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Simbi Andezon is part of the family of Simbi's, which include Grand Simba, Simbi Makaya and others.

Simbi Andezon is the spirit of rainfall and fresh water, he oversees the making of charms. Although he is shy, Andezo is a firey Petro Lwa, and grants magical ability and protection from evil magic.

Simbi occupies a remarkable position in the pantheon. He shares characteristics not only with Damballah, but with all the major deities on both the Rada and Petro sides. In his own person he contains all the principles of an entire religion. He is a crossroads Lwa, and his vever is a snake in a field of crosses. In this he is related to Legba and also to Ghede. Simbi is guardian of the fountains and marshes and cannot do without the freshness of water. Voodoo rituals are held near springs. Several of their songs mention these sorts of places. He is a very knowledgeable Lwa because he spends a lot of time learning about the nature of illnesses of supernatural origin and how to treat them. He is either with you or against you by protecting those who have good relations with him and turning his back on those who do not. As part of Ogou's army he is the chief of the coast guard and goes wherever he pleases. He is the petro Lwa of the coast; one of the respected members of the petro family. He belongs to rada because of his nature. Sometimes neglected by their devotees and gnawed by hunger, he tends to be cruel. He lives in springs and rivers. He cannot stand being away from water, children who go to fetch water at springs run the risk-particularly if they are fair-skinned-of being kidnapped to work for him under the water for a few years, gifting them with second sight for their trouble.

His colors are green and white.  His symbol is a water snake. 

Simbi Andezon's offerings include speckled roosters, rainwater, and whiskey.

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