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Who are we? Where are we? What do we do? All the information you want and need and probably more than that!
3 3 Forum Hiatus is Over!
by MamboSam
Success Stories!
Success Stories written by Spellmaker clients. See more testimonials by clicking here.
34 22 Spellkits money
by Kelthius
Your Experiences with us!
Clients post their experiences with the Spellmaker Family and Staff!
19 7 New to Spellmaker
by Alliecat
Ask us a Question!
Please post any questions you have here about Spellmaker, Voodoo, New Orleans Witchcraft, etc. Please keep the questions general. We will do our best to answer you. IF your question is very personal, to protect your privacy, we will answer you directly, off of the forum.
31 14 Offering disposal
by BunBun
New Product Announcements
Look here to find out our latest creations and offerings!
14 9 Belief, Personal Energy and Willpower in Spellwork
by Alliecat
Spellmaker.com Newsletters
back issues of Mambo's informative newsletter
19 16 April 2014
by MamboSam
Working with the Vodou/Voodoo Spirits
Information, teaching, and rituals involving Les Lois (The spirits/saints of Vodou/Voodoo).
57 45 About Papa Loko song
by warga
Tell Us Your Lwa (Vodou Spirit) Stories
Did you have a wonderful lwa encounter? Do you feel a particular lwa has helped you? Tell us your lwa stories here!
11 10 Erzulie Freda
by SisterBridget
Tips and Suggestions for Spellmaker Product Usage
Get tips and suggestions for different ways to use Spellmaker products.
38 29 I Miss You! by Mambo Sam
by ladyinred
Spellmaker Staff Forum - Mambo Sam and Parran Matt
Spellmaker owners - Mambo Sam and Parran Matt. You may also view Mambo Sam's two blogs by clicking here and also here!
1 1 So happy for this forum to be open again!
by MamboSam
Spellmaker Staff Forum - Sister Bridget
This is the forum for Sister Bridget. You can read Sister B's blog by clicking here!
75 26 Mambo's metaphysical library
by MamboSam
Spellmaker Staff - Brother Menfo's Forum
Advice and musings of our dear Brother Menfo. Ask him a question! View his blog by clicking here!
0 0 No posts
Spellmaker Staff Forum - Caseworker Khouzhan Sierra
Caseworker extraordinaire, Khouzhan Sierra, is here to share her thoughts!
70 12 So glad to be back up and running! :-)
by MamboSam
Spellmaker Staff Forum - Sister Candelaria RIP
This is the forum for the late Sister Candelaria. Honor to her. You can see Sister C's blog at www.voodooboutique.typepad.com/candelaria.htm
22 8 Rest In Peace, Sister Candelaria
by MamboSam
Spellmaker Novitiates Forum
Novitiates speak about learning and also have a lot to teach! You can view the Spellmaker Novitiate Blog by clicking here!
2 2 Great post by Khouzhan Lucy!
by MamboSam
Working with Affirmations.
General information about working with positive affirmations.
42 18 Affirmations - are they so 10 minutes ago? ;-)
by MamboSam
Khouzhan Prayer Group
This is where Khouzhans will go to pray for those who have prayer requests. If you need to send in a prayer request, please see the page at www.spellmaker.com/prayer.htm
- - Password Protected
Khouzhan Class Forum
This section is only for the first generation Khouzhans of the Family Fleurette-Beauchamp-Corfield to aid in their completion of class assignments.
- - Password Protected

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