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There's really no good way to ask this, so I'm just going to power through it. I swear to god I'm only moderately nuts and not nearly as self-important as this is probably going to sound.

Several times now, on Saturdays when I've meditated seeking the lwa, I've had a... oh god, I swear I'm not crazy... overwhelmingly erotic experience. It came with extremely clear visuals, extremely distinct sensations, was long lasting, and beat the holy hell out of lovers I've had.

I'm extremely embarrassed by this. I don't associate religion with this sort of experience and I don't meditate on eroticism. In the case of the last time it happened, I was trying to express my gratitude to the spirits for their help. I ended up shutting everything down and trying to distract myself to avoid the sensations.

I know (or at least I've read) that eroticism is sort of beside the point when servis guinen, and that one is not supposed to feel any sensations of that kind during communion with the spirits. I'd like to hope I'm not profaning anything or being conceited/self-centered, and my life does not show evidence of something malicious (in fact, rather the opposite. I've been terrifyingly lucky recently in my professional life, which was why I was trying to give thanks.)

Am I... am I doing something wrong here? I'm kind of mortified by the whole thing.
Hi Wormwood,

Voodoo does not have the sexual shame as some other religions.

Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte are the Lwa of life and death, and that includes birth — and leading up to it. Maman Brigitte's dance is the Banda, a sensual dance that celebrates sexuality.

Erzulie Freda is a Lwa of love. General Ogoun is a warrior, who also has a sensual side and is a lover.

Many of the Lwa are couples, married for millenia and powerful to call upon for relationships. Some are known to have a ribald sense of humor.

Your experiences can be offered up to the Lwa, they aren't shameful or distractions. 
I was worried, to be honest. Most of my knowledge comes from reading and a little bit of individual practice, and several of the books I've read have indicated that you are supposed to treat the spirits like beloved elders, and not be nude around them, nor have any sexualized or erotic feelings associated with them, since they're supposed to be something like a beloved and wise grandparent.

What I'm experiencing is really not... grandparent-y, so I was wondering if I had managed to do something wrong.

Thank you for your reassurance.