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In spellmaker@yahoogroups.com, "FoxBarking" wrote:
> Okay, I have been reading a lot of posts about people feeling bad or
> deciding to quit.  There have been posts about how terrible life is
> without our hds etc, etc.
> I wish that I was with Steven right now more than anything in the
> world.  I would probably give up anything to get him back.  Some days
> I go through some despair just like everyone else.  So, this post is
> not to be critical of anyone.
> As has been said many times, the Lois will bring our hds back WHEN we
> are ready for them.  One very important thing about being ready for a
> lover is being happy with yourself first. If you can not be happy
> without your hd, chances are you're pursuing them for the wrong
> reasons.  Although another person can suplement our happiness, they
> can not be the dominant cause in it.  It's not healthy.
> It's hard sometimes when we are doing spellwork because it is so
> focused around our hds.  It causes us to think about it.  But it's
> not just the spellwork, we are a large cause of it too.  We force
> ourselves to think and dwell upon what we want to happen.  It seems
> tht some do it to a point where it interferes with their lives.
> Please, while you're doing spellwork to get your hd back, find other
> things that will make you happy.  Get your mind off them as much as
> possible.  Do the things that will make you happy and if you don't
> have those things, FIND THEM!
> No one is going to be happy with you until you are happy with
> yourself.  Yes, I know that is cliche, but it's true.  I am not
> extremely experienced with spells or the Lois, but I do know a lot
> about spirituality from my years as a shaman.  There are many forces
> at work in the world and they KNOW what we need does not always
> coincide with what we WANT.  We NEED to be happy first, and then be
> happier with our hds afterwards.
> Distance yourself somewhat.  I honestly think that if you do, you
> will have much better success at getting your hds back.  When they
> see you are happy even without them, they will realize how much
> happier they can be WITH you.
> Love,
> Jacob

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