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Hello All! I have been using this candle & not for very long. I recommend this to anyone who has done the love spells but gets those times with anxieties that set in during your waiting period-of course always check first w/your caseworker first. I started using this to get rid of some anxiety & then started to petition that any negative energy be removed & replaced with positive energy that flowed to me, through me & surround me at all times. I also asked that if anything needed to be healed between me & my HD that this also occur. Then last week I thought I had a head cold but it turned out that I had pnemonia & I again used the candle & petitioned that I get healthy & over this but first my symptoms started to get worse by this past Monday & but by Tuesday was able to go back to work then I started having a werid pain in the back of my legs & my back. I got an emergency call on Wednesday from my md that I had to be seen again that day so saw her & I was told to go to the ER right away for a series of emergency tests as they thought my pain symptoms were due to a blood clot in my lung- talk about scared - I had 4 hrs of solid tests-scared to death that I was going to have to undergo a risky surgery that I could potentially not survive-I went home & again asked that I be healthy with nothing life threatening.(I kept thinking to myself that night I have worked too hard for my HD- I can't die-I can't give up on him or worse yet never see my dream or him to the end-then I got mad) 9 am the next morning the doctor called to tell me that I did not have a blood clot but the scans picked up something else & I was taken back out of work for the remainder of this week & referred to a pulmonary specialist who I saw today 1/2 hr before this appt I pulled out my candle to do a quick 9 minutes & petitioned that my oxygen level be at least a 96 vs the 89-91 it has been at my last 4 appts, I asked that once again there be nothing seriously wrong with me, no disease be there, no need for any type of surgery, and that I have no anxiety going to this appt. While I was waiting to see the md I mediated to calm myself down- still a little scared but pulling on my faith- trying to be positive.

I feel my use of this candle worked its magic for me- my oxygen level was 97, I don't need sx, my lungs are healthy, no disease and I was diagnosed with Asthma, I have medication now to control it, the md was so informative & I sat & talked to him for a long time, I had no anxieties- he took alot of time answering all my questions & even showed me all the scans that were done on my lungs. He told me I just have the tail end of pneumonia but the antibiotics pretty much have taken care of it & they are still in my system working. So other than using an inhaler when I feel short of breath I'm pretty good to go!! He said alot of times when I have gotten sick in the past no one picked up on the fact that it was asthma playing a big part of this & by never being diagnosed properly meds my pcp gave me made me worse not better. I really feel that by using the white candle for me I was able to stay focused on the positive vs scanning the internet for info on what I thought I may have & be scared by fear which only makes things spiral out of control. I only checked the computer once to get more info on the V-scan I had but it really scared me thinking maybe someone was not telling me the truth & I picked up the candle instead.

I thank Mambo Sam for offering this product. It kept me stable & focused.

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