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I think i.posted I'm the wrong spot last time. I am having a very difficult time right now. I have an extremely difficult and unique case. Been working on it for a long time. I have ordered many things and thanks to spellmaker bargains I was order to buy more spells. Today, I am extremely depressed and feeling horrible. Any advise from anyone who had similar situations?
Hello Hopeful1,

I approved your question here (not the other thread) since it was the same question.

One thing I suggest is looking around the Spellmaker website and at the posts here. There are a lot of interesting things and you can learn more about Voodoo.

I know things are difficult when you are depressed. Please do see your doctor if this has been going on a long time. If it's due to your situation with your case, there are a few things that may help.

You can limit the time you are feeling horrible and crying. Give yourself 10 or 15 minutes and then do something else. Take a walk outside or work on a task that takes some thinking, such as organizing something at home.

Do things for other people. I know volunteer opportunities don't pop up exactly when you need them, but what if your neighbor is doing some yard work — can you help with that?

Pray for someone else. If you have a healing egg, you can dedicate it to one specific person or you can use it for different people.

You can also work on some aspect of yourself, outside of your case. The self-improvement doll or destiny egg are good for that. You can even use white figure candles to heal yourself.

Love, Khouzhan Lucy
Hi there-
This is a post from long ago by Mambo Sam, about ways folks who are feeling down can help themselves. It is still very good advice today.
Sister Bridget

First: Definitely the Milk of Damballah(tm) white bath. There is

nothing like it for removing the negativity, pain, and hurt. I am

sure you have already read testaments to that fact right here on this



Second: Depending on how you feel after that, you may want to

consider the triple white female candle magick work on yourself!

Yep, you can do the Mind, Body, Spirit work on yourself. The process

is the same, asking for negative things to be removed (depression,

hurt, anger, etc.) and be replaced with positive things (happiness,

joy, self confidence, etc.).


Third: If even after that, or if you feel that the above isn't

enough, try the Hex Removal kit. Remember it works even if you don't

have a hex or curse.... it is extremely good for removing negativity,

depression, etc.


Fourth: Affirmations. Back in the day affirmations were all the

vogue. "Every day in every way I am getting better and better" was a

really popular one. Okay, very hokey I know! But the truth is,

finding affirmations that work for you can be very cathartic and

healing. Assure yourself that you are better than this, you deserve

better treatment.


Fifth: ACT HAPPY. Huh? Yep. Just the very deed of acting happy

when you aren't does help. It is a physical chemical reaction. You

know - those old endorphins.

Sixth: Wait a little while to worry about attracting a new love.

Yes, you can definitely do the Attract Love to Me(tm) kit. But

approach it from a cleansing point of view, getting yourself ready to

accept love again, but don't push it.


Seventh: Pray. If you have a particular religion that perhaps you

have lapsed a bit in, revisit it. If there was ever anything about

it that was soothing or peaceful for you, try to focus on that. I

find that going into a Catholic church (I am a Catholic, albeit a

somewhat lapsed one) and just sitting, lighting a candle, and talking

to God very helpful in stressful times. Formal rituals of any church

seem somewhat constrained to me and I like to go into churches when

nothing in particular is going on.


Eighth: Do something that you have always wanted to do and never got

the chance. If it is something that costs an exhorbitant amount of

money that you don't have right now, find a reasonable substitute.

Always wanted to go to Paris? Not feasible right now? Treat

yourself to a French foreign film and a dinner at a nice French



Ninth: Get your hair done. Seriously... nothing like it! Manicure

and pedicure, too, if you can. :-)


Tenth: Remember there are people in your life who love you and care

about you - think about the nicest thing someone did for you in your

life. Wasn't that a wonderful feeling? Recapture it.




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