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Spellmaker Newsletter

August 2018

Greetings, friends!  How is your summer winding down?  Back to school?  Last minute vacation? Whatever it is you are doing, we hope that you are doing well!

We here at Spellmaker have been concentrating a lot on communication.  You will notice some changes on the website as far as ways to communicate with us.  It seems that most customers are now preferring things such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, online chat, etc., rather than phone calls.  Below we will discuss a little bit more about how we are trying to work out the best ways for communication.

Some other communications are those we try to foster with our Ancestors, the lwa, and our own inner spirits!  Since Fall is coming, we always start to think about Fet Ghede and Ancestor service. Even though it seems early to be considering it, believe me, it will be here before you know it!  See more about that, too, below. 

Of course, many of you have noticed the new Louisiana Chicken Foot Hex that is now available! :-)  Yes, some people absolutely do deserve to have retribution sent to them.  Details on that, too, below!

We hope you all have a great rest of your summer.  Stay safe. Stay peaceful. Stay you!

Love, light, and peace,
Mambo Samantha Corfield
Parran Matt Corfield
Sister Bridget Corfield
Brother Menfo
Sister Sierra
...the Khouzhan Class

The Louisiana Chicken Foot Hex

You might be asking yourself right about now, what the heck, Mambo Sam?  Well, here it is:  There is definitely a need to provide you with something that is a more medium-level hexing product.  We have heavy-duty hexing, such as The Ultimate Revenge™ and light hexing, such as B*tch Slap in our three day spells. But that leaves a little bit of a gap. Enter the chicken foot!  This is a mid-level hex that is meant to cause a person, first of all, to be scared about what they have done. It is just the plain truth of it that a person who fears repercussions about their actions at least stands a chance of learning something, not doing it again, and thinking twice about who they do things to in the future.  It is meant to sent a message that what they did was not okay and never will be.  It will not bring them physical harm or anything like that.  It is meant to cause them enough problems to understand that they did something wrong to the wrong person.  

HOW DOES IT WORK:  When you 
order the Louisiana Chicken Foot Hex, we actually send the chicken foot with that note you see in the picture.  It goes to the person in a black envelope.  They will never know you sent it to them. It goes completely anonymously. 

IS IT SAFE/SANITARY:  Yes, actually the chicken foot is a real, dried chicken foot.  Food quality.  So we aren't sending out anything that would get anyone sick.

HOW DO I KNOW THEY RECEIVED IT:  We prefer to send this with just stamps and not provide any tracking information.  However, if you DO want it tracked so that you can see when it was delivered, we can also do that.  But it is our preference that the whole thing is as untrackable as possible.  

We know that the whole idea of revenge/retribution is controversial.  You can certainly choose to not do any such thing.  But, we do believe that deterrence is an important thing.  Letting someone off free from repercussions so that they can repeat their behavior over and over again isn't helping anyone.  Teaching someone a lesson so that maybe they don't put someone else through what they did to you, that is called justice.  

It is always our desire to be in contact with you, our valued friends and clients.  Sometimes we are challenged by the fact that we are quite a small company.  We love the fact that we are a small business and that we are able to give very personal service to you.  But, that can also get frustrating for you (and us) when we aren't able to get to everyone in the timeliest of fashions!  We have had the normal means of communication for as long as we have been in business.  We also want to make sure that we are able to offer you as many ways as possible to contact us.  We have added in the icon you see above on the website.  You can click it now and it will take you to a page to see all the ways to contact us, including a new "request a phone call" form! By requesting the phone call, it will insure that you are expecting our call and you can get the call when it is convenient for you. Also, you will see on the website pages, in the lower left hand corner of your screen, a little "message bubble."  If you click that it will give you the option to Facebook Messenger us, Whatsapp us, or, if you are using your phone, text us.  We hope all these forms of communication will help us to connect better with you.

Please note:  Because we are small-staffed, we do ask that you take into consideration that we cannot make extremely long phone calls, nor can we spend an extraordinary time texting, messaging, etc.  We want to be fair to everyone, so we do ask that you try to monitor yourself as far as how long the contact is taking. In an ideal world, about 15 minutes per session would be great.  We do completely understand that sometimes a crisis situation is involved and we will do our best to accomodate you.  We wish we had the time and staff to be chatting for hours - we would love that!  But we want to be fair to all and we know that you do, too! :-)

We would love to hear your feedback on what ways you like to communicate, how communication is working out for you, etc.  We depend on you to tell us what we are doing right and what we need to improve.  Please do write us at 
customerservice@spellmaker.com  and let us know what you think!
Our Maman Brigitte's Ancestor Memorial Candle - Handcrafted and custom made just for your chosen ancestor(s) is only available in our Etsy Shop.  We have recently lowered the price in anticipation of Fet Ghede, but it is important to remember our ancestors year round.  

Service to our Ancestors is a practice that is observed in many different religions all over the world!  Even if your particular religion doesn't observe any Ancestor rituals, it is a great way to connect, cherish, and honor them.  They can guide you, assist you, and you will feel more connected to your familial bloodline; the more ancestor service you do, the more helpful you will find it.
In the Vodou religion, particularly, Ancestors are served even before Les Lois (the Vodou spirits, the lwa). The heirarchy of God first, Ancestors second, Les Lois third is observed by all Vodouisants (those who practice the Vodou religion).  It is easy to forget this in our every day lives as we forge relationships with Les Lois through our spell work.  But our Ancestors are truly only second to God in the Vodou religion.
But religion aside, connecting with one's departed family can be a soothing, uplifting, and amazing experience.  Our Ancestors are a part of us!    Calling on, feeding, and honoring our ancestors is something as Vodouisants, we must do. While many focus on Ancestor service during Fet Ghede, our Ancestors should be served all year long.  Fet Ghede (November 2) is a perfect time to use this candle, but it can be used at any time.  Our Ancestors are always with us!

This candle is unique and it is substantial! It will weigh over a pound and a half when you receive it! Due to the hand made nature of the candle and it's ingredients, the color may vary somewhat from what is pictured. 

Along with the candle, you will receive a two dram vial of Mambo Sam's Fet Ghede Potion, and 9 cones of incense to help make your Ancestor service complete.

This specialty candle will be hand poured for you by both Mambo Sam and Parran Matt, who will dedicate the it to you and your own personal Ancestors during the process! To have your candle personalized especially for you, we will need a little information from you! In the notes section during check out, please provide the names of up to FOUR of your Ancestors you wish to honor with this candle, their dates and places of birth (if you know that info) and how they are related to you. If you would like to get this candle as a gift for a friend, then please give us the name of your friend for the dedication of the candle. The information you provide about the Ancestors will be printed out, the paper burned, and the ashes added to the candle wax before pouring (there are pictures of this process on 
Etsy). Also, the candle will be consecrated for you and your Ancestors by both Mambo Sam and Parran Matt during this process. 

If you have recently lost a loved one, you may certainly wish to include them in this candle.  Just remember, if you are adhering to Vodou tradition, you don't want to ask that ancestor for anything until a year and a day have passed.  But that doesn't mean you cannot pay them homage and serve them as they make their esteemed journey.  You most certainly can and should.  Your expressions of love are just as important now as they were when your Ancestor was walking the earth.

It is a great honor for us to be able to be involved in your Ancestor service and in making such a personal product for you.  We hail all of your Ancestors and wish them well!

The Voodoo Boutique®
Since 1995

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