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I am wondering about how long I should be sitting ‘reflecting’ during my spell?   I made the marks on the candles as instructed, and by now, on day 8 the ‘me’ candle is burnt down to the 4th mark, and the figure candle is burnt down to about the 3rd mark. 
I reflect for about 15-20 minutes each day...is that enough? Between my extremely short attention span, being dog-a** tired and stressed out over the situation, and just plain busy, thats all I can manage. I usually make it at least until the incense is *mostly gone.
How long do those figure candles actually burn for anyway? 
Hi, there!  Thanks for asking.  15-20 minutes a day is fine.  You can then, if you desire, allow the candles to burn down to their mark for the day (of course if you leave the area, then the risk is run of the candles burning down too far) OR at the end of the spell, the last day, allow time for the candles to completely burn down.  Since we are all living in a busy world these days, my main advice is to always do your best - the best you can do with the time you have allowed for this.  :-)  As far as figure candles - it varies widely as to how long they take!!  Sometimes a slower burning candle means that there is a reason for the energy to be fed in a slower manner; sometimes they burn fast, meaning that the absorption rate on the other end might be higher!  A lot of the candle's burning time reflects how the energy is being sent out by the lwa, or how it is being received on the other end, or both!  I don't think one way or the other is better, it is just the difference in the person receiving the energy.  That can even vary from day to day, depending on what the person is doing that day, how they are feeling, etc.  

I hope this helps!
Love and respect,
Mambo Samantha Corfield
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