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The Poor, Misunderstood 7-Knob Candle!

Greetings everyone! I hope your week is going great!

A very traditional magickal candle is the 7-knob candle. This candle, in one form or another, has been around for maybe thousands of years! I once saw a documentary about the Egyptian pyramids (well I have seen probably thousands of those LOL), and they found remnants of a "knobby" candle in a burial chamber!

However, I do find that many people get confused on exactly how to use a 7-knob candle and wonder exactly what you can accomplish with it! ;-)

Now, technically, this candle is called a "7-knob Wishing Candle" and traditionally has been used to make 7 different wishes towards the same situation. You make the wish, burn that knob. When that knob burns down, you can then make a different wish (or perhaps even the same wish again).

You can also use this candle to work on different aspects of a situation. For instance, let's say that you are doing love spell work and you have a somewhat complicated situation. You could use the 7-knob candle, using each knob of the candle to ask for relief or change in one part of the situation. Let's say you have an intruder to deal with, fear of commitment, the HD has financial problems, his children don't like you, he works too many long hours, etc., etc. Maybe these aren't all huge problems. Maybe some of them are just annoyances. However, you could use, for instance, a red 7-knob candle for a love situation (or even a trio of them if you have a lot of issues within your relationship) and petition for change for a different thing on each knob. Also, as I mentioned above, you could repeat petitions within the same candle, say, doing three knobs on him stopping him from spending time with the intruder, two knobs to make him feel more attracted to you, one knob petitioning for his children to like you, and one knob just to ask for peace in your relationship with him. :-)

Obviously these candles are not going to replace regular spell work, however, whether you have petty annoyances in your relationship or even more serious complications, these candles can help you in a lot of different ways!

The same goes for other situations such as financial ones: You could use one knob to petition for a raise at work, one knob to help you budget better, and so forth and so on!

So if you are looking at a situation in your life and thinking, "Gee, there are a lot of issues here" - you might be in the market for a 7-knob or two!

Love, light, and peace,
Mambo Samantha Corfield

Light and Love Sister Bridget Corfield Confidential Caseworker for Spellmaker.com http://www.spellmaker.com/bridget.htm
Find me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/#!/SisterBridgetCorfield
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