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Date:  Thu Feb 10, 2005  9:54 pm
Subject:  The Problem of Faith

I hope everyone will read this and give it thought. I have been on
these forums for a few months and have endured many people asking
over and over if this works. Now, just when it seems like those
questions are dying down, now people are questioning how long a spell
can last.

If you keep on questioning the process, you are feeding the energy
around you. If you keep doubting that the spells will work, that
will be the energy that surrounds you. Doubtful energy. If you
doubt the spells will work and keep your hd with you, you are again
feeding doubtful energy into the situation. What this is doing is
setting yourself up for failure. If you expect failure, you will
receive it.

I am not saying that it is easy. I know it can be hard to have faith
in something. But the continual asking of these questions is doing
nothing except causing doubt. The entire time my hd was in the
hospital, I kept worrying that his family was going to tell him lies
about me and he would break up with me. Loe and behold, that is
exactly what happened. I am not saying it only happened because I
kept thinking it would. But my thinking was not helping.

I am a fairly intelligent person. My IQ is 146, in the top half
percentage in the world. I exceed at deductive reasoning and logic.
I have studied evolution. I know that there are many religions in
the world. I know that some religions are older than others. I know
that even though Christianity is the biggest religion, it is not
practiced by even the majority of the world. Logically, everything
is telling me that there is no way that Christianity can be the real
religion. I have evolution, science and even countering religious
beliefs telling me this is so. But what wins out in this situation
is my faith. I don't go around this world blindly. I aknowledge
science and history, I even believe in evolution. But I can tell you
without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is out there and he cares
about me. Regardless of everything that tells me different, I
believe that.

Please stop questioning. Just let it be. Believe. Let yourself
believe. That's a big problem in this world. We don't let ourselves
believe anymore. Some people don't believe in ghosts, even though
there is documented evidence. People don't believe dragons ever
existed, but they show up in the art of almost every culture across
the globe. People doubt the existence of Atlantis, although those
people can't explain why pyramids populate three disctinct spots of
the world. Some believe that we can't tell the future... the Mayan
Indians have used the stars to accurately predict Cortese, the horses
coming to America and many other things. And everyone who says that
Nostradamus' predictions are very general and can be translated to
mean anything, they need to actually read them. I have found that
the people who say such things have never actually read them.

Our society teaches us not to believe. Yes, it's hard to get past
all of that conditioning. I recommend any person here who has
trouble believing to go see the movie "Finding Neverland." J.M.
Barrie was a brilliant man... but he found the time to believe in
what others found so difficult.

As adults, our society has created a world lacking in much
imagination. They want you to believe that the world is rather
mundane and nothing fascinating really exists. Don't believe it.
There are beauties and wonders out there beyond your imagination. I
know, because I have seen them.

Please have a little faith. Believe even if you have no reason or
logic to do so.



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From:  "Bon Mambo Feraye de la Kwa Daginen"
Date:  Fri Feb 11, 2005  1:17 pm
Subject:  Re: The Problem of Faith (Jacob and all.)

Hi Jacob,
Well said! :-)
I might add a little bit of defense for those who ask those
questions, though: The truth of it is, I think a LOT of those
questions come because people have been burned so many times by
unsavory and dishonest practitioners. Needless to say, that can
shake even the strongest faith! And rightly so.

Additionally, somewhere in the files section I had written a post
about "faith" etc. Pretty much the same as you said. Faith needs to
come from within. People always tell me, "I believe in you, Mambo
Sam." What I want is for them to believe in themselves. Trust me,
yes. Those people who have been around for years know that I am
honest, work hard, and never lie to my clients. So trust me for
that. But your faith, believe in yourself, your goal, and your
ability to change your life.

Mambo Sam

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