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Spellmaker Newsletter

May 2018

Hello, dear friends!  May has just flown by!  Even though Memorial Day has passed, we still want to send out our remembrances of our military's fallen heroes. In Voodoo, we work with and honor our ancestors regularly.  Days like Memorial Day remind us that those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, ancestor or not, should always be honored.  Also, a big thank you to all of our military personnel, past and present.  You have all served this country well.  Thank you.

Of course, May gives way to June, which means one big thing for us here athttp://www.spellmaker.com:  It's Papa Legba month!  Whoo hoo!  We always welcome our dearly beloved Papa. Hands down, Papa is probably the most popular lwa that we work with. :-)  He is greatest of communicators.  He always hears us.  We always feel like we can talk to him even when no one else understands us. He is always there to listen to us.  He is there to open those doors for us, clear those roads for us, and make us laugh a little bit along the way. Not to mention, he is always there to open the gate for the other lwa to hear us!

This year, we have decided to add in some extra help for our online prayer ritual at the end of the month by asking 
Papa Legba to open the gate to a BIG lwa that we are great fans of, Ogoun Feraille!  Since one of Ogoun's main feast days is in July (more on that next newsletter), we decided why not have Papa usher Ogoun in for us at the end of June.  So our prayer ritual (see below) this month will be dedicated to Papa Legba, of course, but also to Ogoun.  Get those petitions in to be included in not only our three in-house rituals, but also to our online ritual. We hope that you can join us for the online ritual.  The details are below this letter.

Also way below, at the very bottom of the newsletter, be on the lookout for the ability to join our new texting notification list!  Look, we aren't going to blow up your phone.  At most, we will send out 4 notifications a month.  More than likely it will be 2-3. But those notifications will be for good sales, deals, events, and maybe an occasional uplifting word right at the time you might need to hear it!  Check out the bottom of the newsletter for how to opt-in to the texting notification list.  Opting in at this time will get you a 30% off coupon that you can use on the website that will work in addition to the current sale we have of $5.00 off each product!  That will be a significant savings for sure!  This will be a great month for doing our products that are dedicated to Papa Legba and Ogoun.  Opt-in, get 30% plus $5.00 off each product!  You can't go wrong with that! :-)

Start thinking about your petitions for Papa Legba and Ogoun.  Remember, there is no limit on what you can ask for, but being reasonable in your petitions is always best.

Stay cool out there!
Love, light, and peace,
Mambo Samantha Corfield
Parran Matt Corfield
Sister Bridget Corfield
Brother Menfo
Sister Sierra
...the Khouzhan Class

Papa Legba is Coming!
And he's bringing Ogoun!

Ah, June!  We love June here at Spellmaker! It is our month to honor Papa Legba.  He has three feast days we celebrate in June!  We do use Catholic Saint feast days to honor Les Lois (the lwa).  We never mistake Les Lois for Catholic Saints, however.  They are completely separate entities that have become syncretized over the years. Catholic Saint iconography was often used to mask the practice of Voodoo from prying eyes.

Over time, these representations began to play an important part in the practice of the Vodou religion.  We honor that tradition by serving certain lwa on the feast days of the Saints with whom they have become linked. In our New Orleans Voodoo practice, we see these pairings as a  friendship of sorts.  Two spiritual entities that work towards common goals and we are all in if something is going to offer us extra spiritual help!

The three feast days in June we honor Papa Legba on are:  June 13, the Feast of Saint Anthony; June 21, the feast of  Saint Lazarus, and June 29, the Feast of Saint Peter.  On those days, we will do in-house rituals for which you are welcome to send in petitions.  On June 30, at 3:00 p.m. Mountain time (2:00 p.m. Pacific, 4:00 p.m. Central, 5:00 p.m. Eastern) we will culminate all of it with an on-line ritual to Papa Legba, with special work for General Ogoun Feraille.  You  may participate (anonymously) by joining us in a special on-line video setting. You may send in petitions any time during the month, so don't worry if you miss a ritual day, we will be doing the rituals all month.

Send your petitions in to:  prayforme@spellmaker.com

The link to join the prayer ritual is located on the prayer ritual page. At the time of the ritual, you will only need to click on the link that is located on that page.  Please choose the name you would like to show and please wait to be allowed into the room.  We would appreciate it if you read all the information on the prayer ritual page, as well, about what we expect as far as decorum, etc. Our rules are few, but non-negotiable.  The main rule is:  Don't be a tool. ;-)

We are excited to do these rituals for you.  Remember, these are absolutely free. No purchase is required.  If you do want to use some of our products in conjunction with these rituals that would be great!  Papa Legba's products are located here.  Ogoun Feraille's products are located here.  PLEASE NOTE:  If you are trying to get Papa Legba products to use on one of the feast days, please order as soon as possible.  All of these items are made to order for you; they aren't sitting on a shelf somewhere.  We don't want you to be disappointed, so please order in time to receive what you would like to use!

We hope to see you all at the online ritual!  It is going to be fun, fabulous, and the Spirits will move you!
Of course you knew it was going to be a Papa Legba item, right? This is the Papa Alegba "Knock Knock™" kit.  It is the perfect kit to use to honor Papa Legba all month long!  You can do the ritual as many times as you like!   You can use it to honor Papa, to petition him for help, to communicate with him, to ask him to help you communicate with another lwa...just so many uses when working with Papa. The items may vary a little bit from what is pictured as we sometimes change up a few things if we think Papa likes one thing better than another! But it is mostly exactly as you see it and will always include the full ritual and ritual items, as well as instructions.  If you are on a budget and want to serve Papa all month long this is a great buy.  (And if you sign up for the texting list below, you will get that 30% off coupon!)

How are you feeling?  Needing a little peace and healing?  Here's a spell for you!


What is the spell for: This is a spell to bring forth inner peace and promote healing.

What you need for your spell:
1 bottle of Samantha's Spiritual Power Anointing Oil™*
2 white candles
Chango's Mystic Chrysalis™ incense cone*
1 glass of water
1 stone, rock, or shell picked up from a peaceful place (this is subjective, peaceful to you might mean something different than someone else, but generally we mean a park, the woods, maybe your own backyard!)

Cleanse the space you will be using with plain water. If you have an altar you regularly use, that is perfect. If not, use any surface and just make sure it is clean. Set your candles up about 8 inches apart, left and right. Put your incense between them (please use an incense burner or dish of sand, to be safe. No fires, please!)

Put your glass of drinking water (not the cleaning water) in front of you on the surface you are using.

Put your rock, stone, or shell on the surface in front of you, to your right.

Put a small amount of the Samantha's Spiritual Power Anointing Oil on one finger. Touch that finger to your forehead, base of throat, and heart area. Say, "Protection, healing, peace." Repeat this process three times.

Light the candle to your left. Say, "Peace and harmony lights my way." Light the candle to your right. Say, "Peace and harmony lights the way for all."

Light your incense. Blow gently on it to make sure that it lights and makes a little smoke. Hold your rock, stone, or shell in the smoke. Say, "By this smoke, I cleanse thee." Hold it there for just a few seconds.

Keep your rock, stone, or shell in whichever hand you prefer. Say, "I am protected. I am healed. I am at peace." You will repeat this three times, but take your time between the three times you say it. Reflect on yourself surrounded by light, in a beautiful setting of your choice. Breathe in and feel that place you have created. Stay in that place as long as you like, then repeat the same phrase. Again, stay in the place you have created. Feel the joy, the protection, the safety, the healing. Breathe all of those beautiful emotions in. Then say the phrase for the third time. Be mindful of the feeling you have... you are nurtured by the Universe. You are tapping into the joy of upper vibrations. At this moment, in this place, all is well with you. Stay in this state as long as you desire.

When you are feeling satisfied, put your rock, stone, or shell down in front of you. Drink the water. (You have created a high vibration glass of water. Drink it all!)

Extinguish your candles or let them burn down. Please be safe!

Now, what about that rock, stone, or shell you used? That is now a talisman for peace, healing, and protection. You have infused your energy and the energy you have absorbed from the Universe into that item! If you are feeling like you need to revisit that place you created but don't have time to do the whole spell, hold that item and recreate what you felt here. The more you do it, the more that item will be infused with that energy and will become a powerful talisman for healing, protection, and peace.


*You can use a different oil and incense. This is just what we recommend for maximum effectiveness!

Written by Rev. Samantha Corfield


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