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Spellmaker Newsletter

March 2019

Greetings, friends!  How is your Winter winding down? Snow melting?  Planning a Spring Break vacation? Whatever it is you are doing, we hope that you are doing well!

We here at Spellmaker spent February on the annual month long ritual to our dear Erzulie Freda!  As always, it was a wonderful month full of warmth and love. We have been getting great feedback from clients as far as seeing their petitions coming to fruition. Please, if you have any news or feedback to report, email your caseworker or customer service. We would love to hear from you!

Moving from the month of love, we now enter the month of working with our mighty lwa, Sobo, for money, prosperity and security.  We have a feeling that this is going to be a very busy month for Sobo! But do not worry, he can handle it! Everyday, we hear from more and more clients about concerns regarding finances, job security and the like. Many people are unable to fulfill desires due to a decreased or absent tax refund this year.  Now is the time to get your petitions in to be included in this wonderful event.  Plus, new this year, is a contest with some great prizes. More details are included in this newsletter.
We hope you all have a great rest of your Winter.  Spring is just around the corner. Stay safe. Stay peaceful. Stay you!

Love, light, and peace,
Mambo Samantha Corfield
Parran Matt Corfield
Sister Bridget Corfield
Brother Menfo
Sister Sierra
...the Khouzhan Class


Who is Sobo, anyway? Sobo is one of many Vodou Spirits (called "lwa"). As with other lwa, certain attributes are traditionally associated with each particular lwa. Sobo, along with his brother and companion Bade, is one of the lwa who is traditionally called upon for bringing about money and financial security. He is considered one of the lwa of the sky and is said to control lightning, thunder, and rain. Bade is considered to control the wind. Together, they have control of the elements of nature. Due to their elemental powers, they are often called upon to help us feel secure! Think of terms such as "raining money," "pennies from heaven," etc. By the very nature of feeling secure, we want at least the basics - shelter from the elements, food, etc. Therefore, we call upon Sobo to help us.
How do I get involved in the ritual? First, you should send in your ritual request to us. We accept them starting in February of every year. All you need to do is send us an email to sobomylwa@spellmaker.com. This will insure that you are included in our family ritual on March 17. In your email to us you should explain what your financial needs are and what you hope for us to accomplish by including you in the ritual.This is a good point for each of us to stop and assess what the meaning of security is to us as individuals. Is it a certain balance in a bank account? Is it a zero balance on credit cards? Is it a fully stocked pantry? We suggest that you make your requests something that actually stands a good chance of happening: A promotion at work, finding a job, having old debts paid, finding new ways to make money, keeping your job(!), etc.,etc. We do NOT recommend that you ask for something such as winning the lottery. Everyone wants to win the lottery!! But this is not something easily controlled by spiritual methods! It is too impersonal and involves things that spirits would not know how to control.

Second, if you desire, we have put together a kit so that you can participate in the ritual doing it the same way we will. You can purchase the kit by clicking here. (We are also having a 25% off sale right now! The discount is taken right at check out! No coupon or codes are needed!) We have also printed the directions that come with the kit here along with some modifications that will still allow you to do the ritual even if you don't purchase the kit. The kit is a nice convenience if you can get it, but don't let NOT being able to get it stop you from doing as much of the ritual as you can! ·  If you can do the ritual on the same date as us (March 17, 2019 all day and in the evening), that is great, but even if you can't, we highly recommend that you do the ritual when you can.

Thirdparticipate in our contest! To enter, post a photo of your celebration with Sobo to Facebook or Instagram, with the hashtags #sobomylwa and # spellmaker.com by March 24th, 2019. Prizes will be awarded by a random draw from everyone who has posted their photos with those 2 hashtags! Prizes include a 15 minute reading with Mambo Sam, a Lucky Voodoo Doll, Sobo Prosperity Voodoo Charm, a 15 minute reading with Sister Bridget!

We hope you will join us! The more of us there are participating, the more we will help each other!
Exciting Changes in Our Spell Casting Scheduling Process
Exciting Changes in Our Spell Casting Scheduling Process
We are so happy to announce that we have streamlined the process for getting your spells scheduled.  Over the years, it has seemed to become increasingly difficult for clients to mail letters in.  Sometimes this is because people outside the USA are paying extremely high prices to mail things. Sometimes it is because it is difficult for people to find time to mail letters since so many of you are working long hours, going to school and working, or dealing with family matters.
Whatever the reason, we don’t want getting your spell casting done to be a burden to you! Very often you are seeking the spell castings because you are hurting and in need.  We want to make this easier for you, not harder!  To that end, now when you purchase 9-day spells or a Trio of Spells to be done for you, you will fill out your information on an online form (this was already in place for our 3-day spells).  You will have the opportunity to upload pictures if you choose.  The form does ask for a very complete amount of information so that Mambo Sam has all that she needs to do her job for you.
If you purchased a spell in the past year or so and never got around to sending in your materials, please write to customerservice@spellmaker.com and talk to Faith.  She will help you get through the easy new spell casting process.  (No, you didn’t lose the casting!)
Admittedly, this was a big change for us and it was well thought over and worked out over many months.  Several clients have already used this method and seem extremely happy with it!  So, if you are thinking about ordering a casting, please know that this system will be easy for you to use, you will still get a free reading with a trio of spells, and Mambo will update you as to what is happening with your casting.  And while no system is flawless, initial feedback has been awesome.  We look forward to serving your spell casting needs!
Through the month of March, we are offering 25% off most everything on Spellmaker.com - no coupon or code is needed! The discount is taken automatically at check out!  This is a huge savings! If you were thinking of getting a product to continue the good money mojo started with the Sobo ritual, now is the time! Perhaps a BIG MONEY or LOTS A LUCKspell? A Voodoo Money Gris Gris Bag? Some Lucky Lee or Big Bankroll Potion? Or perhaps a Green Image Candle or Green Seven Knob Candle? Any of these products would be a great addition to your work this month, and prices are low, low, low!

A quick word about casting your own spell! Our Cosmic Voodoo Spell Kits are the most economical way to cast our spells. Over the past few years, many people have gravitated towards having Mambo Sam do the spells for them due to time or privacy constraints, and that is fine!  But for the people who do have the privacy and about 30 minutes a day for 9 days in a row, do have a look at the kits. No previous experience is needed to use any of our products. Each product comes with full instructions, plus we offer many routes for you to ask questions, if any arise. Phone, text, whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and email are all available for you to reach us and ask questions! Many people report how empowering it was for them to take a spell kit in their hands and take control of their situation! Do not be afraid! Try a spell kit and we believe you will be very glad that you did!



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