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Lammas is upon us!
             by Khouzhan Kristene                    

Happy first harvest to you and your loved ones! Lammas, also known as Lughnasadh is traditionally celebrated on August 1st. This sabbat, which falls directly between the summer solstice and the Autumn Equinox, brings us a reminder of the cycles of Mother Earth as the summer comes to a close and preparations for the darker days of the year commence.

The first wheat harvests begin, which makes Lammas a time to give thanks for all we have been given and release that which no longer serves us. And of course the blessings of nature abound-wheat, corn, blackberries, and traditionally this was a time to bake bread and begin canning for the long winter ahead.

 This time of year we are awash in shades of yellow and gold from the waning sunlight and crickets begin to sing, a sure reminder that Autumn is on her way.

Astrologically, Lammas falls about August 5th, or when the sun is positioned at 15 degrees Leo. School will be starting soon and it seems that everyone goes into “preparation mode.”

Lughnasadh is an excellent time to prepare goals, especially from an abundance and prosperity perspective. As it is also the time to give thanks and give back, you could earmark a small amount from any monetary goals you reach this year to a charity of your choice, clear out some unused clothes in good condition and donate them to your local thrift store or homeless shelter, or grab some non-perishables from your pantry and make a donation to a food bank.

Any financial goals you have in mind can be greatly assisted with the help of some spell work too. Did you know Spellmaker.com has some really awesome tools to help your financial situation? The Big Money spell, the Lots a Luck spell and Get a Jobspell are all amazing! You can choose to do the spell kits on your own, in a dual casting with Mambo Sam or even have Mambo do the casting for you!

Not quite ready for a 9 day kit? Try a Bayou Voodoo wearable potion such as Big Bank Roll or Lucky Lee and let the magic begin!

If you are doing a Lammas altar, your potions could greatly assist in the manifestation of those prosperity goals!

Some other suggestions for this Sabbat include:

Stones: Carnelian, which you can wear or carry to boost motivation in reaching your goals. Tigers Eye, which promotes good luck, or Citrine, which helps you visualize your goals and bring them to fruition.

Sunflowers are the traditional flower power of Lughnasadh, and some practitioners fashion wheat stalks into a bundle and tie it with a red ribbon as decor to ensure a prosperous and happy winter. 

However you decide to honor the Earth at this beautiful and bountiful time of year, may the sweet days of summer live in your heart, and may the burgeoning Autumn season bring you every happiness your heart could want.

Remember the wonderful Lwa are here to help you no matter what spiritual practice you observe, and the staff at Spellmaker.com can assist you if you have any questions. Blessed Fall to you all!  As for the spellwork - just DO it!

August is like the Sunday of Summer

In Service,

Khouzahn Kristene

Mambo Sam's Lammas Altar 
(You may notice a nod to Ogoun there as well!)
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