical ritual or ceremony. The Spiritual principle of smoothe wavelike fluidity.

His offerings include: water, whiskey, green ribbons or green candles. Speckled roosters are sacrificed to him. Offer him water (if it's Andezo, offer water from two sources, such as ocean and fresh water), rain water, especially rain water from a lightening storm, green ribbons and candles, snake skins and kleren.

His colors include green and white.  His day is Tuesday.  Simbi's symbols include,  he is a crossroads Lwa and his vever is a snake in a field of crosses. In this he is related to Legba and also to Ghede.

He is associated with the following Saints:   The Magi, Moses, St. Andrew

With Gratitude I Ask.
Through Gratitude I Believe.
And In Gratitude I Receive Whatever My Heart Desires!
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