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The Quick Communication Spell
Yes, indeed, this is an oldie but goodie!
A friend requested that I post it again, and so here it is! 

Hello everyone!  Many times throughout the course of spell work we are not in communication with the person we are working on.  This might be temporary due to circumstances or it might be due to the fact that you have lost all communication with the person.  It is so difficult sometimes NOT to be in contact with that special person.  I completely understand that and am offering you this "Quick Communication Spell" that you can use to try to help foster a contact with your intended!

Now please understand, there are some periods of time in spell work when it may actually be better NOT to be in communication with the object of your desire.  For instance, sometimes things are too rocky between you and the communication will degenerate into an argument or harsh words.   As you all know, that is not good for your spell work.  :-) But no worries with the little "quick spell" outlined below:  If you are not supposed to be in communication with your HD, it simply won't work for you. 

Here's what you need:

  • Two gender-specific figure candles (one to represent you, one to represent the person you want to contact you).  You can use ones from candle magick kits from us - white, pink, or red will work fine and you can even do this spell with candles you are using right now as long as it is for the same person.  (NOTE:  You can try this with just regular candles if that is all you have.  If you try it and it works not using figure candles, let us know! We would love to hear about it!)
  • Some kind of picture that represents the form of communication you want to use (a picture of a phone, computer, etc.).

Here's what you do:

  • One candle represents you and one candle represents the person you want to communicate with you.  (If using our candle magick kits, you still will do all the "regular" instructions of the candle kit.)
  • Face the candles towards each other, so that they are "looking" at each other, about six inches apart.
  • On the picture of the communication form write:  "Johnny (insert the name of your HD), I want to hear from you.  Please call (or email, or whatever you have chosen) me.  I promise this will be a good communication for both of us."    (And you have to really mean that - don't use this spell if you are angry and are going to be upset or petulant when the person calls! You will be defeating your own purpose.)
  • Place the picture on the table (or other surface you are using) with the writing facing upwards.
  • Do the normal ritual for the candle magick kits (if that is what you are using), this time meditating only on communicating with this person, how well the conversation will go, what nice things you will talk about, etc. (If you are using these candles for another purpose, you can return to that purpose next session.)
  • When you are finished with the ritual and have extinguished the candles, pour a little bit of the candle wax from both candles (at the same time) on the paper.  Concentrate on you and the person "melding" together in conversation.  It just takes a small amount. Be careful not to burn yourself!
  • When the candle wax is cooled and hardened, fold the paper in on itself (over the candle wax). If the paper doesn't stay together, you can tie it with string or ribbon so that it makes a nice, neat little package.
  • Keep the paper somewhere safe until you hear from the person you are wanting to contact you OR seven days has passed.  (If you are doing spell work, you can keep the paper on your altar.  If you working with a love doll you can keep the paper with the doll.  You can keep the paper with any of our magickal work that you might be doing.)  Once you have heard from them OR seven days have passed, you can just throw the paper away - that spell is done. It either works within seven days or it doesn't work (for whatever reason).  If it didn't work in seven days, try it again!  :-)  It really does work quite often.  However, as I said, sometimes there is a REASON you are not in communication with a person. On the other hand, it doesn't hurt to try and this is relatively easy to do.  :-) 

General Info:  This spell would be categorized as a "one time" spell - it doesn't mean the person will keep communicating with you necessarily.  So you may need to do it again.   For some people with whom communication is sparse or difficult, it might be a good idea to keep a set of candles around to work with just for this spell.

Have fun!
Love,  Mambo Sam
P.S.  If you don't have candles, time, or a place to do this spell, we do offer a 
3-day Budget Spell called Contact Me that is a suitable alternative! 

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