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I AM in a place of love at all times. 
I trust that I AM loved and I demonstrate this by being loving towards all that I meet. 
I AM a channel of loving communication. 
I AM love, and I AM aware that this divine love is the glue which holds the universe together. 
I AM constantly filled with the love of the Creator, and I send this divine love out to all things. 
I AM beautiful and I AM perfect, just the way I AM, for I AM divine love. 
I love unconditionally, and by doing so, this unconditional love is automatically returned to me. 
I love all lessons that I AM given and I am grateful for my experiences. 
I project divine love to all things through my thoughts, words, actions and feelings. 
I AM an ambassador for my Creator. I project love, joy and peace to everyone and everything. 
I AM a loving human being. I am never harmful to myself or to others in thought, word, action or feeling. 
I joyfully receive Love from my Creator, and by intent, I send it onwards, in all directions. 
I feel the love of Spirit inside of me, and I trust that I AM always safe. 
I am a magnet for positive, loving experiences. 
I AM aware that everything is energy and that positive energy attracts more positive energy. I choose to be in a positive and loving state at all times. 
I choose to demonstrate love and peace toward my family, friends and co-workers, regardless of how I may perceive them. 
I am committed to raising my consciousness and I do so by being in a place of love and peace at all times. 
I AM aware that when I am in a place of love and peace within myself, I attract this love and peace to me. 
I choose to be in a place of love at all times, I AM aware that I AM connected to all things. 
I AM aware that the Universe keeps me in a constant supply of love. 
I AM connected to everything on Earth, and in the Universe - I love myself, I love all things. 
The Source of my Love supply is endless - I am securing in knowing that my Creator constantly replenishes me. 
I AM love. I AM Light. I AM. 
I AM continually co-creating a world of peace, love and light. 
Love, as pure energy, is aware of its perfection. I AM love. I AM perfection. 
I AM thankful to be in a place of Love now. 
My loving smile projects outward from my heart to all things. 
Love is truth in thought, word, action and feeling. 
  accept myself as I AM now, always and in all ways. 
I know and accept that all things presented to me are divine gifts of unconditional love. 
I accept all others as individual expressions of divine love. 
I AM perfect in the eyes of my Creator; therefore, I choose to see perfection in all things and all events. 
All life is an expression of divine love. I now choose to accept that all things on Earth are equal and worthy of my love and attention. 
I AM a perfect expression of love, and I express my love unconditionally to all others and myself. 
I offer the gifts of love and compassion without asking or expecting anything in return. 
I choose to honor the divinity that I AM, in all things and in all events. All is perfection. 
I AM now able to find the humor in my 'mistakes', for I see that these are perfect and divine lessons being presented to me. 
I AM without judgment of others or myself. I unconditionally accept that all things are an expression of divine love. 
I accept, unconditionally, that I create my reality through my thoughts, words and actions. I now think only loving thoughts. I now say only loving words. I now act only lovingly toward all others and myself. 
I choose to love myself, and I see love's perfection reflected in everything and everyone. 
I love, honor and accept the perfection of Spirit within myself and within all things. 
I now choose to recognize the love and perfection in all things and in all events. 
I now accept that I am only Love in its most divine expression. 
I AM loving and compassionate toward all others, regardless of any situation. 
I AM never a victim of circumstance. All lessons presented to me are perfect, and I gratefully accept them as part of my soul's growth. 
Today, I choose to place love around any fear-based emotions I may have toward another person or situation. 
I choose to unconditionally accept my family, my friends, my co-workers, all who I encounter today regardless of the circumstances and myself. 
Today, I choose to accept the world, its people and its events as they are, without judgment or fear. 
I AM aware that I create my reality; therefore, I now choose to accept everyone and everything, without conditions attached. In this way, I create a new reality - One of love and peace. 
At the core of all things in the universe, there is only divine love. I choose to see only the divine love in everyone. Anything other than love is an illusion. 
My role as a human be-ing is to recognize my divinity, to unconditionally accept my divinity and to be this divinity at all times. 
I AM aware of my sacred contract with my Creator, and I accept unconditionally that I am a servant of the Light. 
I am aware that I AM my own soul mate. My relationship with myself is reflected in all that I experience. 
By my practicing unconditional acceptance of myself, I AM now able to accept all others as they are. 
I now choose to invite joy, laughter, peace and love into my life, and I accept these gifts in whatever form they are presented to me. 
I show the way to others by choosing unconditional love and acceptance in any situation. 
I accept that my Creator recognizes my divine path and I, therefore, accept that another's path is equally as divine. 
My unconditional love and acceptance of who I AM, lights my pathway home. 
I AM free of judgment and I AM now filled with unconditional love and acceptance for all things. 
I love and respect my intelligent creative mind at all times. 
I choose to free my mind from all limiting thoughts. 
I love and respect my ability to commit to the manifestation of my Soul. I choose to face every challenge with energy, courage and confidence. I know that the Creator's light and love supports me. 
I love and respect my creative assertiveness at all times. 
I choose to manifest the power of my Soul with love, understanding and respect for others and myself. 
I love and respect my ability to open up to the beauty and creativity on my Soul. 
I love and respect my ability to honor the creativity within myself. I choose to stay grounded, and observe my situation with compassion and detachment. 
I make my dreams come true. 
I create my hearts desire by believing in myself. 
I AM creating a great life for myself. 
I AM creating and manifesting what I love, by using the tools of love. 
I create with ease and grace. 
I fulfill my hearts desire by creating it. 
I AM responsible for all of my creations. 
I manifest only loving creations. 
I AM impeccable in thought, word and action. 
I take great care to create using the tools of love. 
I believe in myself and my ability to manifest my dreams. 
I see the perfection within all of my creations. 
I love and respect my ability to accomplish great things easily. 
I AM creating at all times, and I love what I create. 
I AM positive, and positive things manifest in my life. 
I AM now able to act upon creating my heart's desire. 
I can accomplish great things. 
I see the silver lining around every cloud. 
I AM capable of great things. 
I AM willing to accept the greatness of who I am. 
I now harvest the seeds that I so lovingly planted. 
I love what I create, for I create with love. 
I AM a perfect piece of divinity, made manifest by my Creator. 

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Everyone should print this out and keep it by their side and read it every day!

Love and respect,
Mambo Samantha Corfield
Visit my blog at: http://voodooboutique.typepad.com/mambosam
Visit our website at: http://www.spellmaker.com

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Good Stuff, Berk!  I really like this!  Thanks so much for sharing it.

Love ya,
Sister Candi
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