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Spellmaker Newsletter
August 2019

Greetings, friends!  Here we are in August, well, nearly September! Days are slowly beginning to shorten. Those of us who are Halloween-obsessed are already hitting the dollar stores for new and exciting decorations :-)  Tomatoes are ripening on the vine, farmer's markets have full baskets of veggies and the canning jars are coming out to be filled with their bounty! 

Harvest time is magickal in and of itself. The concept of planting crops and nurturing them, waiting through the long, hot summer to see what is produced from your time, work and patience. So many parallels to what we do when we work magick. We all know the long, hot summer of waiting can be trying. But the fruit at the end of the season is just so sweet :-)

We have a few new and interesting features this month. This month's prayer ritual focused on the Voodoo Power Couple of Ogoun and Erzulie Freda.  Mambo Sam provided a very educational presentation during the ritual, and we have the recording for you to view! Mambo Sam and Sister Bridget will be working on more presentations in a similar format in the coming months. If you have an idea for a topic, or something you would like to learn more about, please email your suggestions to customerservice@spellmaker.com.  Also, an informative article by Khouzhan Kristene gives us a magickal look at spirit animals! 

We hope you enjoy this edition of the Universal Messenger.. We truly appreciate each and every one of you! 

Love, light, and peace,
Mambo Samantha Corfield
Parran Matt Corfield
Sister Bridget Corfield
Brother Menfo
Sister Sierra
...the Khouzhan Class

Ogoun Feraille and Erzulie Freda 

a presentation by Mambo Samantha Corfield
Presentation from Mambo Samantha Corfield regarding this Voodoo Power Couple.
First aired at the August 2019 Spellmaker prayer ritual.
Pull up a comfy chair, make a cup of tea, and spend some time with Mambo Sam learning about this awesome Voodoo Power Couple! 
Although we are a small, family owned and operated business, we strive to offer customer service levels on par with big business! Caring for customers has been a priority of ours for the nearly 25 years we have been in business. To that end, Mambo Sam has set up multiple routes for clients to reach out to us. Texting, chatting, Whatsapp, FB Messenger,  email and good old fashioned calling on the phone are all available! Please don't ever hesitate to reach out and let us know your needs, questions or concerns.
Everyone is welcome to join our free information forum!
Feel free to ask questions, make comments, etc.
This is a peaceful, safe environment.
All are welcome, but no spamming, flaming, etc. is allowed.
Posts are moderated.
Pendulums are often used in readings by many spiritual practitioners! The pendulum swings of it's own accord, indicating answers to questions on a predetermined chart. In Sister Bridget's case, her pendulum is linked to the powerful Voodoo spirit, Ogoun and he helps with the answers to your questions! You may now ask Ogoun answers to your questions directly through Sister Bridget using her Pendulum of Ogoun. This is a three question pendulum reading for only $29.95! 

Llammas and Puppies and Snakes, oh my!
Animal signs and energies in Voodoo and beyond

So…what’s your sign? Today I would like to talk about the animal energies that surround us and how we can use this as a powerful spiritual tool.

Spirit animals are all the rage nowadays...but this concept isn’t new. Animals spirits have been used by many cultures since ancient times. The Greeks and Norseman, the Celts and the Native American Indians all held beliefs about animal energies and used them as omens, symbols of the divine and personal empowerment tools.

We don’t always think about how many times we reference animal energies. When you read the line “what’s your sign” - what came to mind? Likely an animal from the wheel of western astrology like a fish, like Pisces or a Ram, if you happen to be an Aries. And like astrology, voodoo lwa possess many energies from the animal kingdom. A ram also happens to symbolize Sobo who, with his lightening bound brother Bade, are central to the Spellmaker family’s annual St. Patrick’s day ritual for security and prosperity. (Sobo’s Wealth and Security Ritual can be used any time of year to boost your financial forecast and I highly recommend it!)

But it is not just Sobo-many of the lwa have animal energies that “mesh” with their energies and hold powerful symbolism when we see them in everday life. Pisces the two fish in modern astrology holds domain over psychic abilities and bring to mind our beautiful mermaid LaSirene,who along with her husband Capitain Agwe, grace us not just with guidance in the choppy waters of life and the riches and bountiful harvests of the sea, but also increased prowess in matters of intuition and divination. LaSirene's blue bath is a wonderful way to get to know her and ask her for blessings of wealth,psychic powers or even achievements in music (especially singing.) If you’ve ever attended one of our online rituals led by a handsome man with the voice of an angel, you have seen how La Sirene has blessed Brother Menfowith that very talent. LaSirene and Agwe's Spiritual Protection Charm is another great tool to connect you with this powerful couple. The lord and lady of the sea protect you from evil intentions, bad thoughts, negative magick, psychic attacks, black magick, spiritual attacks, negative spiritual beings and entities.

Butterflies, those ethereal creatures of change, can mean Ogoun is near, Papa Legba loves dogs and can aid in finding a lost pet of any kind, and Erzulie Fredaholds peaceful doves near and dear to her heart. I would also be remiss if I neglected to mention some of the mystical serpent Lwa including Damballah. He offers us healing of the spirit and regeneration of the highest order with his Milk of Damballah white bath,and his spouse, the gentle Aida Ouido,gifts us with a beautiful rainbow after a cleansing rain.

Truly, all animals have a lesson to teach us when they appear in our lives. In Norse mythology, wolves were associated with warrior spirit, and Odin had two loyal wolf companions. ( Shout out to Game Of Thrones House Stark here! ) The Celts believed crows carried messages and even departed souls between this world and the spirit world. And owls-oh those lovely feathered familiars made popular by Harry Potter, are symbols of the Greek Goddess Athena, who was a deity of wisdom, learning and independence. Native American lore tells us that llammas -and this one is for our wonderful Mambo Sam. Llammas show us that we can bear great burdens with courage, strength and faith. I can think of no finer metaphor to describe the way Mambo Sam works for the betterment of so many individuals as if their goals are her own. Every Spellmaker client is important to her and Mambo works hard to get the desired results for each and every one. That is an awful lot of responsibility! But truly, Mambo holds in her hands and her heart the hopes and dreams of many and does so with grace, grit and compassion.

Often I have seen a certain animal several times and looked into the meaning of the animal. Once I acknowledged the lesson and embraced what that particular creature had to tell me, my guide would no longer be around…making way for a new lesson. Life is full of learning as we all journey through this human life while striving to be in touch with spirit and allow our souls to bloom and flourish.

What animal is your spiritual guide? What creature great or small stirs your senses and intrigues your mind? What energies do you want to incorporate into your life in the present moment? What new experiences are calling to your heart and spirit? Pay attention-the magic of the non human inhabitants of Mother Earth are everywhere! All you have to do is open your heart and listen!

Many blessings to all of you as you explore the wonders of the wild! May you gain wisdom, clarity and happiness as you travel your spiritual path. I sincerely wish for all of you that your dreams come true.
“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” - Anatole France

In Service,
Khouzhan Kristene
One of Mambo Sam's Many Altars
Click here to see a slideshow of more Voodoo Altars!  


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Awesome job on the newsletter, Sister Bridget!  
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