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Happy Friday everyone!:-)

I posted this in my blog before, but I think its a lot easier to get a dialog started in the forum, and I would really love to hear your trick for staying positive and focused:
I just wanted to write a few lines about something that has been on my mind for quite a few days now. Most of you are doing spell work, or have done spell work and are now waiting for results and we keep tell you to stay positive, believe in yourselves and the work you are doing. I know it can be hard believe me, everyone here at Spellmaker knows excactly what it feels like to be down, we have all been there at some point.

The reason we all keep telling you to try and stay positive is because we really want you to succeed as much as you want to succeed. So its a win win situation here:-) The truth is that, in so many ways, we are all responsible for our lives and how we react to things. If we keep on stating that "Things are not working out" or "There is no point in trying, I will fail anyway".. then that is the reality we are creating for ourselves.

A question I get a lot from clients is "How do I stay positive?"

Something that can help is to have a Cosmic Voodoo Healing egg at hand that is dedicated just for you:


The healing egg is especially good to use of you are feeling depressed, anxious or worried about your case on a regular basis. I have had so many good reports from clients using the healing egg on themselves:-)

There are loads of good products and new services available and I will write more about it over the next few days:-)

In the meantime though, I would love to hear your thoughts. What do YOU do to stay posistive and focused? Please leave a comment:-)

 Remember that your own attitude, will, belief and determination is a BIG part of the success of your spellwork. I know I love talking about it, but its because its soo true... your mind is so very powerful and you DO have the power to change things and turn them around.

Light and Love,

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If there are big things that are not going my way, I look to smaller things top stay positive. A smile exchanged with a stranger, watching birds through my window, or some silly thing on television. It can get me out of a sad mood or break a habit of dwelling on difficult things.
Sometimes it helps just to have someone who'll listen. Other times, it helps to have someone with secret voodoo knowledge and a doll!

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I keep a personal stash of white female image candles and about a quart of Samantha's Spiritual Annointing oil. I find one white candle session for myself about an hour before I go to bed really helps me shake off the stuff I may have picked up that day and go to sleep with a quiet mind. One other thing I always have on the bathroom shelf is a stock of Holy Hyssop bath Additive. Soaking in a warm bath with hyssop is very relaxing and cleansing as well for me.

I think the thing I needed to learn for myself was that I had to have a maintainance plan for myself for cleansing away negativity. If I stick to my regular practice, then I dont let bad feelings build up and let myself crash. If I spend some time each day to concentrate on staying positive and releasing the negative, I find life much easier to manage ;-) Also, keeping a supply of these items on hand is critical. When you feel badly, you need your candles and oils NOW, not in 2 days when the mailman arrives.

Be proactive and be prepared ;-) Works for me!

Light and Love Sister Bridget Corfield Confidential Caseworker for Spellmaker.com http://www.spellmaker.com/bridget.htm
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Sometimes it is the hardest thing to do, only because we forget to do it - but be grateful for what is going right.

When I'm not feeling all that positive - that's when it is harder to break out of the rut and brush all the negativity off. That's your sign you need to get clear and let go of any toxic energy that you're carrying around. How?

In your head or on paper, go through and brainstorm all the things that are going right and that give you some joy in your life. They can be so simple such as you had the best tasting lunch and you really enjoyed it.

Write it down in a journal, post it in this forum, or find another creative forum. But find some way to express it outloud (or on paper) because it's important that you express your gratitude for things that have given you some joy outside of your headspace.

Today I got the most amazing sense of peace wrapped around my purring cat. My two friends greeted me with amazing warmness, and had already poured a glass of wine in anticipation of my arrival. They fed me delicious food. Today I ran into two higher-ups and they gave me huge smiles and passed a joke, and touched my arm and told me to have a beautiful day. My coworker and I took a little drive in the city today and brainstormed how to handle the difficult politics of a high-profile project we were involved with. Today the weather was beautiful and I just discovered a bird's nest on my front porch.

Also, this really matters to me: I wear Mambo's portions or oils EVERY day. When I put them on every morning, they are now part of my morning ritual. I feel naked without wearing either a potion or an oil. On a daily basis, I get at least one person asking me every day what I am wearing. People love the oils and potions, and that alone will give you a boost on a daily basis.

You have to remember to look for the good stuff, to look for what's going right, and to acknowledge it and appreciate it, while it is happening. This is the basic most simple method of getting back on track. Supplement that with Mambo's potions or oils, and I also highly suggest listening to guided meditation.

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Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and tips!

Sister Bridget - its so true that keeping a stash of white candles and "Samanthas spiritual annointing oil" is really virtual. There really is no such thing as too many white candles, and the energy from them is so healing:-)

That's what I love with our products, they work so well hand in hand with affirmations and positive thinking exercises, and the combination is so poerful!:-)

Ouanga - I am with you completely on using the potions. I also use them everyday and would feel really naked without them.I have a funny story about the first time I used "Love potion 999" -

I was on my way out for the day when the postman arrived with my parcel. I was so curious about hiow the love potion 999 would smell, so I opened it straight away and out some on. For the rest of the day, people kept smiling at me, I was asked by a security person at the underground if I wanted to go through and wait for my friend on the platform although I dodn't have a ticket (unheard of in London), had a dental appointment that took forever and completely missed my appointment with the beauty saloon (was booked in for a facial, and they are very strict with missing appointments) and when I called 1 hour late to apologise. and to say that they could charge my credit card, they said "Oh, no worries about it, just come in straight away", when we had coffee, the guy behind the counter said that it was on the house.... the whole day was just magical:-) And the funny thing is that I had completely forgotten that I was wearing Love Potion 999 until when I got home and noticed the bottle on my dresser!:-)

Simone - That is just so true! There is always something good to focus on:-)

Light and Love,


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I keep a small notebook of positive aspects. On the days where I feel I'm losing my focus I take time each hour of the day to write down 5 things that I feel positive about and at the end of the day I write down 10 things that I'm grateful for. It helps to look back at the things I have written and just smile.  I do something once a week just for me- getting my nails done, buying a new outfit or just curling up with a good book- no worries no rushing to get anywhere just carving out some quiet time for me I have to remember to do things for myself vs doing for everyone else. I'm just as important and it took me a long while to realize that. And sometimes I just watch my cats and think how they give such unconditional love always without fail - I can learn a lot from them and improve my relationships with others by their lessons. Nose kisses & all.
Lucky Star

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I keep a small notebook of positive aspects. On the days where I feel I'm losing my focus I take time each hour of the day to write down 5 things that I feel positive about and at the end of the day I write down 10 things that I'm grateful for. It helps to look back at the things I have written and just smile.  I do something once a week just for me- getting my nails done, buying a new outfit or just curling up with a good book- no worries no rushing to get anywhere just carving out some quiet time for me I have to remember to do things for myself vs doing for everyone else. I'm just as important and it took me a long while to realize that. And sometimes I just watch my cats and think how they give such unconditional love always without fail - I can learn a lot from them and improve my relationships with others by their lessons. Nose kisses & all.
Lucky Star

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Hi, one thing that I do to stay positive is to read other people's success stories and watch movies about people who "had the odds against them" and still overcame.

Some inspirational stories are:

1.the guy who invented Toyota--he struggled for years to get his invention off the ground and pushed through disaster after disaster (when most people would have given up) until his dream was realized.

2.Christopher Paul Gardner--the self-made millionaire whom the movie The Pursuit of Happyness is based upon.

3.the love success stories written here on Spellmaker.com

4. The Johnny Cash and June Carter story always inspires me--he pursued her for about ten years before she agreed to marry him. Talk about persistence! Hey, everyone knows this story was not always pretty, but I would say that the end result was pretty positive. She helped to save his life more than a few times and eventually, he stopped abusing himself and was able to be in a loving relationship.

What also helps me:

1. When something good happens with respect to my HD or my career or any personal goal, I write it down on my calendar. If I'm feeling low or wallowing in negativity, I go back and I take note of what has already happened in my life and I tell myself that if good things happened BEFORE, then that is proof that they CAN happen again. It switches my focus and allows me to feel good about my goals and myself and it stops me from going down a negative road, which is so easy to do.

2. If I feel a negative thought trying to become a negative emotion, I might exercise because it always helps to release bad energy...or go for a nature trail walk.

3. Working on something that has nothing to do with my HD and is just for me--like working on a painting I've neglected. It takes the focus off why my HD hasn't done this or that yet and helps me to remember myself and what is so great about me in the first place. When I'm done painting, I feel like I have been through some nourishing type of therapy. It works.

These are some of the things that I do to stay positive while casting or after casting. Hope this helps!

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I love this topic Sierra! 

I have had a lot of things thrown in my directions that are often hard to keep my feelings positive but I try a variety of things and am happy to share them here. 

I love my healing egg and have done the egg on myself, my kids, my parents, friends, etc, if there is something really stressing me out.  I also have white candles on hand as well. 

Like Ogoun stated, I also keep a daily gratitude journal and sometimes when the going gets tough, it is hard to come up with something to be grateful for, but once you do, it changes the energy around you tremendously.

Because I also do Feng Shui, of course I am looking at all aspects of my life and areas and can usually find some culprit that has to be "moved". 

I hope this does not make me feel selfish, but I learned to "pamper" myself in some way or another.  Whether that be taking one of the amazing baths we have or the Erzulie Bath Salts (those make me feel so amazing) or I go and buy myself flowers.  They make me smile, I enjoy the smell of them, they generally bring my stress level down a lot.  I also go get chocolate covered strawberries.  I also started a cooking class and I am taking salsa dancing, things I enjoy doing but never really got the opportunity to do them.  I found out a long time ago that no matter what thing happens to bring me down a bit, if I can do something special for myself, and not "worry" about anyone for a brief moment, then it is one of the fastest ways to turn my energy around.  For me the more I sit in the dreadful negative energy the harder it is for me to get out.  So if that makes me a little selfish to do something small for myself, I am ok with that

Something through Feng Shui and through my journey here I have learned that no matter what happens in your life......how you react to it, usually gives direction on what is going to happen next. 

With Gratitude I Ask.
Through Gratitude I Believe.
And In Gratitude I Receive Whatever My Heart Desires!

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I have pages marked off in Voodoo or Voodon't that I read and re-read when I am feeling down..heck I re-read the whole book on my flight from NY to Hawaii

But I love your feet
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until they found me

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do any of you guys have some other tips you can give me keeping my mind off my hd and staying positive.  I feel like other aspects of my life are suffering because Im only thinking about what he is doing.  I would appreciate anything.

Sister Bridget Note: Hi there! Here is a list of suggestions posted by Mambo Sam a little while back. Its a great place to start!

First: Definitely the Milk of Damballah(tm) white bath. There is

nothing like it for removing the negativity, pain, and hurt. I am

sure you have already read testaments to that fact right here on this



Second: Depending on how you feel after that, you may want to

consider the triple white female candle magick work on yourself!

Yep, you can do the Mind, Body, Spirit work on yourself. The process

is the same, asking for negative things to be removed (depression,

hurt, anger, etc.) and be replaced with positive things (happiness,

joy, self confidence, etc.).


Third: If even after that, or if you feel that the above isn't

enough, try the Hex Removal kit. Remember it works even if you don't

have a hex or curse.... it is extremely good for removing negativity,

depression, etc.


Fourth: Affirmations. Back in the day affirmations were all the

vogue. "Every day in every way I am getting better and better" was a

really popular one. Okay, very hokey I know! But the truth is,

finding affirmations that work for you can be very cathartic and

healing. Assure yourself that you are better than this, you deserve

better treatment.


Fifth: ACT HAPPY. Huh? Yep. Just the very deed of acting happy

when you aren't does help. It is a physical chemical reaction. You

know - those old endorphins.

Sixth: Wait a little while to worry about attracting a new love.

Yes, you can definitely do the Attract Love to Me(tm) kit. But

approach it from a cleansing point of view, getting yourself ready to

accept love again, but don't push it.


Seventh: Pray. If you have a particular religion that perhaps you

have lapsed a bit in, revisit it. If there was ever anything about

it that was soothing or peaceful for you, try to focus on that. I

find that going into a Catholic church (I am a Catholic, albeit a

somewhat lapsed one) and just sitting, lighting a candle, and talking

to God very helpful in stressful times. Formal rituals of any church

seem somewhat constrained to me and I like to go into churches when

nothing in particular is going on.


Eighth: Do something that you have always wanted to do and never got

the chance. If it is something that costs an exhorbitant amount of

money that you don't have right now, find a reasonable substitute.

Always wanted to go to Paris? Not feasible right now? Treat

yourself to a French foreign film and a dinner at a nice French



Ninth: Get your hair done. Seriously... nothing like it! Manicure

and pedicure, too, if you can. :-)


Tenth: Remember there are people in your life who love you and care

about you - think about the nicest thing someone did for you in your

life. Wasn't that a wonderful feeling? Recapture it.


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Just about a week ago, I felt so obsessed with the spell work and all I could think about was how my HD's feeling, thinking, doing and etc. I was so so obsessed to the point where I just couldn't stand myself anymore. I know that obsessive energy might strangle the situation sometimes, so I did a white candle for myself and asked the spirits to get me out of this situation. I asked the spirits to remove my obsession and replace it with peace. This week I felt a lot a lot a lot better.

Also, I think keeping yourself busy works very well too...although I understand that sometimes you just don't want to do anything because you miss him and you're sad (I know how it feels) but just try to do something to distract yourself. Make a deal with yourself to not think about him/her for a while.

Maybe reread the readings that you got? Focus and believe in the positive aspects of it....

This is what I do to keep myself positive most of the time..hope it helps!


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Optimistc: Here are some others but I highly recommend the white bath Sister Bridget recommended & releasing all neg energy with the white female they will soothe you esp before bed. 1. Knitting-take a class if you don't know how-it's a known stress reducer plus added health benefits of lowering blood pressure, your hands will be to busy to reach for the phone or tissues. 2. Reading- a great escape from reality- time stands still while you get caught up in a story-again keeps your mind occupied. 3. Grab some friends & see a movie. 3. Keep a journal its a good way for your own feedback on your progress. 5. Pretend you want to write something to your children about the greatest love of your life their dad/mom (your HD) & actually sit down a right out the story of how you met & fell in love how he/she proposed, your wedding, your life before the first child arrived -feel yourself actually having lived it-glowing & positive then put it away- I did this 2 yrs ago but on what I wanted my life to be like & very detailed how I wanted my HD to propose to me how we spent all our days together either alone or with friends I wrote out a 30 page story. I found it 5 months later & was amazed when I read it again as everything I wanted happened it made me a very big believer in positive thinking just by changing the way my thoughts went I re-wrote my life with my HD. 6. Meditation-15-20 minutes a day to quiet your mind- you can get CD's to help with this until you can master it on your own- so good for you. It took me awhile but now I can do it whenever I need to if only for 5 minutes or as long as 30. Every time you have a thought just release it & concentrate on your breathing. 7. Do not beat yourself up-we are all human we have bad days, we get angry and we make mistakes just learn not to hold onto the negativity-don't analyze it don't rehash it with friends-let it go- I know it's hard because we are programmed to complain-but don't move on. get over it. 8. declutter your home-out with the old if you can't bear to throw it out but you haven't touched it seen it or used it in 6 mos you don't need it-give it to a friend because giving is always positive. You may brighten someone else's day & that's just another kind of love. 9. Talk to Papa Alegba you will be amazed & comforted by this.
Optimistic- thanks for your post it got me re-reading this section & I loved it-thanks for giving me that tonight!! oh, by the way highly recommend love potion 999. lucky star.

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Emailing my caseworker!
Thanks Sierra

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thank you all for your suggestions for staying positive, Im going to try some of them and see what happens.  Im in the processing phase now and I get very anxious and impatient.  Im hoping for the best and to get the outcome I have petitioned for.  Keep me in your positive thoughts please I need all I can get.

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