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Spellmaker Newsletter
July 2019

Greetings, friends!  Here we are in July, in the swing of Summer! We hope you are having a fun and safe time out there! 

July is the month when we typically take time to talk about and honor our powerful Voodoo spirit, Ogoun! Ogoun has a big presence everywhere he goes. But we here at Spellmaker feel him even more intensely having both a Priest and Priestess of Ogoun in our Founding Family. Parran Matt and Sister Bridget are both very honored to serve Ogoun. That's right! Double the Ogoun, double the fun!  Look out for some new articles and information about Ogoun in this edition. 

 Also, an informative article by Khouzhan Kristene gives us a magickal look at Lammas! 

We hope you enjoy this edition of the Universal Messenger.. We truly appreciate each and every one of you! 

Love, light, and peace,
Mambo Samantha Corfield
Parran Matt Corfield
Sister Bridget Corfield
Brother Menfo
Sister Sierra
...the Khouzhan Class

June was Papa Legba Month! 

Last month we pledged 5% of our proceeds to help animals in honor of Papa Legba. We were able to reunite two doggies with their very happy owners by paying the pet deposit on their new apartment and transporting the dogs back to their owners in Colorado. We so love the picture of the dogs in their kennel. It is the moment when they heard their owners' voices after several months of being fostered. Such an incredible happy ending. Thank you all!!! 
Although we are a small, family owned and operated business, we strive to offer customer service levels on par with big business! Caring for customers has been a priority of ours for the nearly 25 years we have been in business. To that end, Mambo Sam has set up multiple routes for clients to reach out to us. Texting, chatting, Whatsapp, FB Messenger,  email and good old fashioned calling on the phone are all available! Please don't ever hesitate to reach out and let us know your needs, questions or concerns.
Ogoun Fast Facts
An altar to Ogoun! The machete and dark rum are popular offerings. As are images of any of the warrior saints, including Saint Michael, Saint James the Major, Saint Barbara and Saint George (seen here). A butterfly is a symbol closely associated with him. He also cherishes flags especially with red and blue in them, but he adores any flag. Ogoun fights for the rights of those who can not fight for themselves. He is the epitome of a true hero! 
Ogoun Feraille

Mangoes and Machetes for The Big Man on Campus


Greetings Spellmaker readers! July is traditionally General Ogoun month here in the Spellmaker family The embodiment of the warrior spirit lives in Ogoun Feraille and he is known to manifest great change in difficult situations, earning him the nickname “papillion”, or butterfly. As the weather grows hotter, his feast, traditionally obserbed on July 25th, grows near.

Ogoun Feraille is one of the best known lwa in the Voudou pantheon. He is a fierce fighter and wise protector. Services to Ogoun generally include dark rum and cigars ,machetes, swords or knives and he loves fire and iron.  Pro tip: Sister Bridget our  lovely resident Priestess of Ogoun once told me he also likes mangoes. As I am a huge fan of the fruit, I tried that offering once and have made them a staple offering in his services ever since. I make my voice louder when I serve him and present him with a fire in my little iron cauldron.

Services with General Ogoun are intense-and his guidance is brutally honest, but he offers fair and excellent counsel. Spellmaker actually has many wonderful products made on the point of Ogoun. Ogoun’s Fire and Iron Ritual pack is made exclusively for you to perform your very own service to him. I wear my Ogoun Feraille physical protection charm daily, and I must say I feel a difference in my energy and balance. I like knowing I have Ogoun’s protection whenever I venture out and about.

Ogoun is strong bold and brave.  He truly will offer himself up for our physical protection. I once stopped late at night for a cold can of coke from a machine near a local store which happens to border the woods. The streets in my small town were deserted and I had stopped there many late nights after a 3-11 shift. But as soon as I exited my car something felt very off…someone or something was watching me. I live in a little town, but it isn’t always free of crime these days. I froze in terror and all I could think was that my arthritic little legs don’t move very fast so running was not an option-and I’d left my car running and unlocked-anyone could push me over and steal that car. Silently I made my plea to Ogoun to please, please protect me. In a state of near panic my eyes darted around looking for the threat. I glanced onto the ground beneath a nearby tree. In that grass lay a large cement butterfly. Had it always been there during my midnight pit stop? Was it new? The thing I knew for certain is that the frightening feeling immediately left me and I knew-General Ogoun had chased whatever-or whoever-was lurking nearby. That was perhaps the best “sign” I have ever received that Ogoun always has my back. Ayibobo!

But its not just protection that Ogoun has graced me with. I find him encouraging me to walk stronger and straighter when I am having pain-I find him helping me see through manipulation and nonsense from people and helping me to set better boundaries for myself in all aspects of my life. And most of all I find that Ogoun really likes me, I think,  because I am a woman! He has a very flirtatious way about him that I really enjoy. I sing him songs in service that I feel he likes. From Peggy Lee’s “Fever” to the sultry Joss Stone remake of “Its A Man’s World.” I enjoy his company and presence immensely because he is a hard working spirit but he is also a lot of fun!

Ogoun is at once a charming rogue and a formidable warrior. And although I love his fearless strength in the physical realm and his unabashed charisma the greatest reward I have received from serving Ogoun is finding strength and belief in myself,  This confidence was a gift Ogoun gave me freely. Like a butterfly he helps me grow, change and reveals my wings to help me fly.

If you are having problems and are feeling like you need to boost your strength, will and power in a situation I encourage you to get to know Ogoun. May you together face your challenges with grace, courage and dauntless will. Honor to you General Ogoun Feraille!


“Makes me that much stronger

Makes me work a little bit harder

Makes me that much wiser

So thanks for making me a fighter.”

-Fighter/ Christina Aguilera


In Service,
Khouzhan Kristene

 Pendulum of Ogoun Readings! 
Pendulums are often used in readings by many spiritual practitioners! The pendulum swings of it's own accord, indicating answers to questions on a predetermined chart. In Sister Bridget's case, her pendulum is linked to the powerful Voodoo spirit, Ogoun and he helps with the answers to your questions! You may now ask Ogoun answers to your questions directly through Sister Bridget using her Pendulum of Ogoun. This is a three question pendulum reading for only $29.95! 
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