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I was not sure where to put this. 

I love the Disney movie, The Princess and the Frog. I was watching it for the umpteenth time and just realized that I knew more about Dr. Facilier and his business and it was awesome! I notice more and more things in that movie each time I watch it. There is a scene where he is singing to the Prince, and his Assistant while the veves of different Lois are dancing around and many are painted on his walls and doors and doorways. It was great being able to recognize those symbols and I never would have understood it without Spellmaker! I would have just assumed that they were just decoration. I knew the hidden meaning behind each one and I loved knowing that I knew that there was a deeper and hidden layer to it, as if only I was in on the secret. Now when I watch movies that have any sort of "spellwork" in them, I critique the film. It makes me laugh because sometimes my thoughts are, "Uh-huh, nope, that aint how Mambo does it," LOL. 
I am not trying to get the Disney Corporation any more money but check out the movie and see if you recognize the information and teachings learned from Spellmaker.

Are there any movies that you have seen where you can apply what you learned through Spellmaker?
Oh, I love this topic!!! I do hope some others will share.  The last thing I really remember aggravating me was the portrayal of Papa Legba in American Horror Story!  Just NO!  Nevermind that I loved that particular season of AHS.  :-)  But, wow, that just blew my mind that they portrayed him in a rather evil light.  

However, I do love it when I see things like you did in The Princess and the Frog.  Even if there are mistakes, I am happy to see our beautiful practice becoming a little more mainstream.

I, also, would love to hear what you noticed in movies and TV shows!
Love and respect,
Mambo Samantha Corfield
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